Database Queries

Database queries for the shipping LEAD Storage Server schema and the tutorial schema both follow the same pattern:

A sample query is shown below:


Suppose you want to build a query that returns all patient names that contain "Smith", where the PatientSex is "M".  The query is identical to the sample query above, with the addition of a WHERE statement:


After defining the Storage Catalog and the CatalogEntity classes for each database table (for the tutorial these are MyPatient, MyStudy, MySeries, and MyInstance), the Leadtools.Medical.DataAccessLayer.SqlProviderUtilities.GenerateWhereStatement() method can be used to generate the WHERE statement of the query. An example showing how to this is provided later in the discussion.

The class MyStorageSqlDataAccessAgent that we create for the tutorial will override many of the StorageSqlDbDataAccessAgent methods that create SQL commands. Examples of each override that prepares an SQL query(without the SQL WHERE statement) are shown below, so that you can understand how these queries are constructed.

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