User Web Config File

The User Web Config file contains the unlock keys to be used with the SetLicense method to unlock support for an optional feature, such as LEADTOOLS Document/Medical capabilities. These keys are arranged as key-value pairs inside the xml tag.

For more information about LEADTOOLS Document/Medical capabilities, contact our technical support.

LEADTOOLS supports the ability to use caching by providing a cache folder and user name, domain name, and password in cases where the web page has no access controls.

The User config file contains these impersonation settings and the cache folder name to be used in the impersonation operation. The following is a description of these key-value pairs:

Key Description
CacheFolder The full Cache Folder path to be used in the caching process. This folder must exist.

String that specifies the name of the domain or server whose account database contains the ImpersonationUserName account.


String that specifies the user name.

This is the name of the user account to log on to.


String that specifies the clear-text password for the user account specified by ImpersonationUserName.


String that specifies either encrypt cache folder contents or not expected value is true / false. Default value is false.


String server's ip address.


String server's port number.


String application name.

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