Exif File Extensions

Exif files may, but do not have to, contain extensions. These extensions may contain many types of data. To access this extension data, LEADTOOLS provides the RasterCodecs.ReadExtensions method. The extensions are kept in a Leadtools.Codecs.CodecsExtensionlist class when the RasterCodecs.ReadExtensions method is called, LEADTOOLS will look for the extensions. If they are present, LEADTOOLS will allocate a structure large enough to contain all the extensions.

Two common uses for these extensions are storing an extra stamp and embedding audio data. LEADTOOLS provides methods for getting these two specific types of information. To get extra stamp data stored in the extensions, use Leadtools.Codecs.CodecsExtensionListCreateStamp. Leadtools.Codecs.CodecsExtensionList.CreateStamp method. To get embedded audio data, use Leadtools.Codecs.CodecsExtensionListGetAudioData. CodecsExtensionList.GetAudioData method To access other types of data from the Exif extensions, the user will have to handle that directly.

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