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Image Viewer Drag and Drop

ImageViewer supports drag and drop operations by being either a drag source or a drop target.

Image Viewer as the Drop Target

To act as the drop target, set the value of ImageViewer.AllowDrop to true. After that, the image viewer is ready to accept and act upon standard drag enter, over, leave and drop events. The viewer accepts objects of the following data types:

In all modes, the image viewer will consolidate all the properties and fires the ItemDragDrop event. You can subscribe to this event to customize the UI notifications and drop events. For an example, refer to ItemDragDrop.

Image Viewer as the Drag Source

To act as the drag source. Set an instance of ImageViewerDragInteractiveMode as the current interactive mode in the viewer. The viewer will then handle initializing and updating the UI notifications when the user clicks and drags on an image or floater of an item in the viewer.

Refer to ImageViewerDragInteractiveMode for an example.

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