Working with the Existing Region

You can save a region in the alpha channel of a 16-bit or 32-bit file. For an example, refer to RasterImage.SetAlphaImage.

You can check the RasterImage.HasRegion property to see if an image has a region. If the image has a region, you can do the following with it:

To create a new region, or update an existing region, based on either an HSV range or an RGB range, use RasterImage.AddColorHsvRangeToRegion or RasterImage.AddColorRgbRangeToRegion. To convert between HSV and RGB color space, use the RasterHsvColor class and the RasterHsvColor.ToRasterColor method.

To create a new curve region, or update an existing region with a curve region, use ResizeRegionCommand class.

Use the RegionHolesRemovalCommand class to remove holes from a region.

Regions are saved automatically inside TIFF files. For more information, refer to Saving a Region. Note, however, that the ability to save a region inside a TIFF file must be unlocked. This requires a Document/Medical toolkit.

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