How to Acquire from the WIA Source

LEADTOOLS WIA provides both high-level and low-level methods for acquiring pages from WIA sources.


LEADTOOLS WIA offers the high-level method, WiaSession.AcquireSimple, to let you acquire pages without having to initialize and end a session and select a device. When you call WiaSession.AcquireSimple, the following functions are called internally:

Note that when using any acquire function to acquire pages from a scanner under WIA Version 2.0 while the WiaAcquireFlags.ShowUserInterface flag is set, page count and margins will be ignored and all pages existing in the feeder will be acquired.


LEADTOOLS WIA also offers the following low-level methods for acquiring from a WIA source:

If you are using one of these functions, prior to calling them it is necessary to first establish a WIA session, select a WIA source, and set the desired properties for the WIA source (for more information, refer to Initializing a WIA Session and Managing WIA Sources). Use these functions as follows:

Stopping Acquisition To stop the acquire process you should add the acquire event related to the acquire method you are using and from inside the event you should set the Cancel member of the event argument parameter to true.

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