Programming with LEADTOOLS Medical.Worklist.Wcf

The LEADTOOLS Modality Worklist WCF Service contains methods for manipulating entities in a modality worklist database. The following entities can be manipulated by the service:

In addition, there are a few miscellaneous functions included that can handle tasks like:

The LEADTOOLS Modality Worklist WCF service can be hosted multiple ways: including IIS, self-hosting (managed applications only), as a Windows service and as a Windows Process Activation Service. The service was made to interoperate with the LEADTOOLS PACS framework. Use the provided PACS Framework Server Add-in (Leadtools.AddIn.Broker.Host) to host a LEADTOOLS Modality Worklist WCF service.

Development Considerations:

When consuming WCF Services from web-based applications, Visual Studio generates asynchronous methods to the service, rather than single synchronous calls. These asynchronous calls require that you subscribe to the “Completed” event, call the method, and wait for the “Completed” event to fire.

When calling a LEADTOOLS Modality Worklist WCF Service from a web application, it may be necessary to use cross domain permissions files. For more information, see Self-hosted WCF service and enabling cross domain calls.

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