Printing an Image

The LEADTOOLS methods for printing an image work similarly to the methods for displaying an image. These methods allow you to specify which image to print, the destination printer device context, the location of the output, and the size of the output.

When printing images with the LEADTOOLS methods, you can choose from the following:

Leadtools.Controls.RasterImagePrinter.Print - Prints an image to the specified device, using the LEADTOOLS built-in resizing and color resolution functions to pre-process the image to match the output device and parameters.

Leadtools.Controls.RasterImagePrinter.PrintDocument - The System.Drawing.Printing.PrintDocument associated with this print job.

Leadtools.Controls.ImageViewer.RenderRedirect - Takes a "snapshot" of the viewer surface to perform operations such as screen capture or printing.

For a tutorial, refer to Print a Real Image Size In Inches.

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