Auto Segmentation

Calling MrcSegmenter.SegmentImage will perform automatic segmentation using the LEADTOOLS MRC engine. LEADTOOLS segments the image, classifying the segments as background, text, grayscale or picture. Use the MrcSegmentImageOptions class to control the segmentation process.

To enumerate the segments, call MrcSegmenter.EnumerateSegments. This method provides the segment coordinates types and their IDs. To modify a segment type or its coordinates, use MrcSegmenter.SetSegmentData. This method will update only one segment's data each time it is called. To delete a segment, call MrcSegmenter.DeleteSegment. To combine two segments, call MrcSegmenter.CombineSegments. To copy the segmentation handle and data, call the MrcSegmenter.Clone method. To save the segmentation data to a file call the Save method. To create a Mrc.MrcSegmenter object from the saved segmentation data from a file, use the MrcSegmenter (RasterImage,String) Constructor.

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