Programming with the DICOM Edit Control Property Grid

The LEADTOOLS DICOM Edit Control Property Grid is a sophisticated control. It can be used to build an elegant DICOM editor with tooltips, selection list, and data validation capabilities as well as to simply display detailed information stored in a DICOM file in an organized layout.

The following namespaces provide support for the DicomPropertyGrid:

For information about pulling data from one data set and inserting it into another, refer to Simple DICOM Extensions to Read or Write Data Set Tags.

To add a DICOM Edit Control to your project, perform the following steps:

To add a DICOM data set to the property grid, assign a newly initialized or loaded DicomDataSet object to the DataSet property of the DicomPropertyGrid.

To switch between the module view and the list view, use the Switch property.

The end-user can use the clickable commands in the DicomPropetyGrid's Command pane to display or hide tag information. This can also be set programmatically using the ShowTagInfo property.

The user can reduce clutter by hiding some tags from being displayed(UID as an example). To hide tags, add an event handler for the BeforeAddElement event and set the BeforeAddElementEventArgs Cancel property to true.

To add a visual clue about the value requirement of a tag (i.e. DICOM Type 1, Type 2, Type 1C etc.) or to add tips or a description about a tag perform the following steps:

To limit the user's selection options for a tag value to a specific list (i.e. enumerated or defined terms in DICOM or an implementation-specific list) perform the following steps:

To add or remove some tags from the data set perform the following steps:

The patient name value representation (VR) is handled automatically by the DicomPropertyGrid. The Leadtools.Dicom.Common assembly includes a PersonNameConverter, and a PersonNameListConverter to convert PersonNameConverter, and PersonName to and from string representation.

In addition, the following user interface (UI) methods are provided to simplify DICOM editing tasks:

Changes made in the DicomPropertyGrid automatically updates the attached DicomDataSet, which can be used to save the updated data set to disk. Refer to the Print To PACS or the DICOM High-level MWL SCU demo source project for sample implementation of the DicomPropertyGrid.

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