Walkthrough 1 Export Selected: Backing up Existing Patient Information

Perform the following steps in order to back up existing patient information:

  1. Click the Database Manager tab

  2. If you have just configured the CSStorageServerManager, you will see a single patient (as shown below). 

    Patient ID Patient Name Birth Date
    12341234 JONES^JR 10/25/1971
  3. Select both records, and the click the Export Selected button to display the Export Selected dialog.

  4. Change the Export Folder Location to be: 


  5. Select the Overwrite Existing DICOM Files checkbox.

  6. Select the Create DICOMDIR checkbox.
  7. Clear the Anonymize checkbox.
  8. Click OK.


Both records have been backed up.  Next, (in Walkthrough 2) you will export the records using the anonymize option.


Configuring the LEADTOOLS Storage Server Application using the Control Panel:Administration 

Walkthrough 2 - Creating an Anonymize Script

Walkthrough 3 - Using the Anonymize Script

Anonymize Script Macros

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