Leadtools.Services.Twain Assembly Changes


Version Changes: 19 to 20

New Members (version 20)

The following members have been added:

Name Description
Leadtools.Services.Twain.ITwainService.Init(string,string,string,string,object,TwainStartupFlags) Initializes the TWAIN service.
Leadtools.Services.Twain.TwainScanningService.GetSession(string) Gets the selected TwainSession handle.
Leadtools.Services.Twain.TwainScanningService.Init(string,string,string,string,object,TwainStartupFlags) Initializes the TWAIN service.

Removed Members (version 20)

The following members have been removed:

Name Description
Leadtools.Services.Twain.ITwainService.Init(string,string,string,string,object) Initializes the TWAIN service.
Leadtools.Services.Twain.TwainScanningService.Init(string,string,string,string,object) Initializes the TWAIN service.

Version 19

New Assembly

The following assembly has been added to LEADTOOLS For .NET v19:

Namespace Description
Leadtools.Services.Twain Provides a set of web services to enable controlling Twain devices, acquiring images from a specified source, and processing the acquired images.
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