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External Store Add-in

The LEAD Sample External Store add-in is essentially a cloud-storage simulator. The add-in configuration allows you to specify a network or local location (as opposed to an actual cloud) where DICOM dataset data will be created/retrieved/updated/stored.  

Select LEAD Sample External Store Addin in the External Store drop-down to see the configuration options:


The following table explains each of the configuration options.  

Note: when creating a customer external store add-in, you create a configuration class that defines the settings for the add-in. The user interface (above) is dynamically created from the configuration class that you define.  The LEAD Sample shows the different kinds of user interface elements that can be created (i.e. text box, masked text box, drop, checkbox, NumericUpDown). However, the actual add-in only uses the Location textbox and Store Locally checkbox for configuration.  All other configuration elements are not used, and are only to show the possible UI elements that can be used. 

Configure the LEAD Sample External store add-in as follows, and click the Apply button. 



User ID

Not used for configuration


Not used for configuration


Not used for configuration


Not used for configuration


Not used for configuration


Location where the DICOM datasets will be stored

Store Locally


The choices are

  • Checked
    • When storing datasets (either through the Database Manager, or using a DICOM SCU Client demo), the DICOM datasets are initially stored locally, and not directly to the external store
    • DICOM datasets are then configured to be stored on the cloud and cleaned locally through the external store scheduler options
  • Unchecked
    • When DICOM datasets are stored, they are copied directly to the cloud (and not copied to the local store)

Click the Verify button.  You should see a message indicating that the settings are valid 


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