Using Text in Annotation Objects

Many annotation objects use text as part of the annotation.

The AnnTextObject class provides properties common to all text which are utilized by any class of annotation object that utilizes text. The following classes use text:






Each of these classes (either through the direct implementation or inheritance) accesses properties that control vertical and horizontal alignment, margin width and the actual text. The Text property sets the text string for the annotation object. The TextRotate property controls the rotation value for the text. The TextBackground and TextForeground properties control the brushes used to draw the text. The HorizontalAlignment and VerticalAlignment properties control the horizontal and vertical alignment of the text. The Padding property controls the distance between the text and its bounding rectangle.


The AnnTextObject class derives from the AnnRectangleObject object and adds the properties mentioned above. The text annotation object is a text string within a bounding rectangle. This class supports stroke and fill and can be used on the bounding rectangle, if needed.


The AnnNoteObject class derives from the AnnTextObject object and adds the following attributes:


The AnnStampObject class derives from the AnnTextObject object and adds the following:


The AnnTextPointerObject class derives from the AnnTextObject object and adds the following:


The AnnTextRollupObject class derives from the AnnNoteObject object and adds the following: - Expanded

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