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The Leadtools.Dicom assembly provides classes that enable the incorporation of DICOM support into an application.

Key Features

Basic DICOM Features

DICOM File Support

DICOM Communications Support

DICOM Security

HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA Privacy and Security required compliance by April 14, 2003 with standards for guarding data integrity, confidentiality and availability for any application that maintains or transmits individual health data.

These standards are addressed by the LEADTOOLS DICOM Security for efficient 128-bit encryption implementation. LEADTOOLS DICOM Security allows for quick, accurate, and complete implementation of security functions that ensure an application connected to the internet will be HIPAA-compliant.

TLS Connection Profile

Area at Risk LEADTOOLS Medical Security Solution
Computer/Entity Authentication RSA-based Certificates
Confidentiality DES Encryption & 3DES Encryption
Data Integrity Secure Hash Algorithm Ciphersuite Negotiation

ISCL Connection Profile

Area at Risk LEADTOOLS Medical Security Solution
Computer/Entity Authentication Three-pass-four-way Protocol
Confidentiality DES-CBC Encryption. This is a 56-bit effective key length in a 64-bit key encryption cipher in block chaining mode.
Data Integrity DESMAC (64-bit) and DES-encrypted MD5 (128-bit) message authentication codes.

LEADTOOLS Medical Imaging Features

The LEADTOOLS Medical Imaging product line includes everything programmers need to develop a complete DICOM Medical Imaging Solution.

In medical environments, DICOM Standards facilitate the interoperability of medical imaging systems, related images, and related information. They define protocols for exchanging digital information between medical imaging equipment (such as CT and MR scanners) and other systems, with strong emphasis on diagnostic medical imaging as practiced in radiology, cardiology and related disciplines.

LEAD Technologies, Inc. is committed to full and complete support for these industry-standard medical imaging protocols, providing programmers access to medical images retrieved from the widest possible variety of digital imaging modalities. LEAD's Medical Imaging toolkit includes the richest DICOM support in the industry.

Supported Environments

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Assembly Overview

Getting Started

Programming with LEADTOOLS DICOM

DICOM Annotation Object support

LEADTOOLS DICOM Communications

DICOM PACS Framework


Overview: Basic DICOM File Structure

DICOM Network Communication Support Environment

Adding Security to a DICOM Connection

Working with Digital Signatures

LEADTOOLS DICOM Network Communication Support for Message Exchange

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Leadtools.Dicom Assembly Changes

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