Implementing Special Effects

The LEADTOOLS special effects methods give you precise control over a large variety of effects when you paint images, text, patterns, and shapes to a device context.

Painting Images

To apply a transitional effect when painting an image, you can use SpecialEffectsProcessor.PaintImage or SpecialEffectsProcessor.PaintImageEffect, and you can specify the following:

Painting Rectangular Areas

You can paint a rectangular area with a solid color, a gradient color transition, or a pattern. The following methods are available:

Painting Three-Dimensional Text

You can paint rotated text using SpecialEffectsProcessor.DrawRotated3dText, or unrotated text using SpecialEffectsProcessor.Draw3dText. For rotated text, you can specify the angle of rotation. With either method, you can also specify the following:

Painting a Frame

You can use SpecialEffectsProcessor.DrawFrame to paint a frame. The interior is transparent. The frame itself has a three-dimensional appearance. You can specify the following:

Painting a Three-Dimensional Shape

You can use SpecialEffectsProcessor.Draw3dShape to paint a three-dimensional shape, such as a circle or triangle. For each shape, you can specify the following:

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