Restoring the LEAD Storage Server

Note: If you have already worked through the Changing the LEAD HTML5 Medical Viewer to use a Different Database Schema  tutorial, then you should first work through the Restoring the LEAD HTML5 Medical Viewer to its Original State topic of that tutorial.

Step 1: Restore the Storage Server Manager so that it no Longer Uses MyQueryIOD.xml

Step 2: Restore the Application Configuration Files to use the Default Storage Catalog and Default DataSet Schema

Step 3: Rebuild the CSStorageServerManagerDemo.exe with Modifications

Note that you can skip this step completely, and just run the precompiled version of the demo (CSStorageServerManagerDemo_original.exe)

Step 4: Delete the Following Files from {LEAD Installation BIN}

Step 5: Restore GlobalPacs.config to use the Original Shipping Database

Step 6: Restore the Forwarding Data Access Layer (Leadtools.Medical.Forward.DataAccessLayer ) to its original state:

Step 7: Remove the Configuration Assembly (My.Medical.Storage.Configuration.dll ) from the Configuration folder

Step 8: Verify that the Storage Server Manager is using the Shipping Database

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