Implementing the CCOW Context Manager

Implementing the LEADTOOLS CCOW Context Manager

The LEADTOOLS CCOW Server is a Context Manager with support for COM local server and web interfaces. Each request for a context management interface will return the same instance of the context management interface. As a result, only one copy of the LEADTOOLS CCOW Context Manager application will ever be running.

ActiveX Context Manager

To enable an application to become a context manager, register the CCOW server components and start the server.

Registering the CCOW server components

Starting the CCOW server

After registering the CCOW server components, call the CcowServer.Start method to start the server.

Shutting the CCOW server down

Call the CcowServer.Stop method to stop a running CCOW server.

Web Context Manager

To enable CCOW Web interfaces on a running CCOW server (a started CCOW ActiveX server), start the ContextManagementRegistryService component (Leadtools.Ccow.Services.ContextManagementRegistryService.Start). - The CCOW context management registry (ContextManagementRegistry Web Interface) is responsible for hosting and locating the CCOW component services.

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