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This add-in implements Basic TLS Secure Transport Connection Profile of DICOM Standard which utilize the framework and negotiation mechanism specified by the Transport Layer Security Version 1.0 protocol. Any LEADTOOLS PACS Framework server service can be converted to use secure transport connection to provide protection against tampering, eavesdropping, masquerading by simply placing the add-in to the framework's server folder and configuring it. As for example, when router or proxy server need to accept images from remote PACS Client (resident on different geographic location) over the public internet connection, just copying the Leadtools.AddIn.Security.dll to C:\LEADTOOLS 20\Bin\Dotnet\Win32\L19_SERVER32\AddIns\ folder and configuring the certificates will add secure communication capabilities to the router server.

This add-in provides support for following areas of Basic TLS Secure Transport Connection Profile of DICOM standard:



AddIns Project:

The C# sample project for add-ins used in this server is located in <LEADTOOLS 20>\Examples\PACSFramework\CS\Sample AddIns\ folder

Add-in Runtime DLLs:

All runtime versions of add-ins are in <LEADTOOLS 20>\Bin\Dotnet\Win32\L19_SERVER32\AddIns\ folder.

A copy is also stored in <LEADTOOLS 20>\Bin\Dotnet\Win32\PACSAddIns\ folder.

Note: The path of the source code for this binary is <INSTALLDIR>\Examples\PACSFramework\CS\Sample AddIns

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