Network Virtual Printer Driver Files to be Included With Your Server Application

Redistributing Your Applications

Once an application is finished and ready to redistribute, the developer must create a setup.exe that includes all of the necessary files.

Files to Be Included with Your Application

The following summarizes which files to include on your distribution diskettes to support LEADTOOLS Network Virtual Printer Driver functions on WIN32 and x64 systems, this document describes the server side, for client side please see PrinterDriverFilesToBeIncludedWithYourApplicationNetworkClient.

Note: You may not copy or redistribute any of the following files without obtaining the proper license. In some cases, the license is included with your initial purchase of LEADTOOLS. In other cases, you must obtain a license from a third party or enter into a royalty agreement with LEAD to obtain the proper license.

Note: in addition to these files you will also need the files required with the LEADTOOLS Virtual Printer Driver PrinterDriverFilesToBeIncludedWithYourApplication.

Note: IIS should be installed on the machine in order to function properly.

General Notes:

Required Web Service files:

Web Service Folder Structure:

The folder that contains the web service should be structured as following:

VirtualPrinterWebService.asmx \Bin\ VirtualPrinterWebService.Dll ISS Configuration: The should be registered as an IIS virtual directory with the following name

**VirtualPrinterWebServicexx xx stands for the installed LEADTOOLS SDK version. **

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