PACS Framework Data Access Layer and Rules Add-in Support

The specific set of redistributables needed depends on the functionality of the application being distributed. The following table lists the redistributables needed in order to support annotations.


Redistributable Explanation
Leadtools.DataAccessLayers.Core Built from the \Examples\DotNet\PACSFramework\CS\Leadtools.DataAccessLayers.Core project.
Leadtools.Medical.Rules.AddIn Allows scripts to interact with the DICOM Server request/response pipeline. Typical uses of this add-in are for pre-fetching certain types of images (e.g., modality and performed procedure) to certain specialty workstations (e.g., radiology reading station and 3D Visualization station) or for forwarding images to an on-call radiologist or specialty department. Additionally, if DICOM data sets require special tags to be added before storing, this can also be accomplished with the Rules Add-In.
Built from \Examples\DotNet\PACSFramework\CS\Leadtools.Medical.Rules.AddIn
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