Saving and Loading in LEADTOOLS Medical 3D

Loading and Saving in the 3D toolkit

There are a variety of methods for loading and saving in the 3D toolkit, each with a specific task. These methods are defined below.

  1. Medical3DObject.LoadState : Medical3DObject.SaveState - These methods are used to load and save the 3D object's state. This includes the rotation, offset, window level, slab, and thresholding parameters, etc. These methods are useful in cases where the user wants to save their current view, and load it at a later time.
  2. Medical3DObject.LoadMesh : Medical3DObject.SaveMesh - These methods are used to load and save the 3D Mesh. For more information on the 3D Mesh, refer to Programming with SSD and 3D Mesh.
  3. Medical3DObject.LoadObjectFromFile : Medcial3DObject.SaveObjectToFile - These methods are used to load and save the actual 3D object data. Once all of the frames are loaded initially and the 3D object is created, loading the 3D object later will be faster since it is not necessary to load all of the frames.
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