CCOW Context Participants

Implementing CCOW Context Participants

A context participant is an application that gets or sets context data from a context manager. The LEADTOOLS CCOW SDK supports both ActiveX and Web participants.

Web Context Participant

A LEADTOOLS Web Context participant consists of two major components. The following components are needed in order to enable a web application to become a context participant:

  1. A Web Service (Leadtools.Ccow.Services.CcowParticipantService): The web service defines the CCOW web participant service contract, which enables a web context participant to be notified about context changes.

    This service is responsible for receiving context change notifications and sends the updates to the Web application.

  2. Javascript interface (Leadtools.Ccow.js): Implementation of CCOW web components.

    CCOW Web Architecture

    Perform the following steps to enable a web application to become a context participant:

  3. Host the Leadtools.Ccow.Services.CcowParticipantService web service

  4. In order to receive the participant notifications, create an object of the ClientContext class in the web application and register the following events:
    • CommonContextTerminated
    • Ping
    • ContextChangesAccepted
    • ContextChangesCanceled

ActiveX Context Participant

To enable an application to become a context participant, create a class that implements the Leadtools.Ccow.IContextParticipant interface in order to enable the following methods:

The class implementation is required to be a COM object. As a result, the ComVisibleAttribute is required when declaring the class.

Participating in a secure context system for Single Sign-On (SSO)

In order to achieve single sign-on (SSO), one application must be designated as the application for authentication. The CCOW demos that ship with the LEADTOOLS CCOW SDK have already designated the CCOW Authentication sample application as the application to perform authentication.

When launching any of LEADTOOLS CCOW participation applications with SSO enabled, the participant application will be user- and patient-linked. Otherwise, the participant application will be only patient-linked.

CCOW Context Participant Best Practice Recommendations

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