In 1990, LEAD Technologies began providing cutting-edge imaging technology to developers. Since then, LEADTOOLS has continued to be used by thousands of developers and organizations creating world-class solutions that are deployed on millions of devices around the globe. LEADTOOLS is the most comprehensive, robust, flexible, and powerful imaging SDK available to developers that are involved in desktop, service, mobile, and web projects requiring still-frame, multimedia, document, medical, and vector imaging functionality.

With LEADTOOLS, you have access to the most advanced imaging technology available and have the best technical support in the business on your team. We look forward to working with you, and thank you for this opportunity to earn your business.

Key Features


Imaging Engine

Document (Includes all the features in Imaging)

Document Engine

Medical (Includes all the features in Document)

Medical Engine

For a complete list of LEADTOOLS Features, see the LEADTOOLS Imaging Products Comparison Chart.

LEADTOOLS SDK Platform and Application-Specific Redistributables

Application-Specific: For LEADTOOLS SDK core redistributables requirement of the exact assemblies and libraries to use on a specific platform and application, refer to the Files to be Included.
Assembly Directory: For LEADTOOLS SDK installation directory information, refer to Installation Directory.
Licensing: For licensing information, refer to LEADTOOLS Runtime Licensing and LEADTOOLS Runtime Licensing FAQ
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