SetProperties Method


Sets the values of the properties to the values specified in the WiaProperties structure into the WIA device's item passed through the

item parameter.

public void SetProperties( 
   object item, 
   WiaProperties properties 
Public Sub SetProperties( _ 
   ByVal item As Object, _ 
   ByVal properties As WiaProperties _ 
void SetProperties(  
   Object^ item, 
   WiaProperties properties 


Handle to the item having its properties set. Retrieve this parameter by either calling the GetRootItem method to get the device's root item or by enumerating the child items of the device through a call to the EnumChildItems method.

The properties to set.


Add the SetPropertiesEvent event to be informed of any error codes returned from setting each property available in the WiaProperties structure, and to have the ability to cancel the process.


If the ShowUserInterface flag is set for any of the acquire methods, then be aware that some of the previously set/changed user properties (using any of the SetPropertyXxx or SetProperties methods) will be overwritten by the Microsoft's image acquisition dialog box. Microsoft's image acquisition dialog box sets its own initialization properties like the current intent (image type), selected area (left, top, width and height), paper source and duplex mode, etc.

To suppress the manufacturer's image acquisition dialog and acquire directly from the specified source item through the item parameter using the values set through the SetPropertyXxx and SetProperties methods, do not set the ShowUserInterface flag.

For more information, refer to Managing WIA Sources.


For an example, refer to WiaSession.GetRootItem.


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