MicroPDF417 Barcodes in LEADTOOLS

MicroPDF417 is a 2D barcode based on PDF417. MicroPDF417 is designed to encode a moderate amount of data into a very compact symbol. MicroPDF417 offers more data storage than linear (1D) barcodes, (up to 150 binary, 250 alphanumeric, or 366 numeric digits). It includes Error Correction Code (ECC) for error-free reading even when a symbol is partially lost or destroyed.

Sample Barcode

MicroPDF417 can be used in conjunction with GS1 linear barcodes to create composite barcodes.

Barcode Support

Data Options Member
LEADTOOLS Symbology Identifier BarcodeSymbology.MicroPDF417
Data Class MicroPDF417BarcodeData
Read Options MicroPDF417BarcodeReadOptions
Write Options MicroPDF417BarcodeWriteOptions


Composite MicroPDF417 Barcodes

MicroPDF417 can be used in conjunction with various linear 1D barcode symbols to create GS1 Composite Code A (CC-A) or Composite Code B (CC-B) barcodes. A GS1 Composite barcode is a group of two barcodes, one linear and one 2-dimensional. The linear barcode symbol can be comprised of an EAN8, EAN13, UPC-A, UPC-E, GS1-128 or GS1 Databar and usually contains the primary data, while the 2D barcode contains related supplementary data such as expiration date and product weight. CC-A can encode up to 56 digits of alphanumeric data and CC-B can encode up to 338 digits.

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