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DicomContextIdentifierType Enumeration

Represents an internal LEADTOOLS table of the Context Groups defined by the DICOM Content Mapping Resource (DCMR).
public enum DicomContextIdentifierType   
typedef NS_ENUM(NSInteger, LTDicomContextIdentifierType) { 
	LTDicomContextIdentifierTypeUserDefined = 1,  
public enum class DicomContextIdentifierType   
-1UserDefined User Defined
2CID2 CID 2, Anatomic Modifier
4CID4 CID 4, Anatomic Region
5CID5 CID 5, Transducer Approach
6CID6 CID 6, Transducer Orientation
7CID7 CID 7, Ultrasound Beam Path
8CID8 CID 8, Angiographic Interventional Devices
9CID9 CID 9, Image Guided Therapeutic Procedures
10CID10 CID 10, Interventional Drug
11CID11 CID 11, Route of Administration
12CID12 CID 12, Radiographic Contrast Agent
13CID13 CID 13, Radiographic Contrast Agent Ingredient
18CID18 CID 18, Isotopes in Radiopharmaceuticals
19CID19 CID 19, Patient Orientation
20CID20 CID 20, Patient Orientation Modifier
21CID21 CID 21, Patient Equipment Relationship
23CID23 CID 23, Cranio-Caudad Angulation
25CID25 CID 25, Radiopharmaceuticals
26CID26 CID 26, Nuclear Medicine Projections
27CID27 CID 27, Basic Cardiac Views
29CID29 CID 29, Acquisition Modality
30CID30 CID 30, DICOM Devices
31CID31 CID 31, Abstract Priors
32CID32 CID 32, Non-Acquisition Modality
33CID33 CID 33, Modality
42CID42 CID 42, Numeric Value Qualifier
43CID43 CID 43, Numeric Value Failure Qualifier
44CID44 CID 44, Numeric Value Unknown Qualifier
50CID50 CID 50, Instance Availability Status
60CID60 CID 60, Imaging Agent Administration Adverse Events
61CID61 CID 61, Time Relative to Procedure
62CID62 CID 62, Imaging Agent Administration Phase Type
63CID63 CID 63, Imaging Agent Administration Mode
64CID64 CID 64, Imaging Agent Administration Patient State
65CID65 CID 65, Pre-medication For Imaging Agent Administration
66CID66 CID 66, Medication For Imaging Agent Administration
67CID67 CID 67, Imaging Agent Administration Completion Status
68CID68 CID 68, Imaging Agent Administration Pharmaceutical Unit of Presentation
69CID69 CID 69, Imaging Agent Administration Consumables
70CID70 CID 70, Flush
71CID71 CID 71, Imaging Agent Administration Injector Event Type
72CID72 CID 72, Imaging Agent Administration Step Type
73CID73 CID 73, Bolus Shaping Curves
74CID74 CID 74, Imaging Agent Administration Consumable Catheter Type
75CID75 CID 75, Low-high-equal
76CID76 CID 76, Type of Pre-medication
83CID83 CID 83, Units for Real World Value Mapping
84CID84 CID 84, PET Units
85CID85 CID 85, SUV Units
91CID91 CID 91, Functional Condition Present During Acquisition
92CID92 CID 92, Joint Position During Acquisition
93CID93 CID 93, Joint Positioning Method
94CID94 CID 94, Physical Force Applied During Acquisition
100CID100 CID 100, Quantitative Diagnostic Imaging Procedures
210CID210 CID 210, Qualitative Evaluation Modifier Types
211CID211 CID 211, Qualitative Evaluation Modifier Values
212CID212 CID 212, Generic Anatomic Location Modifiers
217CID217 CID 217, Visual Explanation
218CID218 CID 218, Quantitative Image Features
219CID219 CID 219, Geometry Graphical Representation
220CID220 CID 220, Level of Significance
221CID221 CID 221, Measurement Range Concepts
222CID222 CID 222, Normality Codes
223CID223 CID 223, Normal Range Values
224CID224 CID 224, Selection Method
225CID225 CID 225, Measurement Uncertainty Concepts
226CID226 CID 226, Population Statistical Descriptors
227CID227 CID 227, Sample Statistical Descriptors
228CID228 CID 228, Equation or Table
230CID230 CID 230, Yes-No
231CID231 CID 231, Yes-No Only
240CID240 CID 240, Present-Absent
241CID241 CID 241, Present-Absent Only
242CID242 CID 242, Normal-Abnormal
244CID244 CID 244, Laterality
245CID245 CID 245, Laterality with Median
246CID246 CID 246, Relative Laterality
247CID247 CID 247, Laterality Left-Right Only
250CID250 CID 250, Positive-Negative
251CID251 CID 251, Severity of Complication
252CID252 CID 252, S-M-L Size Descriptor
270CID270 CID 270, Observer Type
271CID271 CID 271, Observation Subject Class
280CID280 CID 280, Longitudinal Temporal Event Types
300CID300 CID 300, Multi-energy Relevant Materials
301CID301 CID 301, Multi-energy Material Units
400CID400 CID 400, Audit Event ID
401CID401 CID 401, Audit Event Type Code
402CID402 CID 402, Audit Active Participant Role ID Code
403CID403 CID 403, Security Alert Type Code
404CID404 CID 404, Audit Participant Object ID Type Code
405CID405 CID 405, Media Type Code
501CID501 CID 501, Volumetric View Description
502CID502 CID 502, Volumetric View Modifier
601CID601 CID 601, Biosafety Levels
602CID602 CID 602, Biosafety Control Reasons
603CID603 CID 603, Animal Room Types
604CID604 CID 604, Device Reuse
605CID605 CID 605, Animal Bedding Material
606CID606 CID 606, Animal Shelter Types
607CID607 CID 607, Animal Feed Types
608CID608 CID 608, Animal Feed Sources
609CID609 CID 609, Animal Feeding Methods
610CID610 CID 610, Water Types
611CID611 CID 611, Anesthesia Category Code Type for Small Animal Anesthesia
612CID612 CID 612, Anesthesia Category Code Type from Anesthesia Quality Initiative (AQI)
613CID613 CID 613, Anesthesia Induction Code Type for Small Animal Anesthesia
614CID614 CID 614, Anesthesia Induction Code Type from Anesthesia Quality Initiative (AQI)
615CID615 CID 615, Anesthesia Maintenance Code Type for Small Animal Anesthesia
616CID616 CID 616, Anesthesia Maintenance Code Type from Anesthesia Quality Initiative (AQI)
617CID617 CID 617, Airway Management Method Code Type for Small Animal Anesthesia
618CID618 CID 618, Airway Management Method Code Type from Anesthesia Quality Initiative (AQI)
619CID619 CID 619, Airway Management Sub-Method Code Type for Small Animal Anesthesia
620CID620 CID 620, Airway Management Sub-Method Code Type from Anesthesia Quality Initiative (AQI)
621CID621 CID 621, Type of Medication for Small Animal Anesthesia
622CID622 CID 622, Medication Type Code Type from Anesthesia Quality Initiative (AQI)
623CID623 CID 623, Medication for Small Animal Anesthesia
624CID624 CID 624, Inhalational Anesthesia Agents for Small Animal Anesthesia
625CID625 CID 625, Injectable Anesthesia Agents for Small Animal Anesthesia
626CID626 CID 626, Premedication Agents for Small Animal Anesthesia
627CID627 CID 627, Neuromuscular Blocking Agents for Small Animal Anesthesia
628CID628 CID 628, Ancillary Medications for Small Animal Anesthesia
629CID629 CID 629, Carrier Gases for Small Animal Anesthesia
630CID630 CID 630, Local Anesthetics for Small Animal Anesthesia
631CID631 CID 631, Phase of Procedure Requiring Anesthesia
632CID632 CID 632, Phase of Surgical Procedure Requiring Anesthesia
633CID633 CID 633, Phase of Imaging Procedure Requiring Anesthesia
634CID634 CID 634, Phase of Animal Handling
635CID635 CID 635, Heating Method
636CID636 CID 636, Temperature Sensor Device Component Type for Small Animal Procedures
637CID637 CID 637, Exogenous Substance Types
638CID638 CID 638, Exogenous Substance
639CID639 CID 639, Tumor Graft Histologic Type
640CID640 CID 640, Fibrils
641CID641 CID 641, Viruses
642CID642 CID 642, Cytokines
643CID643 CID 643, Toxins
644CID644 CID 644, Exogenous Substance Administration Sites
645CID645 CID 645, Exogenous Substance Tissue of Origin
646CID646 CID 646, Preclinical Small Animal Imaging Procedures
647CID647 CID 647, Position Reference Indicator for Frame of Reference
701CID701 CID 701, Content Assessment Types
702CID702 CID 702, RT Content Assessment Types
703CID703 CID 703, Basis of Assessment
800CID800 CID 800, Protocol Assertion Codes
1000CID1000 CID 1000, CT Transverse Plane Reference Basis
1001CID1001 CID 1001, Anatomical Reference Basis
1002CID1002 CID 1002, Anatomical Reference Basis - Head
1003CID1003 CID 1003, Anatomical Reference Basis - Spine
1004CID1004 CID 1004, Anatomical Reference Basis - Chest
1005CID1005 CID 1005, Anatomical Reference Basis - Abdomen/Pelvis
1006CID1006 CID 1006, Anatomical Reference Basis - Extremities
1010CID1010 CID 1010, Reference Geometry - Planes
1011CID1011 CID 1011, Reference Geometry - Points
1015CID1015 CID 1015, Patient Alignment Methods
1200CID1200 CID 1200, Contraindications For CT Imaging
1201CID1201 CID 1201, Contraindications For XA Imaging
3000CID3000 CID 3000, Audio Channel Source
3001CID3001 CID 3001, ECG Leads
3003CID3003 CID 3003, Hemodynamic Waveform Sources
3004CID3004 CID 3004, Arterial Pulse Waveform
3005CID3005 CID 3005, Respiration Waveform
3010CID3010 CID 3010, Cardiovascular Anatomic Locations
3011CID3011 CID 3011, Electrophysiology Anatomic Locations
3014CID3014 CID 3014, Coronary Artery Segments
3015CID3015 CID 3015, Coronary Arteries
3016CID3016 CID 3016, Major Coronary Arteries
3019CID3019 CID 3019, Cardiovascular Anatomic Location Modifiers
3030CID3030 CID 3030, EEG Leads
3031CID3031 CID 3031, Lead locations near or in muscles
3032CID3032 CID 3032, Lead locations near peripheral nerves
3033CID3033 CID 3033, EOG Leads
3034CID3034 CID 3034, Body Position Channels
3035CID3035 CID 3035, EEG Annotations – Neurophysiologic Enumerations (EEG)
3036CID3036 CID 3036, EMG Annotations – Neurophysiological Enumerations (EMG)
3037CID3037 CID 3037, EOG Annotations – Neurophysiological Enumerations (EOG)
3038CID3038 CID 3038, Pattern Events
3039CID3039 CID 3039, Device-related and Environment-related Events
3040CID3040 CID 3040, EEG Annotations - Neurological Monitoring Measurements
3041CID3041 CID 3041, Neurophysiologic Stimulation Modes
3083CID3083 CID 3083, Units of Radioactivity
3090CID3090 CID 3090, Time Synchronization Channel Types
3101CID3101 CID 3101, Cardiac Procedural State Values
3102CID3102 CID 3102, Rest-Stress
3104CID3104 CID 3104, Cardiac Synchronization Technique
3106CID3106 CID 3106, PET Cardiology Protocols
3107CID3107 CID 3107, PET Cardiology Radiopharmaceuticals
3108CID3108 CID 3108, NM/PET Procedures
3110CID3110 CID 3110, Nuclear Cardiology Protocols
3111CID3111 CID 3111, Nuclear Cardiology Radiopharmaceuticals
3112CID3112 CID 3112, Attenuation Correction
3113CID3113 CID 3113, Types of Perfusion Defects
3114CID3114 CID 3114, Study Quality
3115CID3115 CID 3115, Stress Imaging Quality Issues
3116CID3116 CID 3116, NM Extracardiac Findings
3117CID3117 CID 3117, Attenuation Correction Methods
3118CID3118 CID 3118, Level of Risk
3119CID3119 CID 3119, LV Function
3120CID3120 CID 3120, Perfusion Findings
3121CID3121 CID 3121, Perfusion Morphology
3122CID3122 CID 3122, Ventricular Enlargement
3200CID3200 CID 3200, Stress Test Procedure
3201CID3201 CID 3201, Indications for Stress Test
3202CID3202 CID 3202, Chest Pain
3203CID3203 CID 3203, Exerciser Device
3204CID3204 CID 3204, Stress Agents
3205CID3205 CID 3205, Indications for Pharmacological Stress Test
3206CID3206 CID 3206, Non-invasive Cardiac Imaging Procedures
3207CID3207 CID 3207, Stress Test Procedure Phases
3208CID3208 CID 3208, Summary Codes Exercise ECG
3209CID3209 CID 3209, Summary Codes Stress Imaging
3210CID3210 CID 3210, Speed of Response
3211CID3211 CID 3211, BP Response
3212CID3212 CID 3212, Treadmill Speed
3213CID3213 CID 3213, Stress Hemodynamic Findings
3215CID3215 CID 3215, Perfusion Finding Method
3217CID3217 CID 3217, Comparison Finding
3220CID3220 CID 3220, Stress Symptoms
3221CID3221 CID 3221, Stress Test Termination Reasons
3227CID3227 CID 3227, QTc Measurements
3228CID3228 CID 3228, ECG Timing Measurements
3229CID3229 CID 3229, ECG Axis Measurements
3230CID3230 CID 3230, ECG Findings
3231CID3231 CID 3231, ST Segment Findings
3232CID3232 CID 3232, ST Segment Location
3233CID3233 CID 3233, ST Segment Morphology
3234CID3234 CID 3234, Ectopic Beat Morphology
3235CID3235 CID 3235, Perfusion Comparison Findings
3236CID3236 CID 3236, Tolerance Comparison Findings
3237CID3237 CID 3237, Wall Motion Comparison Findings
3238CID3238 CID 3238, Stress Scoring Scales
3239CID3239 CID 3239, Perceived Exertion Scales
3240CID3240 CID 3240, Electrophysiology Measurement Functions and Techniques
3241CID3241 CID 3241, Hemodynamic Measurement Techniques
3250CID3250 CID 3250, Catheterization Procedure Phase
3254CID3254 CID 3254, Electrophysiology Procedure Phase
3261CID3261 CID 3261, Stress Protocols
3262CID3262 CID 3262, ECG Patient State Values
3263CID3263 CID 3263, Electrode Placement Values
3271CID3271 CID 3271, Hemodynamic Physiological Challenges
3335CID3335 CID 3335, ECG Annotations
3337CID3337 CID 3337, Hemodynamic Annotations
3339CID3339 CID 3339, Electrophysiology Annotations
3400CID3400 CID 3400, Procedure Log Titles
3401CID3401 CID 3401, Types of Log Notes
3402CID3402 CID 3402, Patient Status and Events
3403CID3403 CID 3403, Percutaneous Entry
3404CID3404 CID 3404, Staff Actions
3405CID3405 CID 3405, Procedure Action Values
3406CID3406 CID 3406, Non-coronary Transcatheter Interventions
3407CID3407 CID 3407, Purpose of Reference to Object
3408CID3408 CID 3408, Actions With Consumables
3409CID3409 CID 3409, Administration of Drugs/Contrast
3410CID3410 CID 3410, Numeric Parameters of Drugs/Contrast
3411CID3411 CID 3411, Intracoronary Devices
3412CID3412 CID 3412, Intervention Actions and Status
3413CID3413 CID 3413, Adverse Outcomes
3414CID3414 CID 3414, Procedure Urgency
3415CID3415 CID 3415, Cardiac Rhythms
3416CID3416 CID 3416, Respiration Rhythms
3418CID3418 CID 3418, Lesion Risk
3419CID3419 CID 3419, Findings Titles
3421CID3421 CID 3421, Procedure Action
3422CID3422 CID 3422, Device Use Actions
3423CID3423 CID 3423, Numeric Device Characteristics
3425CID3425 CID 3425, Intervention Parameters
3426CID3426 CID 3426, Consumables Parameters
3427CID3427 CID 3427, Equipment Events
3428CID3428 CID 3428, Imaging Procedures
3429CID3429 CID 3429, Catheterization Devices
3430CID3430 CID 3430, DateTime Qualifiers
3440CID3440 CID 3440, Peripheral Pulse Locations
3441CID3441 CID 3441, Patient Assessments
3442CID3442 CID 3442, Peripheral Pulse Methods
3446CID3446 CID 3446, Skin Condition
3448CID3448 CID 3448, Airway Assessment
3451CID3451 CID 3451, Calibration Objects
3452CID3452 CID 3452, Calibration Methods
3453CID3453 CID 3453, Cardiac Volume Methods
3455CID3455 CID 3455, Index Methods
3456CID3456 CID 3456, Sub-segment Methods
3458CID3458 CID 3458, Contour Realignment
3460CID3460 CID 3460, Circumferential Extent
3461CID3461 CID 3461, Regional Extent
3462CID3462 CID 3462, Chamber Identification
3463CID3463 CID 3463, Ventricle Identification
3465CID3465 CID 3465, QA Reference Methods
3466CID3466 CID 3466, Plane Identification
3467CID3467 CID 3467, Ejection Fraction
3468CID3468 CID 3468, ED Volume
3469CID3469 CID 3469, ES Volume
3470CID3470 CID 3470, Vessel Lumen Cross-sectional Area Calculation Methods
3471CID3471 CID 3471, Estimated Volumes
3472CID3472 CID 3472, Cardiac Contraction Phase
3480CID3480 CID 3480, IVUS Procedure Phases
3481CID3481 CID 3481, IVUS Distance Measurements
3482CID3482 CID 3482, IVUS Area Measurements
3483CID3483 CID 3483, IVUS Longitudinal Measurements
3484CID3484 CID 3484, IVUS Indices and Ratios
3485CID3485 CID 3485, IVUS Volume Measurements
3486CID3486 CID 3486, Vascular Measurement Sites
3487CID3487 CID 3487, Intravascular Volumetric Regions
3488CID3488 CID 3488, Min/Max/Mean
3489CID3489 CID 3489, Calcium Distribution
3491CID3491 CID 3491, IVUS Lesion Morphologies
3492CID3492 CID 3492, Vascular Dissection Classifications
3493CID3493 CID 3493, IVUS Relative Stenosis Severities
3494CID3494 CID 3494, IVUS Non Morphological Findings
3495CID3495 CID 3495, IVUS Plaque Composition
3496CID3496 CID 3496, IVUS Fiducial Points
3497CID3497 CID 3497, IVUS Arterial Morphology
3500CID3500 CID 3500, Pressure Units
3502CID3502 CID 3502, Hemodynamic Resistance Units
3503CID3503 CID 3503, Indexed Hemodynamic Resistance Units
3510CID3510 CID 3510, Catheter Size Units
3515CID3515 CID 3515, Specimen Collection
3520CID3520 CID 3520, Blood Source Type
3524CID3524 CID 3524, Blood Gas Pressures
3525CID3525 CID 3525, Blood Gas Content
3526CID3526 CID 3526, Blood Gas Saturation
3527CID3527 CID 3527, Blood Base Excess
3528CID3528 CID 3528, Blood pH
3529CID3529 CID 3529, Arterial / Venous Content
3530CID3530 CID 3530, Oxygen Administration Actions
3531CID3531 CID 3531, Oxygen Administration
3550CID3550 CID 3550, Circulatory Support Actions
3551CID3551 CID 3551, Ventilation Actions
3552CID3552 CID 3552, Pacing Actions
3553CID3553 CID 3553, Circulatory Support
3554CID3554 CID 3554, Ventilation
3555CID3555 CID 3555, Pacing
3560CID3560 CID 3560, Blood Pressure Methods
3600CID3600 CID 3600, Relative Times
3602CID3602 CID 3602, Hemodynamic Patient State
3604CID3604 CID 3604, Arterial Lesion Locations
3606CID3606 CID 3606, Arterial Source Locations
3607CID3607 CID 3607, Venous Source Locations
3608CID3608 CID 3608, Atrial Source Locations
3609CID3609 CID 3609, Ventricular Source Locations
3610CID3610 CID 3610, Gradient Source Locations
3611CID3611 CID 3611, Pressure Measurements
3612CID3612 CID 3612, Blood Velocity Measurements
3613CID3613 CID 3613, Hemodynamic Time Measurements
3614CID3614 CID 3614, Valve Areas, Non-mitral
3615CID3615 CID 3615, Valve Areas
3616CID3616 CID 3616, Hemodynamic Period Measurements
3617CID3617 CID 3617, Valve Flows
3618CID3618 CID 3618, Hemodynamic Flows
3619CID3619 CID 3619, Hemodynamic Resistance Measurements
3620CID3620 CID 3620, Hemodynamic Ratios
3621CID3621 CID 3621, Fractional Flow Reserve
3627CID3627 CID 3627, Measurement Type
3628CID3628 CID 3628, Cardiac Output Methods
3629CID3629 CID 3629, Procedure Intent
3630CID3630 CID 3630, Cardiovascular Anatomic Locations
3640CID3640 CID 3640, Hypertension
3641CID3641 CID 3641, Hemodynamic Assessments
3642CID3642 CID 3642, Degree Findings
3651CID3651 CID 3651, Hemodynamic Measurement Phase
3663CID3663 CID 3663, Body Surface Area Equations
3664CID3664 CID 3664, Oxygen Consumption Equations and Tables
3666CID3666 CID 3666, P50 Equations
3667CID3667 CID 3667, Framingham Scores
3668CID3668 CID 3668, Framingham Tables
3670CID3670 CID 3670, ECG Procedure Types
3671CID3671 CID 3671, Reason for ECG Exam
3676CID3676 CID 3676, Lead Measurement Technique
3677CID3677 CID 3677, Summary Codes ECG
3678CID3678 CID 3678, QT Correction Algorithms
3680CID3680 CID 3680, ECG Lead Noise Descriptions
3687CID3687 CID 3687, Electrophysiology Waveform Durations
3688CID3688 CID 3688, Electrophysiology Waveform Voltages
3689CID3689 CID 3689, ECG Global Waveform Durations
3690CID3690 CID 3690, ECG Control Variables Numeric
3691CID3691 CID 3691, ECG Control Variables Text
3700CID3700 CID 3700, Cath Diagnosis
3701CID3701 CID 3701, Cardiac Valves and Tracts
3703CID3703 CID 3703, Wall Motion
3704CID3704 CID 3704, Myocardium Wall Morphology Findings
3705CID3705 CID 3705, Chamber Size
3706CID3706 CID 3706, Overall Contractility
3707CID3707 CID 3707, VSD Description
3709CID3709 CID 3709, Aortic Root Description
3710CID3710 CID 3710, Coronary Dominance
3711CID3711 CID 3711, Valvular Abnormalities
3712CID3712 CID 3712, Vessel Descriptors
3713CID3713 CID 3713, TIMI Flow Characteristics
3714CID3714 CID 3714, Thrombus
3715CID3715 CID 3715, Lesion Margin
3716CID3716 CID 3716, Severity
3717CID3717 CID 3717, Myocardial Wall Segments
3718CID3718 CID 3718, Myocardial Wall Segments in Projection
3719CID3719 CID 3719, Canadian Clinical Classification
3721CID3721 CID 3721, Cardiovascular Surgeries
3722CID3722 CID 3722, Diabetic Therapy
3723CID3723 CID 3723, MI Types
3724CID3724 CID 3724, Smoking History
3726CID3726 CID 3726, Indications for Coronary Intervention
3727CID3727 CID 3727, Indications for Catheterization
3728CID3728 CID 3728, Cath Findings
3729CID3729 CID 3729, Admission Status
3730CID3730 CID 3730, Insurance Payor
3733CID3733 CID 3733, Primary Cause of Death
3735CID3735 CID 3735, Acute Coronary Syndrome Time Period
3736CID3736 CID 3736, NYHA Classification
3737CID3737 CID 3737, Non-invasive Test - Ischemia
3738CID3738 CID 3738, Pre-Cath Angina Type
3739CID3739 CID 3739, Cath Procedure Type
3740CID3740 CID 3740, Thrombolytic Administration
3741CID3741 CID 3741, Medication Administration, Lab Visit
3742CID3742 CID 3742, Medication Administration, PCI
3743CID3743 CID 3743, Clopidogrel/Ticlopidine Administration
3744CID3744 CID 3744, EF Testing Method
3745CID3745 CID 3745, Calculation Method
3746CID3746 CID 3746, Percutaneous Entry Site
3747CID3747 CID 3747, Percutaneous Closure
3748CID3748 CID 3748, Angiographic EF Testing Method
3749CID3749 CID 3749, PCI Procedure Result
3750CID3750 CID 3750, Previously Dilated Lesion
3752CID3752 CID 3752, Guidewire Crossing
3754CID3754 CID 3754, Vascular Complications
3755CID3755 CID 3755, Cath Complications
3756CID3756 CID 3756, Cardiac Patient Risk Factors
3757CID3757 CID 3757, Cardiac Diagnostic Procedures
3758CID3758 CID 3758, Cardiovascular Family History
3760CID3760 CID 3760, Hypertension Therapy
3761CID3761 CID 3761, Antilipemic Agents
3762CID3762 CID 3762, Antiarrhythmic Agents
3764CID3764 CID 3764, Myocardial Infarction Therapies
3769CID3769 CID 3769, Concern Types
3770CID3770 CID 3770, Problem Status
3772CID3772 CID 3772, Health Status
3773CID3773 CID 3773, Use Status
3774CID3774 CID 3774, Social History
3777CID3777 CID 3777, Implanted Devices
3778CID3778 CID 3778, Stages
3802CID3802 CID 3802, Plaque Structures
3804CID3804 CID 3804, Stenosis Measurement Methods
3805CID3805 CID 3805, Stenosis Types
3806CID3806 CID 3806, Stenosis Shape
3807CID3807 CID 3807, Volume Measurement Methods
3808CID3808 CID 3808, Aneurysm Types
3809CID3809 CID 3809, Associated Conditions
3810CID3810 CID 3810, Vascular Morphology
3813CID3813 CID 3813, Stent Findings
3814CID3814 CID 3814, Stent Composition
3815CID3815 CID 3815, Source of Vascular Finding
3817CID3817 CID 3817, Vascular Sclerosis Types
3820CID3820 CID 3820, Non-invasive Vascular Procedures
3821CID3821 CID 3821, Papillary Muscle Included/Excluded
3823CID3823 CID 3823, Respiratory Status
3826CID3826 CID 3826, Heart Rhythm
3827CID3827 CID 3827, Vessel Segments
3829CID3829 CID 3829, Pulmonary Arteries
3831CID3831 CID 3831, Stenosis Length
3832CID3832 CID 3832, Stenosis Grade
3833CID3833 CID 3833, Cardiac Ejection Fraction
3835CID3835 CID 3835, Cardiac Volume Measurements
3836CID3836 CID 3836, Time-based Perfusion Measurements
3837CID3837 CID 3837, Fiducial Feature
3838CID3838 CID 3838, Diameter Derivation
3839CID3839 CID 3839, Coronary Veins
3840CID3840 CID 3840, Pulmonary Veins
3843CID3843 CID 3843, Myocardial Subsegment
3850CID3850 CID 3850, Contrast Bolus Substance
4005CID4005 CID 4005, Partial View Section for Mammography
4009CID4009 CID 4009, DX Anatomy Imaged
4010CID4010 CID 4010, DX View
4011CID4011 CID 4011, DX View Modifier
4012CID4012 CID 4012, Projection Eponymous Name
4013CID4013 CID 4013, Anatomic Region for Mammography
4014CID4014 CID 4014, View for Mammography
4015CID4015 CID 4015, View Modifier for Mammography
4016CID4016 CID 4016, Anatomic Region for Intra-oral Radiography
4017CID4017 CID 4017, Anatomic Region Modifier for Intra-oral Radiography
4018CID4018 CID 4018, Primary Anatomic Structure for Intra-oral Radiography (Permanent Dentition - Designation of Teeth)
4019CID4019 CID 4019, Primary Anatomic Structure for Intra-oral Radiography (Deciduous Dentition - Designation of Teeth)
4020CID4020 CID 4020, PET Radionuclide
4021CID4021 CID 4021, PET Radiopharmaceutical
4025CID4025 CID 4025, Primary Anatomic Structure for Intra-oral Radiography (Supernumerary Dentition - Designation of Teeth)
4026CID4026 CID 4026, Primary Anatomic Structure for Intra-oral and Craniofacial Radiography - Teeth
4028CID4028 CID 4028, Craniofacial Anatomic Regions
4029CID4029 CID 4029, Dermatology Anatomic Sites
4030CID4030 CID 4030, CT, MR and PET Anatomy Imaged
4031CID4031 CID 4031, Common Anatomic Regions
4032CID4032 CID 4032, MR Spectroscopy Metabolites
4033CID4033 CID 4033, MR Proton Spectroscopy Metabolites
4040CID4040 CID 4040, Endoscopy Anatomic Regions
4042CID4042 CID 4042, XA/XRF Anatomy Imaged
4050CID4050 CID 4050, Drug or Contrast Agent Characteristics
4051CID4051 CID 4051, General Devices
4052CID4052 CID 4052, Phantom Devices
4100CID4100 CID 4100, T1 Measurement Methods
4101CID4101 CID 4101, Tracer Kinetic Models
4102CID4102 CID 4102, Perfusion Measurement Methods
4103CID4103 CID 4103, Arterial Input Function Measurement Methods
4104CID4104 CID 4104, Bolus Arrival Time Derivation Methods
4105CID4105 CID 4105, Perfusion Analysis Methods
4106CID4106 CID 4106, Quantitative Methods used for Perfusion And Tracer Kinetic Models
4107CID4107 CID 4107, Tracer Kinetic Model Parameters
4108CID4108 CID 4108, Perfusion Model Parameters
4109CID4109 CID 4109, Model-Independent Dynamic Contrast Analysis Parameters
4110CID4110 CID 4110, Tracer Kinetic Modeling Covariates
4111CID4111 CID 4111, Contrast Characteristics
4200CID4200 CID 4200, Ophthalmic Imaging Agent
4201CID4201 CID 4201, Patient Eye Movement Command
4202CID4202 CID 4202, Ophthalmic Photography Acquisition Device
4203CID4203 CID 4203, Ophthalmic Photography Illumination
4204CID4204 CID 4204, Ophthalmic Filter
4205CID4205 CID 4205, Ophthalmic Lens
4206CID4206 CID 4206, Ophthalmic Channel Description
4207CID4207 CID 4207, Ophthalmic Image Position
4208CID4208 CID 4208, Mydriatic Agent
4209CID4209 CID 4209, Ophthalmic Anatomic Structure Imaged
4210CID4210 CID 4210, Ophthalmic Tomography Acquisition Device
4211CID4211 CID 4211, Ophthalmic OCT Anatomic Structure Imaged
4214CID4214 CID 4214, Ophthalmic Horizontal Directions
4215CID4215 CID 4215, Ophthalmic Vertical Directions
4216CID4216 CID 4216, Ophthalmic Visual Acuity Type
4220CID4220 CID 4220, Visual Fixation Quality During Acquisition
4221CID4221 CID 4221, Visual Fixation Quality Problem
4222CID4222 CID 4222, Ophthalmic Macular Grid Problem
4230CID4230 CID 4230, Ophthalmic Ultrasound Axial Measurements Type
4231CID4231 CID 4231, Lens Status
4232CID4232 CID 4232, Vitreous Status
4233CID4233 CID 4233, Ophthalmic Axial Length Measurements Segment Names
4234CID4234 CID 4234, Refractive Surgery Types
4235CID4235 CID 4235, Keratometry Descriptors
4236CID4236 CID 4236, IOL Calculation Formula
4237CID4237 CID 4237, Lens Constant Type
4238CID4238 CID 4238, Refractive Error Types
4239CID4239 CID 4239, Anterior Chamber Depth Definition
4240CID4240 CID 4240, Ophthalmic Measurement or Calculation Data Source
4241CID4241 CID 4241, Ophthalmic Axial Length Selection Method
4242CID4242 CID 4242, Cornea Measurement Method Descriptors
4243CID4243 CID 4243, Ophthalmic Quality Metric Type
4244CID4244 CID 4244, Ophthalmic Agent Concentration Units
4245CID4245 CID 4245, Wide Field Ophthalmic Photography Transformation Method
4250CID4250 CID 4250, Visual Field Static Perimetry Test Patterns
4251CID4251 CID 4251, Visual Field Static Perimetry Test Strategies
4252CID4252 CID 4252, Visual Field Static Perimetry Screening Test Modes
4253CID4253 CID 4253, Visual Field Static Perimetry Fixation Strategy
4254CID4254 CID 4254, Visual Field Static Perimetry Test Analysis Results
4255CID4255 CID 4255, Visual Field Illumination Color
4256CID4256 CID 4256, Visual Field Procedure Modifier
4257CID4257 CID 4257, Visual Field Global Index Name
4260CID4260 CID 4260, Ophthalmic Mapping Units for Real World Value Mapping
4261CID4261 CID 4261, Ophthalmic Mapping Acquisition Method
4262CID4262 CID 4262, Retinal Thickness Definition
4263CID4263 CID 4263, Ophthalmic Thickness Map Value Type
4264CID4264 CID 4264, Ophthalmic Map Purposes of Reference
4265CID4265 CID 4265, Ophthalmic Thickness Deviation Categories
4266CID4266 CID 4266, Ophthalmic Anatomic Structure Reference Point
4267CID4267 CID 4267, Corneal Topography Mapping Units for Real World Value Mapping
4268CID4268 CID 4268, Corneal Topography Map Value Type
4270CID4270 CID 4270, OCT-A Processing Algorithm Families
4271CID4271 CID 4271, En Face Image Types
4272CID4272 CID 4272, Opt Scan Pattern Types
4273CID4273 CID 4273, Retinal Segmentation Surfaces
4401CID4401 CID 4401, Fitzpatrick Skin Type
4402CID4402 CID 4402, History of Malignant Melanoma
4403CID4403 CID 4403, History of Melanoma in Situ
4404CID4404 CID 4404, History of Non-Melanoma Skin Cancer
4405CID4405 CID 4405, History of Non-Melanoma Skin Cancer
4406CID4406 CID 4406, Patient Reported Lesion Characteristics
4407CID4407 CID 4407, Lesion Palpation Findings
4408CID4408 CID 4408, Lesion Visual Findings
4409CID4409 CID 4409, Lesion Visual Findings
6000CID6000 CID 6000, Overall Breast Composition
6001CID6001 CID 6001, Overall Breast Composition from BI-RADS
6002CID6002 CID 6002, Change Since Last Mammogram or Prior Surgery
6003CID6003 CID 6003, Change Since Last Mammogram or Prior Surgery from BI-RADS
6004CID6004 CID 6004, Mammography Characteristics of Shape
6005CID6005 CID 6005, Characteristics of Shape from BI-RADS
6006CID6006 CID 6006, Mammography Characteristics of Margin
6007CID6007 CID 6007, Characteristics of Margin from BI-RADS
6008CID6008 CID 6008, Density Modifier
6009CID6009 CID 6009, Density Modifier from BI-RADS
6010CID6010 CID 6010, Mammography Calcification Types
6011CID6011 CID 6011, Calcification Types from BI-RADS
6012CID6012 CID 6012, Calcification Distribution Modifier
6013CID6013 CID 6013, Calcification Distribution Modifier from BI-RADS
6014CID6014 CID 6014, Mammography Single Image Finding
6015CID6015 CID 6015, Single Image Finding from BI-RADS
6016CID6016 CID 6016, Mammography Composite Feature
6017CID6017 CID 6017, Composite Feature from BI-RADS
6018CID6018 CID 6018, Clockface Location or Region
6019CID6019 CID 6019, Clockface Location or Region from BI-RADS
6020CID6020 CID 6020, Quadrant Location
6021CID6021 CID 6021, Quadrant Location from BI-RADS
6022CID6022 CID 6022, Side
6023CID6023 CID 6023, Side from BI-RADS
6024CID6024 CID 6024, Depth
6025CID6025 CID 6025, Depth from BI-RADS
6026CID6026 CID 6026, Mammography Assessment
6027CID6027 CID 6027, Assessment from BI-RADS
6028CID6028 CID 6028, Mammography Recommended Follow-up
6029CID6029 CID 6029, Recommended Follow-up from BI-RADS
6030CID6030 CID 6030, Mammography Pathology Codes
6031CID6031 CID 6031, Benign Pathology Codes from BI-RADS
6032CID6032 CID 6032, High Risk Lesions Pathology Codes from BI-RADS
6033CID6033 CID 6033, Malignant Pathology Codes from BI-RADS
6034CID6034 CID 6034, Intended Use of CAD Output
6035CID6035 CID 6035, Composite Feature Relations
6036CID6036 CID 6036, Scope of Feature
6037CID6037 CID 6037, Mammography Quantitative Temporal Difference Type
6038CID6038 CID 6038, Mammography Qualitative Temporal Difference Type
6039CID6039 CID 6039, Nipple Characteristic
6040CID6040 CID 6040, Non-lesion Object Type
6041CID6041 CID 6041, Mammography Image Quality Finding
6042CID6042 CID 6042, Status of Results
6043CID6043 CID 6043, Types of Mammography CAD Analysis
6044CID6044 CID 6044, Types of Image Quality Assessment
6045CID6045 CID 6045, Mammography Types of Quality Control Standard
6046CID6046 CID 6046, Units of Follow-up Interval
6047CID6047 CID 6047, CAD Processing and Findings Summary
6048CID6048 CID 6048, CAD Operating Point Axis Label
6050CID6050 CID 6050, Breast Procedure Reported
6051CID6051 CID 6051, Breast Procedure Reason
6052CID6052 CID 6052, Breast Imaging Report Section Title
6053CID6053 CID 6053, Breast Imaging Report Elements
6054CID6054 CID 6054, Breast Imaging Findings
6055CID6055 CID 6055, Breast Clinical Finding or Indicated Problem
6056CID6056 CID 6056, Associated Findings for Breast
6057CID6057 CID 6057, Ductography Findings for Breast
6058CID6058 CID 6058, Procedure Modifiers for Breast
6059CID6059 CID 6059, Breast Implant Types
6060CID6060 CID 6060, Breast Biopsy Techniques
6061CID6061 CID 6061, Breast Imaging Procedure Modifiers
6062CID6062 CID 6062, Interventional Procedure Complications
6063CID6063 CID 6063, Interventional Procedure Results
6064CID6064 CID 6064, Ultrasound Findings for Breast
6065CID6065 CID 6065, Instrument Approach
6066CID6066 CID 6066, Target Confirmation
6067CID6067 CID 6067, Fluid Color
6068CID6068 CID 6068, Tumor Stages From AJCC
6069CID6069 CID 6069, Nottingham Combined Histologic Grade
6070CID6070 CID 6070, Bloom-Richardson Histologic Grade
6071CID6071 CID 6071, Histologic Grading Method
6072CID6072 CID 6072, Breast Implant Findings
6080CID6080 CID 6080, Gynecological Hormones
6081CID6081 CID 6081, Breast Cancer Risk Factors
6082CID6082 CID 6082, Gynecological Procedures
6083CID6083 CID 6083, Procedures for Breast
6084CID6084 CID 6084, Mammoplasty Procedures
6085CID6085 CID 6085, Therapies for Breast
6086CID6086 CID 6086, Menopausal Phase
6087CID6087 CID 6087, General Risk Factors
6088CID6088 CID 6088, OB-GYN Maternal Risk Factors
6089CID6089 CID 6089, Substances
6090CID6090 CID 6090, Relative Usage, Exposure Amount
6091CID6091 CID 6091, Relative Frequency of Event Values
6092CID6092 CID 6092, Quantitative Concepts for Usage, Exposure
6093CID6093 CID 6093, Qualitative Concepts for Usage, Exposure Amount
6094CID6094 CID 6094, Qualitative Concepts for Usage, Exposure Frequency
6095CID6095 CID 6095, Numeric Properties of Procedures
6096CID6096 CID 6096, Pregnancy Status
6097CID6097 CID 6097, Side of Family
6098CID6098 CID 6098, Clinical Course of Disease
6099CID6099 CID 6099, Racial Group
6100CID6100 CID 6100, Chest Component Categories
6101CID6101 CID 6101, Chest Finding or Feature
6102CID6102 CID 6102, Chest Finding or Feature Modifier
6103CID6103 CID 6103, Abnormal Lines Finding or Feature
6104CID6104 CID 6104, Abnormal Opacity Finding or Feature
6105CID6105 CID 6105, Abnormal Lucency Finding or Feature
6106CID6106 CID 6106, Abnormal Texture Finding or Feature
6107CID6107 CID 6107, Width Descriptor
6108CID6108 CID 6108, Chest Anatomic Structure Abnormal Distribution
6109CID6109 CID 6109, Radiographic Anatomy Finding or Feature
6110CID6110 CID 6110, Lung Anatomy Finding or Feature
6111CID6111 CID 6111, Bronchovascular Anatomy Finding or Feature
6112CID6112 CID 6112, Pleura Anatomy Finding or Feature
6113CID6113 CID 6113, Mediastinum Anatomy Finding or Feature
6114CID6114 CID 6114, Osseous Anatomy Finding or Feature
6115CID6115 CID 6115, Osseous Anatomy Modifiers
6116CID6116 CID 6116, Muscular Anatomy
6117CID6117 CID 6117, Vascular Anatomy
6118CID6118 CID 6118, Size Descriptor
6119CID6119 CID 6119, Chest Border Shape
6120CID6120 CID 6120, Chest Border Definition
6121CID6121 CID 6121, Chest Orientation Descriptor
6122CID6122 CID 6122, Chest Content Descriptor
6123CID6123 CID 6123, Chest Opacity Descriptor
6124CID6124 CID 6124, Location in Chest
6125CID6125 CID 6125, General Chest Location
6126CID6126 CID 6126, Location in Lung
6127CID6127 CID 6127, Segment Location in Lung
6128CID6128 CID 6128, Chest Distribution Descriptor
6129CID6129 CID 6129, Chest Site Involvement
6130CID6130 CID 6130, Severity Descriptor
6131CID6131 CID 6131, Chest Texture Descriptor
6132CID6132 CID 6132, Chest Calcification Descriptor
6133CID6133 CID 6133, Chest Quantitative Temporal Difference Type
6134CID6134 CID 6134, Chest Qualitative Temporal Difference Type
6135CID6135 CID 6135, Image Quality Finding
6136CID6136 CID 6136, Chest Types of Quality Control Standard
6137CID6137 CID 6137, Types of CAD Analysis
6138CID6138 CID 6138, Chest Non-lesion Object Type
6139CID6139 CID 6139, Non-lesion Modifiers
6140CID6140 CID 6140, Calculation Methods
6141CID6141 CID 6141, Attenuation Coefficient Measurements
6142CID6142 CID 6142, Calculated Value
6143CID6143 CID 6143, Lesion Response
6144CID6144 CID 6144, RECIST Defined Lesion Response
6145CID6145 CID 6145, Baseline Category
6146CID6146 CID 6146, Time Point Types
6147CID6147 CID 6147, Response Criteria
6148CID6148 CID 6148, Mediastinum Finding or Feature
6149CID6149 CID 6149, Mediastinum Anatomy
6151CID6151 CID 6151, Background Echotexture
6152CID6152 CID 6152, Orientation
6153CID6153 CID 6153, Lesion Boundary
6154CID6154 CID 6154, Echo Pattern
6155CID6155 CID 6155, Posterior Acoustic Features
6157CID6157 CID 6157, Vascularity
6158CID6158 CID 6158, Correlation to Other Findings
6159CID6159 CID 6159, Malignancy Type
6160CID6160 CID 6160, Breast Primary Tumor Assessment From AJCC
6161CID6161 CID 6161, Clinical Regional Lymph Node Assessment for Breast
6162CID6162 CID 6162, Assessment of Metastasis for Breast
6163CID6163 CID 6163, Menstrual Cycle Phase
6164CID6164 CID 6164, Time Intervals
6165CID6165 CID 6165, Breast Linear Measurements
6166CID6166 CID 6166, CAD Geometry Secondary Graphical Representation
6200CID6200 CID 6200, Colon Overall Assessment
6201CID6201 CID 6201, Colon Finding or Feature
6202CID6202 CID 6202, Colon Finding or Feature Modifier
6203CID6203 CID 6203, Colon Non-lesion Object Type
6204CID6204 CID 6204, Anatomic Non-colon Findings
6205CID6205 CID 6205, Clockface Location for Colon
6206CID6206 CID 6206, Recumbent Patient Orientation for Colon
6207CID6207 CID 6207, Colon Quantitative Temporal Difference Type
6208CID6208 CID 6208, Colon Types of Quality Control Standard
6209CID6209 CID 6209, Colon Morphology Descriptor
6210CID6210 CID 6210, Location in Intestinal Tract
6211CID6211 CID 6211, Colon CAD Material Description
6212CID6212 CID 6212, Calculated Value for Colon Findings
6300CID6300 CID 6300, Prostate Anatomy
6301CID6301 CID 6301, Prostate Sector Anatomy from PI-RADS v2
6302CID6302 CID 6302, Prostate Sector Anatomy from European Concensus 16 Sector (Minimal) Model
6303CID6303 CID 6303, Prostate Sector Anatomy from European Concensus 27 Sector (Optimal) Model
6304CID6304 CID 6304, Prostate Sector Anatomy from PI-RADS v2.1
6401CID6401 CID 6401, Non-lesion Object Type - Physical Objects
6402CID6402 CID 6402, Non-lesion Object Type - Substances
6403CID6403 CID 6403, Non-lesion Object Type - Tissues
6404CID6404 CID 6404, Chest Non-lesion Object Type - Physical Objects
6405CID6405 CID 6405, Chest Non-lesion Object Type - Tissues
7000CID7000 CID 7000, Diagnostic Imaging Report Document Titles
7001CID7001 CID 7001, Diagnostic Imaging Report Headings
7002CID7002 CID 7002, Diagnostic Imaging Report Elements
7003CID7003 CID 7003, Diagnostic Imaging Report Purposes of Reference
7004CID7004 CID 7004, Waveform Purposes of Reference
7005CID7005 CID 7005, Contributing Equipment Purposes of Reference
7006CID7006 CID 7006, SR Document Purposes of Reference
7008CID7008 CID 7008, Media Import
7009CID7009 CID 7009, Purpose of Reference to Predecessor Report
7010CID7010 CID 7010, Key Object Selection Document Title
7011CID7011 CID 7011, Rejected for Quality Reasons
7012CID7012 CID 7012, Best in Set
7013CID7013 CID 7013, Non-Image Source Instance Purposes of Reference
7014CID7014 CID 7014, Export Additional Information Document Titles
7015CID7015 CID 7015, Export Delay Reasons
7016CID7016 CID 7016, Level of Difficulty
7017CID7017 CID 7017, Category of Teaching Material - Imaging
7018CID7018 CID 7018, Miscellaneous Document Titles
7019CID7019 CID 7019, Segmentation Non-Image Source Purposes of Reference
7021CID7021 CID 7021, Measurement Report Document Titles
7022CID7022 CID 7022, Radiotherapy Purposes of Reference
7023CID7023 CID 7023, RT Process Output
7024CID7024 CID 7024, RT Process Input
7025CID7025 CID 7025, RT Process Input Used
7026CID7026 CID 7026, Radiotherapeutic Dose Measurement Devices
7027CID7027 CID 7027, Segmented Radiotherapeutic Dose Measurement Devices
7030CID7030 CID 7030, Institutional Departments, Units and Services
7035CID7035 CID 7035, Actionable Finding Classification
7036CID7036 CID 7036, Image Quality Assessment
7039CID7039 CID 7039, Pediatric Size Categories
7040CID7040 CID 7040, Broselow-Luten Pediatric Size Categories
7041CID7041 CID 7041, Calcium Scoring Patient Size Categories
7042CID7042 CID 7042, CMDCTECC Calcium Scoring Patient Size Categories
7050CID7050 CID 7050, De-identification Method
7060CID7060 CID 7060, Encapsulated Document Source Purposes of Reference
7061CID7061 CID 7061, Model Document Titles
7062CID7062 CID 7062, Purpose of Reference to Predecessor 3D Model
7063CID7063 CID 7063, Model Scale Units
7064CID7064 CID 7064, Model Usage
7070CID7070 CID 7070, Real Time Video Rendition Titles
7100CID7100 CID 7100, RCS Registration Method Type
7101CID7101 CID 7101, Brain Atlas Fiducials
7110CID7110 CID 7110, Fiducials Categories
7111CID7111 CID 7111, Fiducials
7112CID7112 CID 7112, Radiotherapy Fiducials
7140CID7140 CID 7140, Brain Structures for Volumetric Measurements
7150CID7150 CID 7150, Segmentation Property Categories
7151CID7151 CID 7151, Segmentation Property Types
7152CID7152 CID 7152, Cardiac Structure Segmentation Types
7153CID7153 CID 7153, CNS Segmentation Types
7154CID7154 CID 7154, Abdominal Segmentation Types
7155CID7155 CID 7155, Thoracic Segmentation Types
7156CID7156 CID 7156, Vascular Segmentation Types
7157CID7157 CID 7157, Device Segmentation Types
7158CID7158 CID 7158, Artifact Segmentation Types
7159CID7159 CID 7159, Lesion Segmentation Types
7160CID7160 CID 7160, Pelvic Organ Segmentation Types
7161CID7161 CID 7161, Physiology Segmentation Types
7162CID7162 CID 7162, Surface Processing Algorithm Families
7165CID7165 CID 7165, Abstract Segmentation Types
7166CID7166 CID 7166, Common Tissue Segmentation Types
7167CID7167 CID 7167, Peripheral Nervous System Segmentation Types
7168CID7168 CID 7168, Brain Lesion Segmentation Types With Necrosis
7169CID7169 CID 7169, Brain Lesion Segmentation Types Without Necrosis
7170CID7170 CID 7170, Couinaud Liver Segments
7171CID7171 CID 7171, Liver Segmentation Types
7180CID7180 CID 7180, Abstract Multi-dimensional Image Model Component Semantics
7181CID7181 CID 7181, Abstract Multi-dimensional Image Model Component Units
7182CID7182 CID 7182, Abstract Multi-dimensional Image Model Dimension Semantics
7183CID7183 CID 7183, Abstract Multi-dimensional Image Model Dimension Units
7184CID7184 CID 7184, Abstract Multi-dimensional Image Model Axis Direction
7185CID7185 CID 7185, Abstract Multi-dimensional Image Model Axis Orientation
7186CID7186 CID 7186, Abstract Multi-dimensional Image Model Qualitative Dimension Sample Semantics
7191CID7191 CID 7191, Tissue Segmentation Property Types
7192CID7192 CID 7192, Anatomical Structure Segmentation Property Types
7193CID7193 CID 7193, Physical Object Segmentation Property Types
7194CID7194 CID 7194, Morphologically Abnormal Structure Segmentation Property Types
7195CID7195 CID 7195, Function Segmentation Property Types
7196CID7196 CID 7196, Spatial and Relational Concept Segmentation Property Types
7197CID7197 CID 7197, Body Substance Segmentation Property Types
7198CID7198 CID 7198, Substance Segmentation Property Types
7201CID7201 CID 7201, Referenced Image Purposes of Reference
7202CID7202 CID 7202, Source Image Purposes of Reference
7203CID7203 CID 7203, Image Derivation
7205CID7205 CID 7205, Purpose of Reference to Alternate Representation
7210CID7210 CID 7210, Related Series Purposes of Reference
7215CID7215 CID 7215, Spectroscopy Purpose of Reference
7220CID7220 CID 7220, RT Dose Derivation
7221CID7221 CID 7221, RT Dose Purpose of Reference
7222CID7222 CID 7222, Parametric Map Derivation Image Purpose of Reference
7230CID7230 CID 7230, Automation of Measurement
7250CID7250 CID 7250, Multi-Frame Subset Type
7260CID7260 CID 7260, Diffusion Acquisition Value Types
7261CID7261 CID 7261, Diffusion Model Value Types
7262CID7262 CID 7262, Diffusion Tractography Algorithm Families
7263CID7263 CID 7263, Diffusion Tractography Measurement Types
7270CID7270 CID 7270, MR Diffusion Component Semantics
7271CID7271 CID 7271, MR Diffusion Anisotropy Indices
7272CID7272 CID 7272, MR Diffusion Model Parameters
7273CID7273 CID 7273, MR Diffusion Models
7274CID7274 CID 7274, MR Diffusion Model Fitting Methods
7275CID7275 CID 7275, MR Diffusion Model Specific Methods
7276CID7276 CID 7276, MR Diffusion Model Inputs
7277CID7277 CID 7277, Units of Diffusion Rate Area Over Time
7300CID7300 CID 7300, Implant Materials
7301CID7301 CID 7301, Intervention Types
7302CID7302 CID 7302, Implant Templates View Orientations
7303CID7303 CID 7303, Implant Templates Modified View Orientations
7304CID7304 CID 7304, Implant Target Anatomy
7305CID7305 CID 7305, Implant Planning Landmarks
7306CID7306 CID 7306, Human Hip Implant Planning Landmarks
7307CID7307 CID 7307, Implant Component Types
7308CID7308 CID 7308, Human Hip Implant Component Types
7309CID7309 CID 7309, Human Trauma Implant Component Types
7310CID7310 CID 7310, Implant Fixation Method
7320CID7320 CID 7320, Planning Methods
7445CID7445 CID 7445, Device Participating Roles
7449CID7449 CID 7449, Reader Specialty
7450CID7450 CID 7450, Person Roles
7451CID7451 CID 7451, Family Member
7452CID7452 CID 7452, Organizational Roles
7453CID7453 CID 7453, Performing Roles
7454CID7454 CID 7454, Animal Taxonomic Rank Values
7455CID7455 CID 7455, Sex
7456CID7456 CID 7456, Units of Measure for Age
7457CID7457 CID 7457, Sex - Male Female or Both
7460CID7460 CID 7460, Units of Linear Measurement
7461CID7461 CID 7461, Units of Area Measurement
7462CID7462 CID 7462, Units of Volume Measurement
7464CID7464 CID 7464, General Region of Interest Measurement Modifiers
7465CID7465 CID 7465, Measurements Derived From Multiple ROI Measurements
7466CID7466 CID 7466, PET Region of Interest Measurements
7467CID7467 CID 7467, Gray Level Co-occurrence Matrix Measurements
7468CID7468 CID 7468, Texture Measurements
7469CID7469 CID 7469, Generic Intensity and Size Measurements
7470CID7470 CID 7470, Linear Measurements
7471CID7471 CID 7471, Area Measurements
7472CID7472 CID 7472, Volume Measurements
7473CID7473 CID 7473, General Area Calculation Methods
7474CID7474 CID 7474, General Volume Calculation Methods
7475CID7475 CID 7475, Gray Level Run Length Based Features
7476CID7476 CID 7476, Gray Level Size Zone Based Features
7477CID7477 CID 7477, Global Shape Descriptors
7478CID7478 CID 7478, Intensity Histogram Features
7479CID7479 CID 7479, Grey Level Distance Zone Based Features
7480CID7480 CID 7480, Breed
7481CID7481 CID 7481, Breed Registry
7482CID7482 CID 7482, DX Anatomy Imaged for Animals
7483CID7483 CID 7483, Common Anatomic Regions for Animals
7484CID7484 CID 7484, DX View for Animals
7486CID7486 CID 7486, Mixed Breeds
7490CID7490 CID 7490, Research Animal Source Registries
7500CID7500 CID 7500, Neighbourhood Grey Tone Difference Based Features
7501CID7501 CID 7501, Neighbouring Grey Level Dependence Based Features
7550CID7550 CID 7550, Angle Measurements
7551CID7551 CID 7551, Generic Purpose of Reference to Images and Coordinates in Measurements
7552CID7552 CID 7552, Generic Purpose of Reference to Images in Measurements
7553CID7553 CID 7553, Generic Purpose of Reference to Coordinates in Measurements
7600CID7600 CID 7600, Lymph Node Anatomic Sites
7601CID7601 CID 7601, Head and Neck Cancer Anatomic Sites
7701CID7701 CID 7701, Fiber Tracts In Brainstem
7702CID7702 CID 7702, Projection and Thalamic Fibers
7703CID7703 CID 7703, Association Fibers
7704CID7704 CID 7704, Limbic System Tracts
7705CID7705 CID 7705, Commissural Fibers
7706CID7706 CID 7706, Cranial Nerves
7707CID7707 CID 7707, Spinal Cord Fibers
7710CID7710 CID 7710, Tractography Anatomic Sites
8101CID8101 CID 8101, Container Types
8102CID8102 CID 8102, Container Component Types
8103CID8103 CID 8103, Anatomic Pathology Specimen Types
8104CID8104 CID 8104, Breast Tissue Specimen Types
8109CID8109 CID 8109, Specimen Collection Procedure
8110CID8110 CID 8110, Specimen Sampling Procedure
8111CID8111 CID 8111, Specimen Preparation Procedure
8112CID8112 CID 8112, Specimen Stains
8113CID8113 CID 8113, Specimen Preparation Steps
8114CID8114 CID 8114, Specimen Fixatives
8115CID8115 CID 8115, Specimen Embedding Media
8120CID8120 CID 8120, WSI Referenced Image Purposes of Reference
8121CID8121 CID 8121, Microscopy Lens Type
8122CID8122 CID 8122, Microscopy Illuminator and Sensor Color
8123CID8123 CID 8123, Microscopy Illumination Method
8124CID8124 CID 8124, Microscopy Filter
8125CID8125 CID 8125, Microscopy Illuminator Type
8130CID8130 CID 8130, Staining Protocols
8131CID8131 CID 8131, Pathology Imaging Protocols
8132CID8132 CID 8132, Magnification Selection
8133CID8133 CID 8133, Tissue Selection
8134CID8134 CID 8134, Anatomic Structures
8201CID8201 CID 8201, Surface Scan Acquisition Types
8202CID8202 CID 8202, Surface Scan Mode Types
8203CID8203 CID 8203, Surface Scan Registration Method Types
8300CID8300 CID 8300, Visual Evaluation Methods
8301CID8301 CID 8301, Test Pattern Codes
8302CID8302 CID 8302, Measurement Pattern Codes
8303CID8303 CID 8303, Display Device Type
9000CID9000 CID 9000, Physical Quantity Descriptors
9231CID9231 CID 9231, Workitem Definition
9233CID9233 CID 9233, Requested Report Types
9241CID9241 CID 9241, Radiotherapy General Workitem Definition
9242CID9242 CID 9242, Radiotherapy Acquisition Workitem Definition
9243CID9243 CID 9243, Radiotherapy Registration Workitem Definition
9250CID9250 CID 9250, Scheduled Processing Parameter Concept Codes for RT Treatment
9300CID9300 CID 9300, Procedure Discontinuation Reasons
9301CID9301 CID 9301, Modality PPS Discontinuation Reasons
9302CID9302 CID 9302, Media Import PPS Discontinuation Reasons
9303CID9303 CID 9303, Interpretation Request Discontinuation Reasons
9401CID9401 CID 9401, IEC61217 Device Position Parameters
9402CID9402 CID 9402, IEC61217 Gantry Position Parameters
9403CID9403 CID 9403, IEC61217 Patient Support Position Parameters
9500CID9500 CID 9500, Dosimetric Objective Types
9501CID9501 CID 9501, Prescription Anatomy Categories
9502CID9502 CID 9502, RT Segment Annotation Categories
9503CID9503 CID 9503, Radiotherapy Therapeutic Role Categories
9504CID9504 CID 9504, RT Geometric Information
9505CID9505 CID 9505, Fixation or Positioning Devices
9506CID9506 CID 9506, Brachytherapy Devices
9507CID9507 CID 9507, External Body Models
9508CID9508 CID 9508, Non-specific Volumes
9509CID9509 CID 9509, Purpose of Reference For RT Physician Intent Input
9510CID9510 CID 9510, Purpose of Reference For RT Treatment Planning Input
9511CID9511 CID 9511, General External Radiotherapy Procedure Techniques
9512CID9512 CID 9512, Tomotherapeutic Radiotherapy Procedure Techniques
9513CID9513 CID 9513, Fixation Devices
9514CID9514 CID 9514, Anatomical Structures For Radiotherapy
9515CID9515 CID 9515, RT Patient Support Devices
9516CID9516 CID 9516, Radiotherapy Bolus Device Types
9517CID9517 CID 9517, Radiotherapy Block Device Types
9518CID9518 CID 9518, Radiotherapy Accessory No-slot Holder Device Types
9519CID9519 CID 9519, Radiotherapy Accessory Slot Holder Device Types
9520CID9520 CID 9520, Segmented RT Accessory Devices
9521CID9521 CID 9521, Radiotherapy Treatment Energy Unit
9522CID9522 CID 9522, Multi-source Radiotherapy Procedure Techniques
9523CID9523 CID 9523, Robotic Radiotherapy Procedure Techniques
9524CID9524 CID 9524, Radiotherapy Procedure Techniques
9525CID9525 CID 9525, Radiation Therapy Particle
9526CID9526 CID 9526, Ion Therapy Particle
9527CID9527 CID 9527, Teletherapy Isotope
9528CID9528 CID 9528, Brachytherapy Isotope
9529CID9529 CID 9529, Single Dose Dosimetric Objectives
9530CID9530 CID 9530, Percentage and Dose Dosimetric Objectives
9531CID9531 CID 9531, Volume and Dose Dosimetric Objectives
9532CID9532 CID 9532, No-Parameter Dosimetric Objectives
9533CID9533 CID 9533, Delivery Time Structure
9534CID9534 CID 9534, Radiotherapy Targets
9535CID9535 CID 9535, Radiotherapy Dose Calculation Roles
9536CID9536 CID 9536, Radiotherapy Prescribing and Segmenting Person Roles
9537CID9537 CID 9537, Effective Dose Calculation Method Categories
9538CID9538 CID 9538, Radiation Transport-based Effective Dose Method Modifiers
9539CID9539 CID 9539, Fractionation-based Effective Dose Method Modifiers
9541CID9541 CID 9541, Beam Limiting Device Types
9542CID9542 CID 9542, Compensator Device Types
9543CID9543 CID 9543, Radiotherapy Treatment Machine Modes
9544CID9544 CID 9544, Radiotherapy Distance Reference Locations
9545CID9545 CID 9545, Fixed Beam Limiting Device Types
9546CID9546 CID 9546, Radiotherapy Wedge Types
9547CID9547 CID 9547, RT Beam Limiting Device Orientation Labels
9548CID9548 CID 9548, General Accessory Device Types
9549CID9549 CID 9549, Radiation Generation Mode Types
9550CID9550 CID 9550, C-Arm Photon-Electron Delivery Rate Units
9551CID9551 CID 9551, Treatment Delivery Device Types
9552CID9552 CID 9552, C-Arm Photon-Electron Dosimeter Units
9553CID9553 CID 9553, Treatment Points
9554CID9554 CID 9554, Equipment Reference Points
9555CID9555 CID 9555, Radiotherapy Treatment Planning Person Roles
9556CID9556 CID 9556, Radiotherapy Robotic Node Sets
9557CID9557 CID 9557, Tomotherapeutic Dosimeter Units
9558CID9558 CID 9558, Tomotherapeutic Dose Rate Units
9559CID9559 CID 9559, Robotic Delivery Device Dosimeter Units
9560CID9560 CID 9560, Robotic Delivery Device Dose Rate Units
9561CID9561 CID 9561, Treatment Termination Reasons
9562CID9562 CID 9562, Radiotherapy Treatment Delivery Person Roles
9563CID9563 CID 9563, Interlock Resolutions
9564CID9564 CID 9564, Treatment Session Confirmation Assertions
9565CID9565 CID 9565, Treatment Tolerance Violation Causes
9566CID9566 CID 9566, Clinical Tolerance Violation Types
9567CID9567 CID 9567, Machine Tolerance Violation Types
9568CID9568 CID 9568, Treatment Interlocks
9569CID9569 CID 9569, Isocentric Patient Support Position Parameters
9570CID9570 CID 9570, RT Overridden Treatment Parameters
10000CID10000 CID 10000, Scope of Accumulation
10001CID10001 CID 10001, UID Types
10002CID10002 CID 10002, Irradiation Event Types
10003CID10003 CID 10003, Equipment Plane Identification
10004CID10004 CID 10004, Fluoro Modes
10006CID10006 CID 10006, X-Ray Filter Materials
10007CID10007 CID 10007, X-Ray Filter Types
10008CID10008 CID 10008, Dose Related Distance Measurements
10009CID10009 CID 10009, Measured/Calculated
10010CID10010 CID 10010, Dose Measurement Devices
10011CID10011 CID 10011, Effective Dose Evaluation Method
10013CID10013 CID 10013, CT Acquisition Type
10014CID10014 CID 10014, Contrast Imaging Technique
10015CID10015 CID 10015, CT Dose Reference Authorities
10016CID10016 CID 10016, Anode Target Material
10017CID10017 CID 10017, X-Ray Grid
10020CID10020 CID 10020, Source of Projection X-Ray Dose Information
10021CID10021 CID 10021, Source of CT Dose Information
10022CID10022 CID 10022, Label Types
10023CID10023 CID 10023, Size Specific Dose Estimation Method for CT
10024CID10024 CID 10024, Water Equivalent Diameter Method
10025CID10025 CID 10025, Radiation Dose Reference Points
10030CID10030 CID 10030, Detector Types
10031CID10031 CID 10031, CR/DR Mechanical Configuration
10032CID10032 CID 10032, Projection X-Ray Acquisition Device Types
10033CID10033 CID 10033, CT Reconstruction Algorithm
10034CID10034 CID 10034, Reason for Repeating Acquisition
10040CID10040 CID 10040, Radiopharmaceutical Organ Dose Reference Authority
10041CID10041 CID 10041, Source of Radioisotope Activity Information
10043CID10043 CID 10043, Intravenous Extravasation Symptoms
10044CID10044 CID 10044, Radiosensitive Organs
10045CID10045 CID 10045, Radiopharmaceutical Patient State
10046CID10046 CID 10046, GFR Measurements
10047CID10047 CID 10047, GFR Measurement Methods
10050CID10050 CID 10050, Summary Radiation Exposure Quantities
10060CID10060 CID 10060, Organs for Radiation Dose Estimates
10061CID10061 CID 10061, Absorbed Radiation Dose Types
10062CID10062 CID 10062, Equivalent Radiation Dose Types
10063CID10063 CID 10063, Radiation Dose Estimate Distribution Representation
10064CID10064 CID 10064, Patient Model Type
10065CID10065 CID 10065, Radiation Transport Model Type
10066CID10066 CID 10066, Attenuator Category
10067CID10067 CID 10067, Radiation Attenuator Materials
10068CID10068 CID 10068, Estimate Method Types
10069CID10069 CID 10069, Radiation Dose Estimation Parameter
10070CID10070 CID 10070, Radiation Dose Types
10071CID10071 CID 10071, Radiation Dose Units
10072CID10072 CID 10072, Reported Value Types
10073CID10073 CID 10073, Value Timings
10074CID10074 CID 10074, RDSR Frame of Reference Origins
12001CID12001 CID 12001, Ultrasound Protocol Types
12002CID12002 CID 12002, Ultrasound Protocol Stage Types
12003CID12003 CID 12003, OB-GYN Dates
12004CID12004 CID 12004, Fetal Biometry Ratios
12005CID12005 CID 12005, Fetal Biometry Measurements
12006CID12006 CID 12006, Fetal Long Bones Biometry Measurements
12007CID12007 CID 12007, Fetal Cranium
12008CID12008 CID 12008, OB-GYN Amniotic Sac
12009CID12009 CID 12009, Early Gestation Biometry Measurements
12011CID12011 CID 12011, Ultrasound Pelvis and Uterus
12012CID12012 CID 12012, OB Equations and Tables
12013CID12013 CID 12013, Gestational Age Equations and Tables
12014CID12014 CID 12014, OB Fetal Body Weight Equations and Tables
12015CID12015 CID 12015, Fetal Growth Equations and Tables
12016CID12016 CID 12016, Estimated Fetal Weight Percentile Equations and Tables
12017CID12017 CID 12017, Growth Distribution Rank
12018CID12018 CID 12018, OB-GYN Summary
12019CID12019 CID 12019, OB-GYN Fetus Summary
12020CID12020 CID 12020, Fetal Biometry Anatomic Sites
12021CID12021 CID 12021, Fetal Long Bone Anatomic Sites
12022CID12022 CID 12022, Fetal Cranium Anatomic Sites
12023CID12023 CID 12023, Pelvis and Uterus Anatomic Sites
12024CID12024 CID 12024, OB-GYN Ultrasound Report Document Titles
12025CID12025 CID 12025, OB-GYN Ultrasound Beam Path
12030CID12030 CID 12030, Ultrasound Contrast/Bolus Agents
12031CID12031 CID 12031, Protocol Interval Events
12032CID12032 CID 12032, Transducer Scan Pattern
12033CID12033 CID 12033, Ultrasound Transducer Geometry
12034CID12034 CID 12034, Ultrasound Transducer Beam Steering
12035CID12035 CID 12035, Ultrasound Transducer Application
12100CID12100 CID 12100, Vascular Ultrasound Report Document Titles
12101CID12101 CID 12101, Vascular Summary
12102CID12102 CID 12102, Temporal Periods Relating to Procedure or Therapy
12103CID12103 CID 12103, Vascular Ultrasound Anatomic Location
12104CID12104 CID 12104, Extracranial Arteries
12105CID12105 CID 12105, Intracranial Cerebral Vessels
12106CID12106 CID 12106, Intracranial Cerebral Vessels (Unilateral)
12107CID12107 CID 12107, Upper Extremity Arteries
12108CID12108 CID 12108, Upper Extremity Veins
12109CID12109 CID 12109, Lower Extremity Arteries
12110CID12110 CID 12110, Lower Extremity Veins
12111CID12111 CID 12111, Abdominopelvic Arteries (Paired)
12112CID12112 CID 12112, Abdominopelvic Arteries (Unpaired)
12113CID12113 CID 12113, Abdominopelvic Veins (Paired)
12114CID12114 CID 12114, Abdominopelvic Veins (Unpaired)
12115CID12115 CID 12115, Renal Vessels
12116CID12116 CID 12116, Vessel Segment Modifiers
12117CID12117 CID 12117, Vessel Branch Modifiers
12118CID12118 CID 12118, Measurement Orientation
12119CID12119 CID 12119, Vascular Ultrasound Property
12120CID12120 CID 12120, Blood Velocity Measurements by Ultrasound
12121CID12121 CID 12121, Vascular Indices and Ratios
12122CID12122 CID 12122, Other Vascular Properties
12123CID12123 CID 12123, Carotid Ratios
12124CID12124 CID 12124, Renal Ratios
12125CID12125 CID 12125, Abdominopelvic Vessels
12130CID12130 CID 12130, Parts of Organs (Non-Lateralized)
12131CID12131 CID 12131, Parts of Organs (Lateralized)
12140CID12140 CID 12140, Pelvic Vasculature Anatomical Location
12141CID12141 CID 12141, Fetal Vasculature Anatomical Location
12200CID12200 CID 12200, Echocardiography Left Ventricle
12201CID12201 CID 12201, Left Ventricle Linear
12202CID12202 CID 12202, Left Ventricle Volume
12203CID12203 CID 12203, Left Ventricle Other
12204CID12204 CID 12204, Echocardiography Right Ventricle
12205CID12205 CID 12205, Echocardiography Left Atrium
12206CID12206 CID 12206, Echocardiography Right Atrium
12207CID12207 CID 12207, Echocardiography Mitral Valve
12208CID12208 CID 12208, Echocardiography Tricuspid Valve
12209CID12209 CID 12209, Echocardiography Pulmonic Valve
12210CID12210 CID 12210, Echocardiography Pulmonary Artery
12211CID12211 CID 12211, Echocardiography Aortic Valve
12212CID12212 CID 12212, Echocardiography Aorta
12214CID12214 CID 12214, Echocardiography Pulmonary Veins
12215CID12215 CID 12215, Echocardiography Vena Cavae
12216CID12216 CID 12216, Echocardiography Hepatic Veins
12217CID12217 CID 12217, Echocardiography Cardiac Shunt
12218CID12218 CID 12218, Echocardiography Congenital
12219CID12219 CID 12219, Pulmonary Vein Modifiers
12220CID12220 CID 12220, Echocardiography Common Measurements
12221CID12221 CID 12221, Flow Direction
12222CID12222 CID 12222, Orifice Flow Properties
12223CID12223 CID 12223, Echocardiography Stroke Volume Origin
12224CID12224 CID 12224, Ultrasound Image Modes
12226CID12226 CID 12226, Echocardiography Image View
12227CID12227 CID 12227, Echocardiography Measurement Method
12228CID12228 CID 12228, Echocardiography Volume Methods
12229CID12229 CID 12229, Echocardiography Area Methods
12230CID12230 CID 12230, Gradient Methods
12231CID12231 CID 12231, Volume Flow Methods
12232CID12232 CID 12232, Myocardium Mass Methods
12233CID12233 CID 12233, Cardiac Phase
12234CID12234 CID 12234, Respiration State
12235CID12235 CID 12235, Mitral Valve Anatomic Sites
12236CID12236 CID 12236, Echo Anatomic Sites
12237CID12237 CID 12237, Echocardiography Anatomic Site Modifiers
12238CID12238 CID 12238, Wall Motion Scoring Schemes
12239CID12239 CID 12239, Cardiac Output Properties
12240CID12240 CID 12240, Left Ventricle Area
12241CID12241 CID 12241, Tricuspid Valve Finding Sites
12242CID12242 CID 12242, Aortic Valve Finding Sites
12243CID12243 CID 12243, Left Ventricle Finding Sites
12244CID12244 CID 12244, Congenital Finding Sites
12245CID12245 CID 12245, Cardiac Ultrasound Report Titles
12246CID12246 CID 12246, Cardiac Ultrasound Indication for Study
12247CID12247 CID 12247, Pediatric, Fetal and Congenital Cardiac Surgical Interventions
12248CID12248 CID 12248, Cardiac Ultrasound Summary Codes
12249CID12249 CID 12249, Cardiac Ultrasound Fetal Summary Codes
12250CID12250 CID 12250, Cardiac Ultrasound Common Linear Measurements
12251CID12251 CID 12251, Cardiac Ultrasound Linear Valve Measurements
12252CID12252 CID 12252, Cardiac Ultrasound Cardiac Function
12253CID12253 CID 12253, Cardiac Ultrasound Area Measurements
12254CID12254 CID 12254, Cardiac Ultrasound Hemodynamic Measurements
12255CID12255 CID 12255, Cardiac Ultrasound Myocardium Measurements
12257CID12257 CID 12257, Cardiac Ultrasound Left Ventricle
12258CID12258 CID 12258, Cardiac Ultrasound Right Ventricle
12259CID12259 CID 12259, Cardiac Ultrasound Ventricles Measurements
12260CID12260 CID 12260, Cardiac Ultrasound Pulmonary Artery
12261CID12261 CID 12261, Cardiac Ultrasound Pulmonary Vein
12262CID12262 CID 12262, Cardiac Ultrasound Pulmonary Valve
12263CID12263 CID 12263, Cardiac Ultrasound Venous Return Pulmonary Measurements
12264CID12264 CID 12264, Cardiac Ultrasound Venous Return Systemic Measurements
12265CID12265 CID 12265, Cardiac Ultrasound Atria and Atrial Septum Measurements
12266CID12266 CID 12266, Cardiac Ultrasound Mitral Valve
12267CID12267 CID 12267, Cardiac Ultrasound Tricuspid Valve
12268CID12268 CID 12268, Cardiac Ultrasound Atrioventricular Valves Measurements
12269CID12269 CID 12269, Cardiac Ultrasound Interventricular Septum Measurements
12270CID12270 CID 12270, Cardiac Ultrasound Aortic Valve
12271CID12271 CID 12271, Cardiac Ultrasound Outflow Tracts Measurements
12272CID12272 CID 12272, Cardiac Ultrasound Semilunar Valves, Annulate and Sinuses Measurements
12273CID12273 CID 12273, Cardiac Ultrasound Aortic Sinotubular Junction
12274CID12274 CID 12274, Cardiac Ultrasound Aorta Measurements
12275CID12275 CID 12275, Cardiac Ultrasound Coronary Arteries Measurements
12276CID12276 CID 12276, Cardiac Ultrasound Aorto Pulmonary Connections Measurements
12277CID12277 CID 12277, Cardiac Ultrasound Pericardium and Pleura Measurements
12279CID12279 CID 12279, Cardiac Ultrasound Fetal General Measurements
12280CID12280 CID 12280, Cardiac Ultrasound Target Sites
12281CID12281 CID 12281, Cardiac Ultrasound Target Site Modifiers
12282CID12282 CID 12282, Cardiac Ultrasound Venous Return Systemic Finding Sites
12283CID12283 CID 12283, Cardiac Ultrasound Venous Return Pulmonary Finding Sites
12284CID12284 CID 12284, Cardiac Ultrasound Atria and Atrial Septum Finding Sites
12285CID12285 CID 12285, Cardiac Ultrasound Atrioventricular Valves Finding Sites
12286CID12286 CID 12286, Cardiac Ultrasound Interventricular Septum Finding Sites
12287CID12287 CID 12287, Cardiac Ultrasound Ventricles Finding Sites
12288CID12288 CID 12288, Cardiac Ultrasound Outflow Tracts Finding Sites
12289CID12289 CID 12289, Cardiac Ultrasound Semilunar Valves, Annulus and Sinuses Finding Sites
12290CID12290 CID 12290, Cardiac Ultrasound Pulmonary Arteries Finding Sites
12291CID12291 CID 12291, Cardiac Ultrasound Aorta Finding Sites
12292CID12292 CID 12292, Cardiac Ultrasound Coronary Arteries Finding Sites
12293CID12293 CID 12293, Cardiac Ultrasound Aortopulmonary Connections Finding Sites
12294CID12294 CID 12294, Cardiac Ultrasound Pericardium and Pleura Finding Sites
12300CID12300 CID 12300, Core Echo Measurements
12301CID12301 CID 12301, Measurement Selection Reasons
12302CID12302 CID 12302, Echo Finding Observation Types
12303CID12303 CID 12303, Echo Measurement Types
12304CID12304 CID 12304, Echo Measured Properties
12305CID12305 CID 12305, Basic Echo Anatomic Sites
12306CID12306 CID 12306, Echo Flow Directions
12307CID12307 CID 12307, Cardiac Phases and Time Points

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