WPF D2D Remote Desktop Error

DirectX is rendered on the display card. Because of this LEADTOOLS WPF Annotations will not work over a remote desktop using the AnnD2DRenderingEngine.

You can render annotations when using the remote desktop by doing the following:

  1. Open your machine remotely using "Remote Desktop Connection"
  2. Open the WPF Annotations Demo
  3. Select View -> uncheck "Use D2D Rendering Engine"
  4. Draw any annotation object "e.g., line", which should be displayed now.

You can change the demo to use AnnWPFRenderingEngine by default instead of AnnD2DRenderingEngine by doing the following:

  1. Open <Install_Path>\LEADTOOLS 20\Examples\DotNet3\CS\AnnotationsDemo
  2. Open the xaml for Window1
  3. Go to the following line:

    <MenuItem Name="_miUseD2DRenderingEngine" Header="_Use D2D Rendering Engine" IsCheckable="True" IsChecked="True" Checked="onUseD2DRendreingEngine_Checked" Unchecked="onUseD2DRendreingEngine_UnChecked"/>

  4. Set isChecked to False

For additional information, see Changes to Remoting Model in RDP 7.

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