Leadtools.Document.Viewer Assembly Changes

Version Changes: 19 to 20

Namespace Change

Leadtools.Document.Viewer namespace in v20 replaces Leadtools.Documents.UI in v19.

Leadtools.Document.Viewer.DocumentViewerFindText Member Changes

The DocumentViewerFindText class (as of version no longer holds internal state for previous searches, and some properties have been added/removed. Refer to DocumentViewerText.Find for more information.

Changed Property Summary of Change
AutoEnsureVisible Removed - Replaced by SelectFirstResult
AutoSelect Removed - Replaced by SelectFirstResult
GoToNextPage Removed - Replaced by BeginPosition and EndPosition
PageNumber Removed - Replaced by BeginPosition and EndPosition
Recursive Removed - Replaced by Loop

DocumentViewerText.Find Method Changes introduced major changes to the behavior of the DocumentViewerText.Find method.

Prior to version, The function signature of the [Find] method was:

DocumentViewerText.Find was a synchronous method that took three parameters and returned an array of DocumentViewerTextItem that would indicate the next match. Only one match was returned.

DocumentViewerFindText held internal state about the results of the last time it was passed to [Find], so passing the same instance to [Find] could yield different results.

The isFirst parameter indicated whether or not this find text operation should be treated as the first one. If true, searching would start from the beginning of the document.

The findNext parameter was a boolean switch that was true to indicate searching in the forward direction and false to indicate searching in the backward direction.

When a [Find] was successful and results were returned, the LastFindText property would be set to the findText parameter that was passed. This would allow for simpler additional searches: because the DocumentViewerFindText object held internal state about the result, subsequent searches with that same instance would search from the last match. "Find Previous" or "Find Next" operations were possible in this manner.

This version of [Find] did not support "hidden space"/multi-line searches, multipage searches, multiple results with one search, sub-page begin and end character positions, or rendering the results with FoundTextBrush.

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