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GetWindowCount Method

Gets the number of values under the window center element.
public int GetWindowCount( 
   int frameIndex 
public int getWindowCount(int frameIndex) 
int GetWindowCount(  
   int frameIndex 


A zero-based index that identifies the frame number in the dataset. If the dataset does not support Multi-frames, this parameter is ignored.

Return Value

The number of values under the window center element.


This property gets the number of values under the Window Center (0028,1050) element; this should also equal the number of values under the Window Width (0028,1051) element. The Multi-frame Functional Groups module may have a Shared Functional Groups Sequence item, and/or a Per-frame Functional Groups Sequence item. Either of these items may have a Frame VOI LUT Sequence (0028,9132) item. If the following elements are not found at the top level in the dataset, this method looks in the Shared Functional Groups Sequence item and the Per-frame Functional Groups Sequence items.

Tag Name
(0028,1050) Window Center
(0028,1051) Window Width
(0028,1055) Window Center & Width Explanation

For a detailed discussion on Multi-frame Functional Groups see the topic Multi-frame Functional Groups.


This example will load a DICOM dataset, extract the window center and window width and then update their values.

using Leadtools; 
using Leadtools.Dicom; 
public void TestWCWW() 
   string dicomFileName = Path.Combine(LEAD_VARS.ImagesDir, "DICOM", "image3.dcm"); 
   //Make sure to initialize the DICOM engine, this needs to be done only once  
   //In the whole application 
   using (DicomDataSet ds = new DicomDataSet()) 
      //Load DICOM File 
      ds.Load(dicomFileName, DicomDataSetLoadFlags.None); 
      int bitsStored = 16; 
      bool add = false;//Add a new window or replace the existing one(s) 
      int windowIndex = 0; 
      DicomWindowAttributes windowAttributes = new DicomWindowAttributes(); 
      if (ds.GetWindowCount(0) > 0) 
         DicomWindowAttributes attributes = ds.GetWindow(0); 
         if (attributes != null) 
            windowAttributes.WindowCenter = attributes.WindowCenter / 2; 
            windowAttributes.WindowWidth = attributes.WindowWidth / 2; 
         windowAttributes.WindowCenter = 1 << (bitsStored - 1); 
         windowAttributes.WindowWidth = 1 << bitsStored; 
      windowIndex = ds.GetWindowCount(0); 
      if (!add) 
         // Delete the existing window(s)  
         windowIndex = 0; 
      // Add the new window 
      ds.SetWindow(windowIndex, windowAttributes); 
      ds.Save(Path.Combine(LEAD_VARS.ImagesDir, "DICOM", "WCWW.dcm"), DicomDataSetSaveFlags.None); 
static class LEAD_VARS 
   public const string ImagesDir = @"C:\LEADTOOLS23\Resources\Images"; 

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