Introduction to LEADTOOLS Media Foundation Transforms

Microsoft Media Foundation was introduced as the eventual replacement of DirectShow. It features many enhancements and improvements for audio and video playback quality, high-definition content, hardware acceleration, and more. Like its predecessor, Media Foundation is a COM-based multimedia framework whose primary object model is based upon Media Foundation Transforms (MFTs) to do the processing work.

LEADTOOLS Multimedia SDKs offer Media Foundation transforms that significantly lower the complexity of code needed to play, capture, convert, stream, and process audio and video data. Use the provided interfaces to add Media Foundation technology to your development project without dealing with the complexity of programming directly with Microsoft's Media Foundation APIs.

LEAD codecs support industry standards as well as LEAD's own industry-leading compression and decompression algorithms. With them, you can compress large media files with no perceivable loss of quality. Video compressed to 20% of its original file size is easier to share, stream online, or place on popular handheld devices such as the PSP or iPod.

Key Features

The LEADTOOLS Media Foundation Transforms SDK contains the following types of components:

The LEADTOOLS Media Foundation SDK includes full or evaluation versions of all Media Foundation video codecs, audio codecs, media sinks, media sources, and transforms.

The evaluation download includes evaluation versions of the MPEG-2 media source, ISO media source, MKV media source/sink, and more. For pricing of transform and codec client licenses, contact

Refer to LEADTOOLS Media Foundation Transforms for a complete listing of available transforms. Refer to the Multimedia Product Comparison Chart to see which licensed transforms are included with the various LEADTOOLS products.


LEADTOOLS Media Foundation features require a number of files that you must include when you distribute your application.

Certain transforms and codecs require additional deployment licenses in order to be included with your application. For information on licensing the LEADTOOLS Transforms and Codecs, refer to Media Foundation Transforms and Codec Licensing.

Supported Environments

LEADTOOLS Media Foundation comes in a Win32 edition. The environments supported depend upon the specific product, platform and function being used. For more information, refer to Supported Platforms/Operating Systems.


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