Code 128 Barcodes in LEADTOOLS

The Code 128 symbol is a very high-density linear barcode used in a wide variety of shipping and packaging industries around the world.

Sample Barcode

The Code 128 barcode can encode all 128 ASCII characters through the use of multiple character code sets and special command codes.

Barcode Support

Data Options Member
LEADTOOLS Symbology Identifier BarcodeSymbology.Code128 and for read only, BarcodeSymbology.UCCEAN128
Data Class BarcodeData
Read Options OneDBarcodeReadOptions
Write Options OneDBarcodeWriteOptions


Code 128 Encoded Data Structures

There are several specialized data structures that use Code 128 encoding.

GS1-128 / UCC-128 / EAN-128 / Code 128

GS1-128, also known as UCC/EAN-128, UCC-128 and EAN-128, is a specialized, self-describing data structure conveyed as a Code 128 symbol. This means that not only does the Code 128 symbol store the data, but also stores what the data represents and how it should be formatted. This is done with the use of "Application Identifiers" defined in the EAN-128 standard.

UCC/EAN-14 / GTIN-14 / DUN-14

UCC/EAN-14 is a specialized data structure usually consisting of 13 alphanumeric characters and a check digit. EAN-14 symbols have a similar application usage as compared to the EAN-13 symbol.


SISAC is a specialized data structure represented as a Code 128 symbol. The data structure that is stored is a SISAC-encoded Serial Item and Contribution Identifier and is used to represent periodical items such as magazines.

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