DICOM File Comments

When reading or updating DICOM file comments, you must specify the comment type using one of the following constants:

Value Meaning
RasterCommentMetadataType.PatientName Patient name
RasterCommentMetadataType.PatientId Patient ID
RasterCommentMetadataType.PatientBirthdate Patient birth date
RasterCommentMetadataType.PatientSex Patient sex
RasterCommentMetadataType.StudyInstance Study instance ID
RasterCommentMetadataType.StudyDate Study date
RasterCommentMetadataType.StudyTime Study time
RasterCommentMetadataType.StudyReferringPhysician Referring physician
RasterCommentMetadataType.SeriesModality Series modality
RasterCommentMetadataType.SeriesId Series ID
RasterCommentMetadataType.SeriesNumber Series number

For more information about file comments, refer to RasterCodecs.ReadComment and RasterCodecs.WriteComment.

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