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Leadtools.Annotations.BatesStamp Introduction


The Leadtools.Annotations.BatesStamp library contains classes, enumerations, interfaces, and objects supporting Bates stamp annotations.

Bates Stamp

The Leadtools.Annotations.BatesStamp library includes features for adding a customized logo on a document, adding Bates numbering (automatic numbering) to the annotation containers, and allowing multi-single annotation containers to add a Bates stamp at a specific location on the container.  The library provides easy access to editing of the information in the headers and footers, which can be set to change with incremental numbers for each container or to add a date or customized text. The Bates stamp feature is supported in .NET, .NET/WPF, JavaScript. 

The following sample images demonstrate the Bates Stamp functionality:

Bates Stamp

Supported Environments

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Leadtools.Annotations.BatesStamp Assembly