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DicomDataSetLoadFlags Enumeration

Specifies the Meta-header and Transfer Syntax flags.
public enum DicomDataSetLoadFlags   
public class DicomDataSetLoadFlags 
public enum class DicomDataSetLoadFlags   
0x00000000None LEADTOOLS will automatically determine the Transfer Syntax, as well as the presence or absence of the Meta-header.
0x00000001MetaHeaderPresent The Meta-header is present.
0x00000002MetaHeaderAbsent The Meta-header is absent.
0x00000004LittleEndian The byte order of the data set is Little Endian.
0x00000008BigEndian The byte order of the Data Set is Big Endian.
0x00000010ImplicitVR The Value Representation of the Data Set is Implicit.
0x00000020ExplicitVR The Value Representation of the Data Set is Explicit.
0x00000200LoadAndClose The complete dataset will be loaded into memory and the file handle closed. If LoadAndClose is used, for large images, this may slow performance, however, the file handle will be released. If set to None, large images will load quickly, and image traverse can begin immediately. However, until the file handle is released, nothing can be done to the image.

You can use bitwise OR operations to specify one flag/combination from each of the following groups.

Group Flags/Combinations
Meta-header None, MetaHeaderPresent, MetaHeaderAbsent
Transfer Syntax None, LittleEndian, BigEndian, ImplicitVR, ExplicitVR, LittleEndian | ImplicitVR, LittleEndian | ExplicitVR, BigEndian | ExplicitVR
Loading options None, LoadAndClose

For Android/Java users: The constant members of this class are defined using all capital letters with underscores between words.


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