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Files for redistribution are installed by the LEADTOOLS setup. For information on the installation directory structure, refer to Installation Directory.


Application-Specific Redistributable Explanation
Leadtools.Forms.Common Required for all Forms Recognition and Processing functionality.
Leadtools.Forms.Auto Required for high-level automated forms recognition and processing.
Also requires Leadtools.Forms.Common.
Leadtools.Forms.Commands Required for High-Level Forms Recognition functionality.
Also requires Leadtools.Forms.Common

Required for LEADTOOLS Document Writer functionality.
Also used by LEADTOOLS OCR for supporting output.
Also requires Leadtools.Annotations.Engine, Leadtools.Codecs, Leadtools.ImageProcessing.Core,Leadtools.ImageProcessing.Color, Leadtools.Codecs.Bmp.dll, Leadtools.Codecs.Cmp.dll, Leadtools.Codecs.Png.dll , Leadtools.Codecs.Jb2.dll, Leadtools.Codecs.Fax.dll, Leadtools.Codecs.Tif.dll, and Leadtools.Codecs.Pnm.dll
For supporting the DOCX(2007/2010) format, the Microsoft Open XML SDK assembly (DocumentFormat.OpenXml.dll) is required to be installed on the deployment target.

Leadtools.Ocr Required for supporting document optical character recognition (OCR) technology. Also requires one or more of the LEADTOOLS OCR engines.
Leadtools.Forms.Processing Required for all Forms Processing functionality.
Leadtools.Forms.Processing.Omr Required for all OMR Processing functionality.
Leadtools.Forms.Recognition Required for all Forms Recognition functionality.
Leadtools.Forms.Recognition.Ocr Required for Forms Barcode Recognition functionality.
Also requires Leadtools.Barcode and one or more of the Barcode engines.
Leadtools.Forms.Recognition.Barcode Required for Forms Barcode Recognition functionality.
Also requires Leadtools.Ocr and one or more of the LEADTOOLS OCR engines.
Leadtools.Forms.Recognition.Search Required in order to implement the Disk Full Text Search Manager, which complements the OCR object manager and can be used to improve the performance of the OCR object manager.
Also requiresLeadtools.Ocr and one or more of the LEADTOOLS OCR engines.
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