Converting LEADTOOLS Annotations

An annotation is comprised of vectored elements that can be overlaid upon an image. LEADTOOLS annotations are stored separately from the object associated with it. By convention, the file uses the same name as the image associated with it, but uses a different extension.

Annotation Support

LEADTOOLS offers extensive support for annotations of many different types, including DICOM, PDF, and BatesStamp. It can also import and export FileNet P8 and Daeja annotations.

LEADTOOLS Assemblies

While many assemblies and classes support annotations and annotation conversion, the main assemblies are as follows:


The Leadtools.Annotations.BatesStamp library contains classes, enumerations, interfaces, and objects supporting Bates stamp (automatic numbering) annotations.


The Leadtools.Annotations.Engine assembly provides the core classes for LEADTOOLS annotation support. These include annotation objects, interfaces for annotation renderers, and helper classes. Sensitive information can be protected with the redaction and encryption objects.


The Leadtools.Annotations.Engine assembly can load many types of annotations. However, certain formats require the Leadtools.Annotations.Legacy.dll as well. This DLL is required by the <INSTALLDIR>\Examples\DotNet\CS\AnnConversionDemo For more information, refer to Annotations Support.


The Leadtools.Dicom.Annotations assembly contains the DicomAnnotationsUtilities class, which supports conversions between LEAD's implementation of the DICOM annotation format and LEAD's own annotation format. For more information, refer to Working with DICOM Annotations.


The Leadtools.Document.Converter assembly supports converting both LEAD proprietary and native Adobe PDF annotations. For more information, refer to Using LEADTOOLS Document Converters.


The Leadtools.Pdf.Annotations assembly contains a convertor for converting between Leadtools.Pdf.PDFAnnotation and Leadtools.Annotations.Engine.AnnContainer objects.

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