The LEADTOOLS DICOM C API provides dynamic link library (DLL) functions to let you incorporate DICOM support into your Windows applications. DICOM File Support,  DICOM Data Set Support, Image Processing, Image Acquisition, Display, and Output, and DICOM Security are available with all Medical Imaging products. DICOM Communication support is available only with the full PACS Imaging.

LEADTOOLS Medical Imaging and LEADTOOLS PACS Imaging SDKs have everything programmers need to develop a complete DICOM Medical Imaging Solution. Create any DICOM Layer Actor in the IHE Framework; add support for any DICOM service; capture images from TWAIN, Screen, Video for Windows (VfW) driver, DV (Digital Video) driver and WDM driver sources; print via Windows printer driver or DICOM Print SCP; display 1-64 bit images including automatic zoom, pan and scroll functionally; process 1-64 bit image data; stream image or video data to a DICOM dataset; load, save and convert DICOM to any of over 100 image formats; as well as image annotation including functionality to create overlays; and convert DICOM datasets to AVI/MPEG files.

DICOM File Support

LEADTOOLS Medical Imaging provides COMPLETE support for the DICOM 2003 specification, including all standard IOD classes and modalities (CR, CT, MR, NM, US, RF, SC, VL, etc.) and complete DICOM Basic Directory support.

Key Features

DICOM Data Set Support

LEADTOOLS provides a number of functions for maneuvering through the Data Set, getting and setting Data Set information, getting and setting Data Element values, searching the Data Set, and creating, loading and saving Data Sets. It includes full support for DICOM directories, overlays, modality LUT, VOI LUT and Palette Color Tables, DICOM Waveforms, Context Groups, and Digital Signatures.

Key Features

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Image Processing

Image Acquisition, Display, and Output

DICOM Security

LEADTOOLS DICOM Security supports the Secure Transport Connection Profiles as specified in part 15 of the DICOM 2003 standard. Included in this add-on is support for TLS secure transport connection profile and ISCL Secure transport connection profile. The LEADTOOLS DICOM Security support eliminates the need of a VPN (virtual private network) for secure communication to comply with HIPAA regulations.

Use LEADTOOLS DICOM Security to encrypt sensitive data between DICOM nodes that you develop or existing nodes that support TLS or ISCL connection profiles.

HIPAA Privacy and Security required compliance by April 14, 2003 with standards for guarding data integrity, confidentiality and availability for any application that maintains or transmits individual health data. LEADTOOLS DICOM Security allows for quick, accurate, and complete implementation of security functions that will ensure an application connected to the Internet will be HIPAA compliant. Three areas of risk as well as computer/entity authentication, confidentiality and data integrity are addressed with the LEADTOOLS DICOM Security for efficient 128-bit encryption implementation.

TLS Connection Profile

Area at Risk LEADTOOLS Medical Security Solution
Computer/Entity Authentication RSA Based Certificates
Confidentiality DES Encryption & 3DES Encryption
Data Integrity Secure Hash Algorithm Ciphersuite Negotiation

ISCL Connection Profile

Area at Risk LEADTOOLS Medical Security Solution
Computer/Entity Authentication Three-pass-four-way Protocol
Confidentiality DES-CBC Encryption. This is a 56 bit effective key length in a 64 bit key encryption cipher in block chaining mode.
Data Integrity DESMAC (64 bit) and DES-encrypted MD5 (128 bit) message authentication codes.

DICOM Communications Support

LEADTOOLS DICOM Communications provides COMPLETE support for DICOM Communications, including all Service Classes (Verification, Storage, Query/Retrieve, Patient Management, etc.), and contains high-level communications functions simplifying the creation of DICOM client/server applications.

Key Features

Key Capabilities

Supported Environments

LEADTOOLS comes in Win32 (x86), x64 and ARM editions. The environments supported depend upon the specific product, platform and function. For more information, refer to Supported Platforms / Operating Systems.

LEADTOOLS provides both UNICODE-only and ANSI-only versions of the C API DICOM .dll files. For information on the required .dll name and import library, please refer to Files To Be Included With Your Application.

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