Emulation Tables

The LEAD Color Conversion toolkit provides emulation tables as one of its conversion methods. This method however is provided only for the following conversions:

The Emulation tables' method supports both built-in and custom options. For built-in emulation tables, use the ConversionMethodFlags.UseEmulationTables option. The custom emulation tables' option, ConversionMethodFlags.UseCustomEmulationTables, provides custom conversion using user-supplied images, converted from the source images distributed with the library, by any tool, as follows:

Conversion Source Convert to
CMYK to RGB src_cmyk_image.tif RGB image (i.e. dst_cmyk2rgb_image.tif)
RGB to Lab src_rgb_image.tif Lab image (i.e. dst_rgb2lab_image.tif)
Lab to RGB src_lab_image.tif RGB image (i.e. dst_lab2rgb_image.tif)

A set of images, already converted and ready for use (dst_cmyk2rgb_image.tif, dst_rgb2lab_image.tif, and dst_lab2rgb_image.tif), is provided. However, using the provided set of converted images will produce the same results as the built-in emulation tables.

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