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DicomTag Class Fields


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Public Fields

Name Description
Public Field AbortFlag Abort Flag
Public Field AbortReason Abort Reason
Public Field AbsoluteChannelDisplayScale Absolute Channel Display Scale
Public Field AbsoluteDosimetricObjectiveFlag Absolute Dosimetric Objective Flag
Public Field AbstractPriorCodeSequence Abstract Prior Code Sequence
Public Field AbstractPriorValue Abstract Prior Value
Public Field Acceleration Acceleration
Public Field AccessionNumber Accession Number
Public Field AccessoryCode Accessory Code
Public Field AcquiredImageAreaDoseProduct Acquired Image Area Dose Product
Public Field AcquiredSoundpathLength Acquired Soundpath Length
Public Field AcquiredSubtractionMaskFlag Acquired Subtraction Mask Flag
Public Field AcquisitionComments Acquisition Comments (Retired)
Public Field AcquisitionCompressionType Acquisition Compression Type
Public Field AcquisitionContextDescription Acquisition Context Description
Public Field AcquisitionContextSequence Acquisition Context Sequence
Public Field AcquisitionContrast Acquisition Contrast
Public Field AcquisitionDate Acquisition Date
Public Field AcquisitionDateTime Acquisition DateTime
Public Field AcquisitionDeviceProcessingCode Acquisition Device Processing Code
Public Field AcquisitionDeviceProcessingDescription Acquisition Device Processing Description
Public Field AcquisitionDeviceTypeCodeSequence Acquisition Device Type Code Sequence
Public Field AcquisitionDuration Acquisition Duration
Public Field AcquisitionEndLocationSequence Acquisition End Location Sequence
Public Field AcquisitionFieldOfViewLabel Acquisition Field of View Label
Public Field AcquisitionIndex Acquisition Index
Public Field AcquisitionMatrix Acquisition Matrix
Public Field AcquisitionMethodAlgorithmSequence Acquisition Method Algorithm Sequence
Public Field AcquisitionMethodCodeSequence Acquisition Method Code Sequence
Public Field AcquisitionMode Acquisition Mode
Public Field AcquisitionMotion Acquisition Motion
Public Field AcquisitionNumber Acquisition Number
Public Field AcquisitionProtocolDescription Acquisition Protocol Description
Public Field AcquisitionProtocolElementSequence Acquisition Protocol Element Sequence
Public Field AcquisitionProtocolElementSpecificationSequence Acquisition Protocol Element Specification Sequence
Public Field AcquisitionProtocolName Acquisition Protocol Name
Public Field AcquisitionSampleSize Acquisition Sample Size
Public Field AcquisitionsInSeries Acquisitions in Series (Retired)
Public Field AcquisitionsInStudy Acquisitions in Study (Retired)
Public Field AcquisitionStartCondition Acquisition Start Condition
Public Field AcquisitionStartConditionData Acquisition Start Condition Data
Public Field AcquisitionStartLocationSequence Acquisition Start Location Sequence
Public Field AcquisitionStatus Acquisition Status
Public Field AcquisitionTerminationCondition Acquisition Termination Condition
Public Field AcquisitionTerminationConditionData Acquisition Termination Condition Data
Public Field AcquisitionTime Acquisition Time
Public Field AcquisitionTimeSynchronized Acquisition Time Synchronized
Public Field AcquisitionType Acquisition Type
Public Field AcrossScanSpatialResolution Across-scan Spatial Resolution
Public Field ActionTypeID Action Type ID
Public Field ActiveAperture Active Aperture
Public Field ActiveImageAreaOverlayGroup Active Image Area Overlay Group
Public Field ActiveSourceDiameter Active Source Diameter
Public Field ActiveSourceLength Active Source Length
Public Field ActualCardiacTriggerDelayTime Actual Cardiac Trigger Delay Time
Public Field ActualCardiacTriggerTimePriorToRPeak Actual Cardiac Trigger Time Prior To R-Peak
Public Field ActualEnvironmentalConditions Actual Environmental Conditions
Public Field ActualFrameDuration Actual Frame Duration
Public Field ActualHumanPerformersSequence Actual Human Performers Sequence
Public Field ActualRespiratoryTriggerDelayTime Actual Respiratory Trigger Delay Time
Public Field AdaptiveMapFormat Adaptive Map Format (Retired)
Public Field AddGrayScale Add Gray Scale (Retired)
Public Field AddIntermediateSequence Add Intermediate Sequence
Public Field AdditionalDrugSequence Additional Drug Sequence
Public Field AdditionalInspectionMethodSequence Additional Inspection Method Sequence
Public Field AdditionalInspectionSelectionCriteria Additional Inspection Selection Criteria
Public Field AdditionalParameterRecordingInstanceSequence Additional Parameter Recording Instance Sequence
Public Field AdditionalPatientHistory Additional Patient History
Public Field AdditionalRTROIIdentificationCodeSequence Additional RT ROI Identification Code Sequence (Retired)
Public Field AdditionalScreeningPerformed Additional Screening Performed
Public Field AddNearSequence Add Near Sequence
Public Field AddOtherSequence Add Other Sequence
Public Field AddPower Add Power
Public Field AddressTrial Address (Trial) (Retired)
Public Field AdministrationRouteCodeSequence Administration Route Code Sequence
Public Field AdmissionID Admission ID
Public Field AdmittingDate Admitting Date
Public Field AdmittingDiagnosesCodeSequence Admitting Diagnoses Code Sequence
Public Field AdmittingDiagnosesDescription Admitting Diagnoses Description
Public Field AdmittingTime Admitting Time
Public Field AdvancedBlendingSequence Advanced Blending Sequence
Public Field AffectedSOPClassUID Affected SOP Class UID
Public Field AffectedSOPInstanceUID Affected SOP Instance UID
Public Field AfterloaderChannelID Afterloader Channel ID
Public Field AgeCorrectedSensitivityDeviationAlgorithmSequence Age Corrected Sensitivity Deviation Algorithm Sequence
Public Field AgeCorrectedSensitivityDeviationProbabilityValue Age Corrected Sensitivity Deviation Probability Value
Public Field AgeCorrectedSensitivityDeviationValue Age Corrected Sensitivity Deviation Value
Public Field AirCounts Air Counts
Public Field AITDeviceType AIT Device Type
Public Field AlarmDecision Alarm Decision
Public Field AlarmDecisionTime Alarm Decision Time
Public Field AlgorithmCodeSequenceTrial Algorithm Code Sequence (Trial) (Retired)
Public Field AlgorithmDescription Algorithm Description
Public Field AlgorithmDescriptionTrial Algorithm Description (Trial) (Retired)
Public Field AlgorithmFamilyCodeSequence Algorithm Family Code Sequence
Public Field AlgorithmName Algorithm Name
Public Field AlgorithmNameCodeSequence Algorithm Name Code Sequence
Public Field AlgorithmParameters Algorithm Parameters
Public Field AlgorithmRoutingCodeSequence Algorithm Routing Code Sequence
Public Field AlgorithmSource Algorithm Source
Public Field AlgorithmType Algorithm Type
Public Field AlgorithmVersion Algorithm Version
Public Field AliasedDataType Aliased Data Type
Public Field ALinePixelSpacing A-line Pixel Spacing
Public Field ALineRate A-line Rate
Public Field ALinesPerFrame A-lines Per Frame
Public Field Allergies Allergies
Public Field AllowLossyCompression Allow Lossy Compression
Public Field AllowMediaSplitting Allow Media Splitting
Public Field AlongScanSpatialResolution Along-scan Spatial Resolution
Public Field AlphaLUTTransferFunction Alpha LUT Transfer Function
Public Field AlphaPaletteColorLookupTableData Alpha Palette Color Lookup Table Data
Public Field AlphaPaletteColorLookupTableDescriptor Alpha Palette Color Lookup Table Descriptor
Public Field AlternateBeamDose Alternate Beam Dose
Public Field AlternateBeamDoseType Alternate Beam Dose Type
Public Field AlternateContainerIdentifierSequence Alternate Container Identifier Sequence
Public Field AlternateContentDescriptionSequence Alternate Content Description Sequence
Public Field AlternateRepresentationSequence Alternate Representation Sequence
Public Field AlternateValueSequence Alternate Value Sequence
Public Field AmbientLightValueSource Ambient Light Value Source
Public Field AmbientReflectionIntensity Ambient Reflection Intensity
Public Field AmplifierType Amplifier Type
Public Field AnalyzedArea Analyzed Area
Public Field AnatomicalOrientationType Anatomical Orientation Type
Public Field AnatomicApproachDirectionCodeSequenceTrial Anatomic Approach Direction Code Sequence (Trial) (Retired)
Public Field AnatomicLocationOfExaminingInstrumentCodeSequenceTrial Anatomic Location Of Examining Instrument Code Sequence (Trial) (Retired)
Public Field AnatomicLocationOfExaminingInstrumentDescriptionTrial Anatomic Location Of Examining Instrument Description (Trial) (Retired)
Public Field AnatomicPerspectiveCodeSequenceTrial Anatomic Perspective Code Sequence (Trial) (Retired)
Public Field AnatomicPerspectiveDescriptionTrial Anatomic Perspective Description (Trial) (Retired)
Public Field AnatomicPortalOfEntranceCodeSequenceTrial Anatomic Portal Of Entrance Code Sequence (Trial) (Retired)
Public Field AnatomicRegionModifierSequence Anatomic Region Modifier Sequence
Public Field AnatomicRegionSequence Anatomic Region Sequence
Public Field AnatomicRegionsInStudyCodeSequence Anatomic Regions in Study Code Sequence
Public Field AnatomicStructure Anatomic Structure (Retired)
Public Field AnatomicStructureReferencePoint Anatomic Structure Reference Point
Public Field AnatomicStructureSpaceOrRegionCodeSequenceTrial Anatomic Structure Space Or Region Code Sequence (Trial) (Retired)
Public Field AnatomicStructureSpaceOrRegionModifierCodeSequenceTrial Anatomic Structure Space Or Region Modifier Code Sequence (Trial) (Retired)
Public Field AnatomicStructureSpaceOrRegionSequence Anatomic Structure, Space or Region Sequence (Retired)
Public Field AnchorPoint Anchor Point
Public Field AnchorPointAnnotationUnits Anchor Point Annotation Units
Public Field AnchorPointVisibility Anchor Point Visibility
Public Field AngioFlag Angio Flag
Public Field AngleNumber Angle Number (Retired)
Public Field AngularPosition Angular Position (Retired)
Public Field AngularStep Angular Step
Public Field AngularViewVector Angular View Vector
Public Field AnimationCurveSequence Animation Curve Sequence
Public Field AnimationStepSize Animation Step Size
Public Field AnnotationClipping Annotation Clipping
Public Field AnnotationContentSequence Annotation Content Sequence (Retired)
Public Field AnnotationDisplayFormatID Annotation Display Format ID
Public Field AnnotationFlag Annotation Flag (Retired)
Public Field AnnotationGroupNumber Annotation Group Number
Public Field AnnotationPosition Annotation Position
Public Field AnodeTargetMaterial Anode Target Material
Public Field AnomalyLocatorIndicator Anomaly Locator Indicator
Public Field AnomalyLocatorIndicatorSequence Anomaly Locator Indicator Sequence
Public Field AnteriorChamberDepth Anterior Chamber Depth
Public Field AnteriorChamberDepthDefinitionCodeSequence Anterior Chamber Depth Definition Code Sequence
Public Field AnteriorChamberDepthSequence Anterior Chamber Depth Sequence
Public Field ApertureElevation Aperture Elevation
Public Field ApertureValue Aperture Value
Public Field ApexPosition Apex Position
Public Field ApplicableFrameRange Applicable Frame Range
Public Field ApplicableSafetyStandardAgency Applicable Safety Standard Agency
Public Field ApplicableSafetyStandardDescription Applicable Safety Standard Description
Public Field ApplicationManufacturer Application Manufacturer
Public Field ApplicationMaximumRepaintTime Application Maximum Repaint Time
Public Field ApplicationName Application Name
Public Field ApplicationSetupCheck Application Setup Check
Public Field ApplicationSetupManufacturer Application Setup Manufacturer
Public Field ApplicationSetupName Application Setup Name
Public Field ApplicationSetupNumber Application Setup Number
Public Field ApplicationSetupSequence Application Setup Sequence
Public Field ApplicationSetupType Application Setup Type
Public Field ApplicationVersion Application Version
Public Field ApplicatorApertureShape Applicator Aperture Shape
Public Field ApplicatorDescription Applicator Description
Public Field ApplicatorGeometrySequence Applicator Geometry Sequence
Public Field ApplicatorID Applicator ID
Public Field ApplicatorOpening Applicator Opening
Public Field ApplicatorOpeningX Applicator Opening X
Public Field ApplicatorOpeningY Applicator Opening Y
Public Field ApplicatorSequence Applicator Sequence
Public Field ApplicatorType Applicator Type
Public Field AppliedMaskSubtractionFlag Applied Mask Subtraction Flag
Public Field ApprovalSequence Approval Sequence
Public Field ApprovalStatus Approval Status
Public Field ApprovalStatusDateTime Approval Status DateTime
Public Field ApprovalStatusFurtherDescription Approval Status Further Description
Public Field ApprovalSubjectSequence Approval Subject Sequence
Public Field Arbitrary Arbitrary (Retired)
Public Field ArchiveRequested Archive Requested
Public Field ArterialSpinLabelingContrast Arterial Spin Labeling Contrast
Public Field AScanRate A-scan Rate
Public Field ASLBolusCutOffDelayTime ASL Bolus Cut-off Delay Time
Public Field ASLBolusCutOffFlag ASL Bolus Cut-off Flag
Public Field ASLBolusCutOffTechnique ASL Bolus Cut-off Technique
Public Field ASLBolusCutOffTimingSequence ASL Bolus Cut-off Timing Sequence
Public Field ASLContext ASL Context
Public Field ASLCrusherDescription ASL Crusher Description
Public Field ASLCrusherFlag ASL Crusher Flag
Public Field ASLCrusherFlowLimit ASL Crusher Flow Limit
Public Field ASLMidSlabPosition ASL Mid Slab Position
Public Field ASLPulseTrainDuration ASL Pulse Train Duration
Public Field ASLSlabNumber ASL Slab Number
Public Field ASLSlabOrientation ASL Slab Orientation
Public Field ASLSlabSequence ASL Slab Sequence
Public Field ASLSlabThickness ASL Slab Thickness
Public Field ASLTechniqueDescription ASL Technique Description
Public Field AsserterIdentificationSequence Asserter Identification Sequence
Public Field AssertionCodeSequence Assertion Code Sequence
Public Field AssertionComments Assertion Comments
Public Field AssertionDateTime Assertion DateTime
Public Field AssertionExpirationDateTime Assertion Expiration DateTime
Public Field AssertionUID Assertion UID
Public Field AssessedAttributeValueSequence Assessed Attribute Value Sequence
Public Field AssessedSOPInstanceSequence Assessed SOP Instance Sequence
Public Field AssessmentLabel Assessment Label
Public Field AssessmentObservationsSequence Assessment Observations Sequence
Public Field AssessmentRequesterSequence Assessment Requester Sequence
Public Field AssessmentSetID Assessment Set ID
Public Field AssessmentSummary Assessment Summary
Public Field AssessmentSummaryDescription Assessment Summary Description
Public Field AssessmentTypeCodeSequence Assessment Type Code Sequence
Public Field AssignedLocation Assigned Location
Public Field AssigningAgencyOrDepartmentCodeSequence Assigning Agency or Department Code Sequence
Public Field AssigningFacilitySequence Assigning Facility Sequence
Public Field AssigningJurisdictionCodeSequence Assigning Jurisdiction Code Sequence
Public Field ATDAbilityAssessment ATD Ability Assessment
Public Field ATDAssessmentFlag ATD Assessment Flag
Public Field ATDAssessmentProbability ATD Assessment Probability
Public Field ATDAssessmentSequence ATD Assessment Sequence
Public Field AttachedContours Attached Contours (Retired)
Public Field AttenuationCorrected Attenuation Corrected
Public Field AttenuationCorrectionMethod Attenuation Correction Method
Public Field AttenuationCorrectionSource Attenuation Correction Source
Public Field AttenuationCorrectionTemporalRelationship Attenuation Correction Temporal Relationship
Public Field AttributeIdentifierList Attribute Identifier List
Public Field AttributeItemSelector Attribute Item Selector
Public Field AttributeModificationDateTime Attribute Modification DateTime
Public Field AttributeOccurrencePointer Attribute Occurrence Pointer
Public Field AttributeOccurrencePrivateCreator Attribute Occurrence Private Creator
Public Field AttributeOccurrenceSequence Attribute Occurrence Sequence
Public Field AttributeToleranceValuesSequence Attribute Tolerance Values Sequence
Public Field AudioComments Audio Comments (Retired)
Public Field AudioSampleData Audio Sample Data (Retired)
Public Field AudioSampleFormat Audio Sample Format (Retired)
Public Field AudioType Audio Type (Retired)
Public Field AuthorIdentificationSequence Author Identification Sequence
Public Field AuthorizationEquipmentCertificationNumber Authorization Equipment Certification Number
Public Field AuthorObserverSequence Author Observer Sequence
Public Field AutoKVPLowerBound Auto KVP Lower Bound
Public Field AutoKVPSelectionType Auto KVP Selection Type
Public Field AutoKVPUpperBound Auto KVP Upper Bound
Public Field AutorefractionLeftEyeSequence Autorefraction Left Eye Sequence
Public Field AutorefractionRightEyeSequence Autorefraction Right Eye Sequence
Public Field AutosequenceFlag Autosequence Flag
Public Field AvailableTransferSyntaxUID Available Transfer Syntax UID
Public Field AverageBeamDosePointDepth Average Beam Dose Point Depth (Retired)
Public Field AverageBeamDosePointEquivalentDepth Average Beam Dose Point Equivalent Depth (Retired)
Public Field AverageBeamDosePointSourceToExternalContourDistance Average Beam Dose Point Source to External Contour Distance
Public Field AverageBeamDosePointSourceToExternalContourSurfaceDistance Average Beam Dose Point Source to External Contour Surface Distance
Public Field AverageBeamDosePointSSD Average Beam Dose Point SSD (Retired)
Public Field AverageCornealPower Average Corneal Power
Public Field AveragePulseWidth Average Pulse Width
Public Field AxialAcceptance Axial Acceptance
Public Field AxialDetectorDimension Axial Detector Dimension
Public Field AxialLengthOfTheEye Axial Length of the Eye
Public Field AxialMash Axial Mash
Public Field AxialPower Axial Power
Public Field AxialResolution Axial Resolution
Public Field AxisLabels Axis Labels (Retired)
Public Field AxisOfRotation Axis of Rotation
Public Field AxisUnits Axis Units (Retired)
Public Field B1rms B1rms
Public Field BackgroundColor Background Color
Public Field BackgroundIlluminationColorCodeSequence Background Illumination Color Code Sequence
Public Field BackgroundLuminance Background Luminance
Public Field BadPixelImage Bad Pixel Image
Public Field BarcodeSymbology Barcode Symbology
Public Field BarcodeValue Barcode Value
Public Field BaselineCorrection Baseline Correction
Public Field BasicColorImageSequence Basic Color Image Sequence
Public Field BasicGrayscaleImageSequence Basic Grayscale Image Sequence
Public Field BasisMaterialsCodeSequence Basis Materials Code Sequence
Public Field BasisRTTreatmentPhaseIndex Basis RT Treatment Phase Index
Public Field BatteryLevel Battery Level
Public Field BeamAngle Beam Angle
Public Field BeamAreaLimitSequence Beam Area Limit Sequence
Public Field BeamCurrentModulationID Beam Current Modulation ID
Public Field BeamDeliveryDurationLimit Beam Delivery Duration Limit
Public Field BeamDescription Beam Description
Public Field BeamDose Beam Dose
Public Field BeamDoseMeaning Beam Dose Meaning
Public Field BeamDosePointDepth Beam Dose Point Depth
Public Field BeamDosePointEquivalentDepth Beam Dose Point Equivalent Depth
Public Field BeamDosePointSourceToExternalContourDistance Beam Dose Point Source to External Contour Distance
Public Field BeamDosePointSSD Beam Dose Point SSD
Public Field BeamDoseSpecificationPoint Beam Dose Specification Point (Retired)
Public Field BeamDoseType Beam Dose Type
Public Field BeamDoseVerificationControlPointSequence Beam Dose Verification Control Point Sequence
Public Field BeamLimitingDeviceAngle Beam Limiting Device Angle
Public Field BeamLimitingDeviceAngleTolerance Beam Limiting Device Angle Tolerance
Public Field BeamLimitingDeviceLeafPairsSequence Beam Limiting Device Leaf Pairs Sequence
Public Field BeamLimitingDevicePositionSequence Beam Limiting Device Position Sequence
Public Field BeamLimitingDevicePositionTolerance Beam Limiting Device Position Tolerance
Public Field BeamLimitingDeviceRotationDirection Beam Limiting Device Rotation Direction
Public Field BeamLimitingDeviceSequence Beam Limiting Device Sequence
Public Field BeamLimitingDeviceToleranceSequence Beam Limiting Device Tolerance Sequence
Public Field BeamMeterset Beam Meterset
Public Field BeamModifierOrientationAngle Beam Modifier Orientation Angle
Public Field BeamName Beam Name
Public Field BeamNumber Beam Number
Public Field BeamOrderIndex Beam Order Index
Public Field BeamOrderIndexTrial Beam Order Index (Trial) (Retired)
Public Field BeamSequence Beam Sequence
Public Field BeamSpotSize Beam Spot Size
Public Field BeamStopperPosition Beam Stopper Position
Public Field BeamTaskSequence Beam Task Sequence
Public Field BeamTaskType Beam Task Type
Public Field BeamType Beam Type
Public Field BeatRejectionFlag Beat Rejection Flag
Public Field BeltHeight Belt Height
Public Field BibliographicCitationTrial Bibliographic Citation (Trial) (Retired)
Public Field BillingItemSequence Billing Item Sequence
Public Field BillingProcedureStepSequence Billing Procedure Step Sequence
Public Field BillingSuppliesAndDevicesSequence Billing Supplies and Devices Sequence
Public Field BiopsyTargetSequence Biopsy Target Sequence
Public Field BiPlaneAcquisitionSequence Bi-Plane Acquisition Sequence (Retired)
Public Field BitsAllocated Bits Allocated
Public Field BitsForCodeWord Bits For Code Word (Retired)
Public Field BitsGrouped Bits Grouped (Retired)
Public Field BitsMappedToColorLookupTable Bits Mapped to Color Lookup Table
Public Field BitsStored Bits Stored
Public Field BlendingDisplayInputSequence Blending Display Input Sequence
Public Field BlendingDisplaySequence Blending Display Sequence
Public Field BlendingInputNumber Blending Input Number
Public Field BlendingLookupTableData Blending Lookup Table Data
Public Field BlendingLookupTableDescriptor Blending Lookup Table Descriptor
Public Field BlendingLUT1Sequence Blending LUT 1 Sequence
Public Field BlendingLUT1TransferFunction Blending LUT 1 Transfer Function
Public Field BlendingLUT2Sequence Blending LUT 2 Sequence
Public Field BlendingLUT2TransferFunction Blending LUT 2 Transfer Function
Public Field BlendingMode Blending Mode
Public Field BlendingOperationType Blending Operation Type
Public Field BlendingPosition Blending Position
Public Field BlendingSequence Blending Sequence
Public Field BlendingWeightConstant Blending Weight Constant
Public Field BlindSpotLocalized Blind Spot Localized
Public Field BlindSpotXCoordinate Blind Spot X-Coordinate
Public Field BlindSpotYCoordinate Blind Spot Y-Coordinate
Public Field BlockColumns Block Columns (Retired)
Public Field BlockData Block Data
Public Field BlockDefinitionSequence Block Definition Sequence
Public Field BlockDivergence Block Divergence
Public Field BlockEdgeData Block Edge Data
Public Field BlockEdgeDataSequence Block Edge Data Sequence
Public Field BlockedPixels Blocked Pixels (Retired)
Public Field BlockIdentifyingInformationStatus Block Identifying Information Status
Public Field BlockMountingPosition Block Mounting Position
Public Field BlockName Block Name
Public Field BlockNumber Block Number
Public Field BlockNumberOfPoints Block Number of Points
Public Field BlockOrientation Block Orientation
Public Field BlockRows Block Rows (Retired)
Public Field BlockSequence Block Sequence
Public Field BlockSlabNumber Block Slab Number
Public Field BlockSlabSequence Block Slab Sequence
Public Field BlockSlabThickness Block Slab Thickness
Public Field BlockThickness Block Thickness
Public Field BlockTransmission Block Transmission
Public Field BlockTrayID Block Tray ID
Public Field BlockType Block Type
Public Field BloodSignalNulling Blood Signal Nulling
Public Field BluePaletteColorLookupTableData Blue Palette Color Lookup Table Data
Public Field BluePaletteColorLookupTableDescriptor Blue Palette Color Lookup Table Descriptor
Public Field BoardingPassID Boarding Pass ID
Public Field BodyPartExamined Body Part Examined
Public Field BodyPartThickness Body Part Thickness
Public Field Bold Bold
Public Field BolusDefinitionSequence Bolus Definition Sequence
Public Field BolusDescription Bolus Description
Public Field BolusID Bolus ID
Public Field BoneThermalIndex Bone Thermal Index
Public Field BorderDensity Border Density
Public Field Borders Borders (Retired)
Public Field BottomRightHandCornerOfLocalizerArea Bottom Right Hand Corner of Localizer Area
Public Field BoundingBoxAnnotationUnits Bounding Box Annotation Units
Public Field BoundingBoxBottomRightHandCorner Bounding Box Bottom Right Hand Corner
Public Field BoundingBoxCrop Bounding Box Crop
Public Field BoundingBoxTextHorizontalJustification Bounding Box Text Horizontal Justification
Public Field BoundingBoxTopLeftHandCorner Bounding Box Top Left Hand Corner
Public Field BoundingPolygon Bounding Polygon
Public Field BoundingRectangle Bounding Rectangle
Public Field BrachyAccessoryDeviceID Brachy Accessory Device ID
Public Field BrachyAccessoryDeviceName Brachy Accessory Device Name
Public Field BrachyAccessoryDeviceNominalThickness Brachy Accessory Device Nominal Thickness
Public Field BrachyAccessoryDeviceNominalTransmission Brachy Accessory Device Nominal Transmission
Public Field BrachyAccessoryDeviceNumber Brachy Accessory Device Number
Public Field BrachyAccessoryDeviceSequence Brachy Accessory Device Sequence
Public Field BrachyAccessoryDeviceType Brachy Accessory Device Type
Public Field BrachyApplicationSetupDose Brachy Application Setup Dose
Public Field BrachyApplicationSetupDoseSpecificationPoint Brachy Application Setup Dose Specification Point
Public Field BrachyControlPointDeliveredSequence Brachy Control Point Delivered Sequence
Public Field BrachyControlPointSequence Brachy Control Point Sequence
Public Field BrachyPulseControlPointDeliveredSequence Brachy Pulse Control Point Delivered Sequence
Public Field BrachyReferencedDoseReferenceSequence Brachy Referenced Dose Reference Sequence
Public Field BrachyTaskSequence Brachy Task Sequence
Public Field BrachytherapySourceType Brachytherapy Source Type
Public Field BrachyTreatmentTechnique Brachy Treatment Technique
Public Field BrachyTreatmentType Brachy Treatment Type
Public Field BranchOfService Branch of Service
Public Field BreastImplantPresent Breast Implant Present
Public Field BreastSupportIsocenterPrimaryAngle Breast Support Isocenter Primary Angle
Public Field BreastSupportIsocenterSecondaryAngle Breast Support Isocenter Secondary Angle
Public Field BreastSupportXPositionToIsocenter Breast Support X Position to Isocenter
Public Field BreastSupportYPositionToIsocenter Breast Support Y Position to Isocenter
Public Field BreastSupportZPositionToIsocenter Breast Support Z Position to Isocenter
Public Field BreedRegistrationNumber Breed Registration Number
Public Field BreedRegistrationSequence Breed Registration Sequence
Public Field BreedRegistryCodeSequence Breed Registry Code Sequence
Public Field BridgeResistors Bridge Resistors
Public Field BrightnessValue Brightness Value
Public Field BScanCycleTime B-scan Cycle Time
Public Field BScanCycleTimeVector B-scan Cycle Time Vector
Public Field BScanRate B-scan Rate
Public Field BScanSlabThickness B-scan Slab Thickness
Public Field BulkMotionCompensationTechnique Bulk Motion Compensation Technique
Public Field BulkMotionSignalSource Bulk Motion Signal Source
Public Field BulkMotionStatus Bulk Motion Status (Retired)
Public Field BurnedInAnnotation Burned In Annotation
Public Field CADFileFormat CAD File Format (Retired)
Public Field CalciumScoringMassFactorDevice Calcium Scoring Mass Factor Device
Public Field CalciumScoringMassFactorPatient Calcium Scoring Mass Factor Patient
Public Field CalculatedAnatomyThickness Calculated Anatomy Thickness
Public Field CalculatedDoseReferenceDescription Calculated Dose Reference Description
Public Field CalculatedDoseReferenceDoseValue Calculated Dose Reference Dose Value
Public Field CalculatedDoseReferenceNumber Calculated Dose Reference Number
Public Field CalculatedDoseReferenceSequence Calculated Dose Reference Sequence
Public Field CalculatedFrameList Calculated Frame List
Public Field CalculatedTargetPosition Calculated Target Position
Public Field CalculationComment Calculation Comment
Public Field CalculationCommentSequence Calculation Comment Sequence
Public Field CalculationCommentType Calculation Comment Type
Public Field CalibrationDataSequence Calibration Data Sequence
Public Field CalibrationDate Calibration Date
Public Field CalibrationImage Calibration Image
Public Field CalibrationNotes Calibration Notes
Public Field CalibrationProcedure Calibration Procedure
Public Field CalibrationSequence Calibration Sequence
Public Field CalibrationSettingsSequence Calibration Settings Sequence
Public Field CalibrationTime Calibration Time
Public Field CameraAngleOfView Camera Angle of View
Public Field CameraElevationAngle Camera Elevation Angle
Public Field CameraOwnerName Camera Owner Name
Public Field CameraPositionGroupSequence Camera Position Group Sequence
Public Field CardiacBeatRejectionTechnique Cardiac Beat Rejection Technique
Public Field CardiacCyclePosition Cardiac Cycle Position
Public Field CardiacFramingType Cardiac Framing Type
Public Field CardiacNumberOfImages Cardiac Number of Images
Public Field CardiacRRIntervalSpecified Cardiac R-R Interval Specified
Public Field CardiacSignalSource Cardiac Signal Source
Public Field CardiacSynchronizationSequence Cardiac Synchronization Sequence
Public Field CardiacSynchronizationTechnique Cardiac Synchronization Technique
Public Field CArmPhotonElectronControlPointSequence C-Arm Photon-Electron Control Point Sequence
Public Field CArmPositionerTabletopRelationship C-arm Positioner Tabletop Relationship
Public Field CarrierID Carrier ID
Public Field CarrierIDAssigningAuthority Carrier ID Assigning Authority
Public Field CassetteID Cassette ID
Public Field CassetteOrientation Cassette Orientation
Public Field CassetteSize Cassette Size
Public Field CatchTrialsDataFlag Catch Trials Data Flag
Public Field CatheterDirectionOfRotation Catheter Direction of Rotation
Public Field CatheterRotationalRate Catheter Rotational Rate
Public Field CellValuesSequence Cell Values Sequence
Public Field CenterOfCircularCollimator Center of Circular Collimator
Public Field CenterOfCircularExposureControlSensingRegion Center of Circular Exposure Control Sensing Region
Public Field CenterOfCircularOutline Center of Circular Outline
Public Field CenterOfCircularShutter Center of Circular Shutter
Public Field CenterOfMass Center of Mass
Public Field CenterOfPTO Center of PTO
Public Field CenterOfRotation Center of Rotation
Public Field CenterOfRotationOffset Center of Rotation Offset
Public Field CertificateOfSigner Certificate of Signer
Public Field CertificateType Certificate Type
Public Field CertifiedTimestamp Certified Timestamp
Public Field CertifiedTimestampType Certified Timestamp Type
Public Field ChairHeadFramePosition Chair Head Frame Position
Public Field ChairHeadFramePositionTolerance Chair Head Frame Position Tolerance
Public Field ChannelBaseline Channel Baseline
Public Field ChannelDefinitionSequence Channel Definition Sequence
Public Field ChannelDeliveryContinuationSequence Channel Delivery Continuation Sequence
Public Field ChannelDeliveryOrderIndex Channel Delivery Order Index
Public Field ChannelDeliveryOrderSequence Channel Delivery Order Sequence
Public Field ChannelDerivationDescription Channel Derivation Description
Public Field ChannelDescriptionCodeSequence Channel Description Code Sequence
Public Field ChannelDisplaySequence Channel Display Sequence
Public Field ChannelEffectiveLength Channel Effective Length
Public Field ChannelIdentificationCode Channel Identification Code
Public Field ChannelImpedanceSequence Channel Impedance Sequence
Public Field ChannelInnerLength Channel Inner Length
Public Field ChannelLabel Channel Label
Public Field ChannelLength Channel Length
Public Field ChannelMaximumValue Channel Maximum Value
Public Field ChannelMinimumValue Channel Minimum Value
Public Field ChannelMode Channel Mode
Public Field ChannelNumber Channel Number
Public Field ChannelOffset Channel Offset
Public Field ChannelOverlap Channel Overlap
Public Field ChannelPosition Channel Position
Public Field ChannelRecommendedDisplayCIELabValue Channel Recommended Display CIELab Value
Public Field ChannelSampleSkew Channel Sample Skew
Public Field ChannelSensitivity Channel Sensitivity
Public Field ChannelSensitivityCorrectionFactor Channel Sensitivity Correction Factor
Public Field ChannelSensitivityUnitsSequence Channel Sensitivity Units Sequence
Public Field ChannelSequence Channel Sequence
Public Field ChannelSettingsSequence Channel Settings Sequence
Public Field ChannelShieldID Channel Shield ID
Public Field ChannelShieldName Channel Shield Name
Public Field ChannelShieldNominalThickness Channel Shield Nominal Thickness
Public Field ChannelShieldNominalTransmission Channel Shield Nominal Transmission
Public Field ChannelShieldNumber Channel Shield Number
Public Field ChannelShieldSequence Channel Shield Sequence
Public Field ChannelSourceModifiersSequence Channel Source Modifiers Sequence
Public Field ChannelSourceSequence Channel Source Sequence
Public Field ChannelStatus Channel Status
Public Field ChannelThreshold Channel Threshold
Public Field ChannelTimeSkew Channel Time Skew
Public Field ChannelTotalTime Channel Total Time
Public Field ChannelWidth Channel Width
Public Field ChemicalShiftMaximumIntegrationLimitInHz Chemical Shift Maximum Integration Limit in Hz (Retired)
Public Field ChemicalShiftMaximumIntegrationLimitInPpm Chemical Shift Maximum Integration Limit in ppm
Public Field ChemicalShiftMinimumIntegrationLimitInHz Chemical Shift Minimum Integration Limit in Hz (Retired)
Public Field ChemicalShiftMinimumIntegrationLimitInPpm Chemical Shift Minimum Integration Limit in ppm
Public Field ChemicalShiftReference Chemical Shift Reference
Public Field ChemicalShiftSequence Chemical Shift Sequence
Public Field CIExyWhitePoint CIExy White Point
Public Field CineRate Cine Rate
Public Field CineRelativeToRealTime Cine Relative to Real-Time
Public Field ClinicalFractionNumber Clinical Fraction Number
Public Field ClinicalTrialCoordinatingCenterName Clinical Trial Coordinating Center Name
Public Field ClinicalTrialProtocolEthicsCommitteeApprovalNumber Clinical Trial Protocol Ethics Committee Approval Number
Public Field ClinicalTrialProtocolEthicsCommitteeName Clinical Trial Protocol Ethics Committee Name
Public Field ClinicalTrialProtocolID Clinical Trial Protocol ID
Public Field ClinicalTrialProtocolName Clinical Trial Protocol Name
Public Field ClinicalTrialSeriesDescription Clinical Trial Series Description
Public Field ClinicalTrialSeriesID Clinical Trial Series ID
Public Field ClinicalTrialSiteID Clinical Trial Site ID
Public Field ClinicalTrialSiteName Clinical Trial Site Name
Public Field ClinicalTrialSponsorName Clinical Trial Sponsor Name
Public Field ClinicalTrialSubjectID Clinical Trial Subject ID
Public Field ClinicalTrialSubjectReadingID Clinical Trial Subject Reading ID
Public Field ClinicalTrialTimePointDescription Clinical Trial Time Point Description
Public Field ClinicalTrialTimePointID Clinical Trial Time Point ID
Public Field CoatingMaterialsCodeSequence Coating Materials Code Sequence
Public Field CodeLabel Code Label (Retired)
Public Field CodeMeaning Code Meaning
Public Field CodeNumberFormat Code Number Format (Retired)
Public Field CodeTableLocation Code Table Location (Retired)
Public Field CodeValue Code Value
Public Field CodingSchemeDesignator Coding Scheme Designator
Public Field CodingSchemeExternalID Coding Scheme External ID
Public Field CodingSchemeIdentificationSequence Coding Scheme Identification Sequence
Public Field CodingSchemeName Coding Scheme Name
Public Field CodingSchemeRegistry Coding Scheme Registry
Public Field CodingSchemeResourcesSequence Coding Scheme Resources Sequence
Public Field CodingSchemeResponsibleOrganization Coding Scheme Responsible Organization
Public Field CodingSchemeUID Coding Scheme UID
Public Field CodingSchemeURL Coding Scheme URL
Public Field CodingSchemeURLType Coding Scheme URL Type
Public Field CodingSchemeVersion Coding Scheme Version
Public Field CoefficientCoding Coefficient Coding (Retired)
Public Field CoefficientCodingPointers Coefficient Coding Pointers (Retired)
Public Field CoefficientsSDDN Coefficients SDDN (Retired)
Public Field CoefficientsSDHN Coefficients SDHN (Retired)
Public Field CoefficientsSDVN Coefficients SDVN (Retired)
Public Field CoincidenceWindowWidth Coincidence Window Width
Public Field CollationFlag Collation Flag (Retired)
Public Field CollimatorGridName Collimator/grid Name
Public Field CollimatorLeftVerticalEdge Collimator Left Vertical Edge
Public Field CollimatorLowerHorizontalEdge Collimator Lower Horizontal Edge
Public Field CollimatorRightVerticalEdge Collimator Right Vertical Edge
Public Field CollimatorShape Collimator Shape
Public Field CollimatorShapeSequence Collimator Shape Sequence
Public Field CollimatorType Collimator Type
Public Field CollimatorUpperHorizontalEdge Collimator Upper Horizontal Edge
Public Field ColorFilterArrayPatternColumns Color Filter Array Pattern Columns
Public Field ColorFilterArrayPatternRows Color Filter Array Pattern Rows
Public Field ColorFilterArrayPatternValues Color Filter Array Pattern Values
Public Field ColorImagePrintingFlag Color Image Printing Flag (Retired)
Public Field ColorSpace Color Space
Public Field ColumnAngulation Column Angulation
Public Field ColumnAngulationPatient Column Angulation (Patient)
Public Field ColumnOverlap Column Overlap (Retired)
Public Field ColumnPositionInTotalImagePixelMatrix Column Position In Total Image Pixel Matrix
Public Field Columns Columns
Public Field ColumnsForNthOrderCoefficients Columns For Nth Order Coefficients (Retired)
Public Field CombinationSegmentReferenceSequence Combination Segment Reference Sequence
Public Field CommandField Command Field
Public Field CommandGroupLength Command Group Length
Public Field CommentsOnPatientPerformanceOfVisualField Comments on Patient's Performance of Visual Field
Public Field CommentsOnRadiationDose Comments on Radiation Dose
Public Field CommentsOnThePerformedProcedureStep Comments on the Performed Procedure Step
Public Field CommentsOnTheScheduledProcedureStep Comments on the Scheduled Procedure Step
Public Field CompensatorBasePlaneOffset Compensator Base Plane Offset
Public Field CompensatorColumnOffset Compensator Column Offset
Public Field CompensatorColumns Compensator Columns
Public Field CompensatorDefinitionSequence Compensator Definition Sequence
Public Field CompensatorDescription Compensator Description
Public Field CompensatorDistalThicknessMap Compensator Distal Thickness Map
Public Field CompensatorDivergence Compensator Divergence
Public Field CompensatorID Compensator ID
Public Field CompensatorMapOrientation Compensator Map Orientation
Public Field CompensatorMillingToolDiameter Compensator Milling Tool Diameter
Public Field CompensatorMountingPosition Compensator Mounting Position
Public Field CompensatorNumber Compensator Number
Public Field CompensatorPixelSpacing Compensator Pixel Spacing
Public Field CompensatorPosition Compensator Position
Public Field CompensatorProximalThicknessMap Compensator Proximal Thickness Map
Public Field CompensatorRelativeStoppingPowerRatio Compensator Relative Stopping Power Ratio
Public Field CompensatorRows Compensator Rows
Public Field CompensatorSequence Compensator Sequence
Public Field CompensatorShapeFabricationCodeSequence Compensator Shape Fabrication Code Sequence
Public Field CompensatorShapeSequence Compensator Shape Sequence
Public Field CompensatorThicknessData Compensator Thickness Data
Public Field CompensatorTransmissionData Compensator Transmission Data
Public Field CompensatorTrayID Compensator Tray ID
Public Field CompensatorType Compensator Type
Public Field CompletionFlag Completion Flag
Public Field CompletionFlagDescription Completion Flag Description
Public Field ComplexImageComponent Complex Image Component
Public Field Component1ReferencedID Component 1 Referenced ID
Public Field Component1ReferencedMatingFeatureID Component 1 Referenced Mating Feature ID
Public Field Component1ReferencedMatingFeatureSetID Component 1 Referenced Mating Feature Set ID
Public Field Component2ReferencedID Component 2 Referenced ID
Public Field Component2ReferencedMatingFeatureID Component 2 Referenced Mating Feature ID
Public Field Component2ReferencedMatingFeatureSetID Component 2 Referenced Mating Feature Set ID
Public Field ComponentAssemblySequence Component Assembly Sequence
Public Field ComponentID Component ID
Public Field ComponentInputSequence Component Input Sequence
Public Field ComponentManufacturer Component Manufacturer
Public Field ComponentManufacturingProcedure Component Manufacturing Procedure
Public Field ComponentReferenceSystem Component Reference System (Retired)
Public Field ComponentSequence Component Sequence
Public Field ComponentShape Component Shape
Public Field ComponentType Component Type
Public Field ComponentTypeCodeSequence Component Type Code Sequence
Public Field ComponentTypesSequence Component Types Sequence
Public Field ComponentWelderIDs Component Welder IDs
Public Field CompositingMethod Compositing Method (Retired)
Public Field CompoundGraphicInstanceID Compound Graphic Instance ID
Public Field CompoundGraphicSequence Compound Graphic Sequence
Public Field CompoundGraphicType Compound Graphic Type
Public Field CompoundGraphicUnits Compound Graphic Units
Public Field CompressionCode Compression Code (Retired)
Public Field CompressionContactArea Compression Contact Area
Public Field CompressionDescription Compression Description (Retired)
Public Field CompressionForce Compression Force
Public Field CompressionLabel Compression Label (Retired)
Public Field CompressionOriginator Compression Originator (Retired)
Public Field CompressionPressure Compression Pressure
Public Field CompressionRecognitionCode Compression Recognition Code (Retired)
Public Field CompressionSequence Compression Sequence (Retired)
Public Field CompressionStepPointers Compression Step Pointers (Retired)
Public Field ConcatenationFrameOffsetNumber Concatenation Frame Offset Number
Public Field ConcatenationUID Concatenation UID
Public Field ConceptCodeSequence Concept Code Sequence
Public Field ConceptNameCodeSequence Concept Name Code Sequence
Public Field ConceptualVolumeBlockingConstraint Conceptual Volume Blocking Constraint
Public Field ConceptualVolumeCategoryCodeSequence Conceptual Volume Category Code Sequence
Public Field ConceptualVolumeCombinationDescription Conceptual Volume Combination Description
Public Field ConceptualVolumeCombinationExpression Conceptual Volume Combination Expression
Public Field ConceptualVolumeCombinationFlag Conceptual Volume Combination Flag
Public Field ConceptualVolumeConstituentIndex Conceptual Volume Constituent Index
Public Field ConceptualVolumeConstituentSegmentationReferenceSequence Conceptual Volume Constituent Segmentation Reference Sequence
Public Field ConceptualVolumeConstituentSequence Conceptual Volume Constituent Sequence
Public Field ConceptualVolumeDerivationAlgorithmSequence Conceptual Volume Derivation Algorithm Sequence
Public Field ConceptualVolumeDescription Conceptual Volume Description
Public Field ConceptualVolumeOptimizationPrecedence Conceptual Volume Optimization Precedence
Public Field ConceptualVolumeSegmentationDefinedFlag Conceptual Volume Segmentation Defined Flag
Public Field ConceptualVolumeSegmentationReferenceSequence Conceptual Volume Segmentation Reference Sequence
Public Field ConceptualVolumeSequence Conceptual Volume Sequence
Public Field ConceptualVolumeTypeCodeSequence Conceptual Volume Type Code Sequence
Public Field ConceptualVolumeTypeModifierCodeSequence Conceptual Volume Type Modifier Code Sequence
Public Field ConceptualVolumeUID Conceptual Volume UID
Public Field CondenserLensPower Condenser Lens Power
Public Field ConfidentialityCode Confidentiality Code
Public Field ConfidentialityConstraintOnPatientDataDescription Confidentiality Constraint on Patient Data Description
Public Field ConfigurationDescription Configuration Description
Public Field ConfigurationID Configuration ID
Public Field ConfigurationInformation Configuration Information
Public Field ConfigurationInformationDescription Configuration Information Description
Public Field ConfigurationName Configuration Name
Public Field ConfigurationQAResultsSequence Configuration QA Results Sequence
Public Field ConfirmationSequence Confirmation Sequence
Public Field ConnectorType Connector Type
Public Field ConsentForClinicalTrialUseSequence Consent for Clinical Trial Use Sequence
Public Field ConsentForDistributionFlag Consent for Distribution Flag
Public Field ConstantVolumeFlag Constant Volume Flag
Public Field ConstituentConceptualVolumeUID Constituent Conceptual Volume UID
Public Field ConstraintType Constraint Type
Public Field ConstraintValueSequence Constraint Value Sequence
Public Field ConstraintViolationCondition Constraint Violation Condition
Public Field ConstraintViolationSignificance Constraint Violation Significance
Public Field ConstraintWeight Constraint Weight
Public Field ConsultingPhysicianIdentificationSequence Consulting Physician Identification Sequence
Public Field ConsultingPhysicianName Consulting Physician's Name
Public Field ContactDisplayName Contact Display Name
Public Field ContactMethod Contact Method
Public Field ContactURI Contact URI
Public Field ContainerComponentDescription Container Component Description
Public Field ContainerComponentDiameter Container Component Diameter
Public Field ContainerComponentID Container Component ID
Public Field ContainerComponentLength Container Component Length
Public Field ContainerComponentMaterial Container Component Material
Public Field ContainerComponentSequence Container Component Sequence
Public Field ContainerComponentThickness Container Component Thickness
Public Field ContainerComponentTypeCodeSequence Container Component Type Code Sequence
Public Field ContainerComponentWidth Container Component Width
Public Field ContainerDescription Container Description
Public Field ContainerIdentifier Container Identifier
Public Field ContainerTypeCodeSequence Container Type Code Sequence
Public Field ContentCreatorIdentificationCodeSequence Content Creator's Identification Code Sequence
Public Field ContentCreatorName Content Creator's Name
Public Field ContentDate Content Date
Public Field ContentDescription Content Description
Public Field ContentItemModifierSequence Content Item Modifier Sequence
Public Field ContentLabel Content Label
Public Field ContentQualification Content Qualification
Public Field ContentSequence Content Sequence
Public Field ContentTemplateSequence Content Template Sequence
Public Field ContentTime Content Time
Public Field ContextGroupExtensionCreatorUID Context Group Extension Creator UID
Public Field ContextGroupExtensionFlag Context Group Extension Flag
Public Field ContextGroupIdentificationSequence Context Group Identification Sequence
Public Field ContextGroupLocalVersion Context Group Local Version
Public Field ContextGroupVersion Context Group Version
Public Field ContextIdentifier Context Identifier
Public Field ContextUID Context UID
Public Field ContinuationEndMeterset Continuation End Meterset
Public Field ContinuationEndTotalReferenceAirKerma Continuation End Total Reference Air Kerma
Public Field ContinuationPulseNumber Continuation Pulse Number
Public Field ContinuationStartMeterset Continuation Start Meterset
Public Field ContinuationStartTotalReferenceAirKerma Continuation Start Total Reference Air Kerma
Public Field ContinuityOfContent Continuity Of Content
Public Field ContourData Contour Data
Public Field ContourGeometricType Contour Geometric Type
Public Field ContourImageSequence Contour Image Sequence
Public Field ContourNumber Contour Number
Public Field ContourOffsetVector Contour Offset Vector (Retired)
Public Field ContourSequence Contour Sequence
Public Field ContourSlabThickness Contour Slab Thickness (Retired)
Public Field ContourUncertaintyRadius Contour Uncertainty Radius
Public Field ContraindicationsCodeSequence Contraindications Code Sequence
Public Field Contrast Contrast
Public Field ContrastAdministrationProfileSequence Contrast Administration Profile Sequence
Public Field ContrastBolusAdministrationRouteSequence Contrast/Bolus Administration Route Sequence
Public Field ContrastBolusAgent Contrast/Bolus Agent
Public Field ContrastBolusAgentAdministered Contrast/Bolus Agent Administered
Public Field ContrastBolusAgentDetected Contrast/Bolus Agent Detected
Public Field ContrastBolusAgentNumber Contrast/Bolus Agent Number
Public Field ContrastBolusAgentPhase Contrast/Bolus Agent Phase
Public Field ContrastBolusAgentSequence Contrast/Bolus Agent Sequence
Public Field ContrastBolusAutoInjectionTriggerFlag Contrast/Bolus Auto Injection Trigger Flag
Public Field ContrastBolusIngredient Contrast/Bolus Ingredient
Public Field ContrastBolusIngredientCodeSequence Contrast/Bolus Ingredient Code Sequence
Public Field ContrastBolusIngredientConcentration Contrast/Bolus Ingredient Concentration
Public Field ContrastBolusIngredientOpaque Contrast/Bolus Ingredient Opaque
Public Field ContrastBolusIngredientPercentByVolume Contrast/Bolus Ingredient Percent by Volume
Public Field ContrastBolusInjectionDelay Contrast/Bolus Injection Delay
Public Field ContrastBolusRoute Contrast/Bolus Route
Public Field ContrastBolusStartTime Contrast/Bolus Start Time
Public Field ContrastBolusStopTime Contrast/Bolus Stop Time
Public Field ContrastBolusT1Relaxivity Contrast/Bolus T1 Relaxivity
Public Field ContrastBolusTotalDose Contrast/Bolus Total Dose
Public Field ContrastBolusUsageSequence Contrast/Bolus Usage Sequence
Public Field ContrastBolusVolume Contrast/Bolus Volume
Public Field ContrastFlowDuration Contrast Flow Duration
Public Field ContrastFlowRate Contrast Flow Rate
Public Field ContrastFrameAveraging Contrast Frame Averaging
Public Field ContributingEquipmentSequence Contributing Equipment Sequence
Public Field ContributingSOPInstancesReferenceSequence Contributing SOP Instances Reference Sequence
Public Field ContributingSourcesSequence Contributing Sources Sequence
Public Field ContributionDateTime Contribution DateTime
Public Field ContributionDescription Contribution Description
Public Field ControlPoint3DPosition Control Point 3D Position
Public Field ControlPointDeliverySequence Control Point Delivery Sequence
Public Field ControlPointIndex Control Point Index
Public Field ControlPointOrientation Control Point Orientation
Public Field ControlPointRelativePosition Control Point Relative Position
Public Field ControlPointSequence Control Point Sequence
Public Field ConventionalControlPointVerificationSequence Conventional Control Point Verification Sequence
Public Field ConventionalMachineVerificationSequence Conventional Machine Verification Sequence
Public Field ConversionSourceAttributesSequence Conversion Source Attributes Sequence
Public Field ConversionType Conversion Type
Public Field ConvolutionKernel Convolution Kernel
Public Field ConvolutionKernelGroup Convolution Kernel Group
Public Field CoordinatesSetGeometricTypeTrial Coordinates Set Geometric Type (Trial) (Retired)
Public Field CoordinateStartValue Coordinate Start Value (Retired)
Public Field CoordinateStepValue Coordinate Step Value (Retired)
Public Field CoordinateSystemAxesSequence Coordinate System Axes Sequence
Public Field CoordinateSystemAxisCodeSequence Coordinate System Axis Code Sequence (Retired)
Public Field CoordinateSystemAxisDescription Coordinate System Axis Description
Public Field CoordinateSystemAxisNumber Coordinate System Axis Number
Public Field CoordinateSystemAxisType Coordinate System Axis Type
Public Field CoordinateSystemAxisUnits Coordinate System Axis Units
Public Field CoordinateSystemAxisValues Coordinate System Axis Values
Public Field CoordinateSystemDataSetMapping Coordinate System Data Set Mapping
Public Field CoordinateSystemNumberOfAxes Coordinate System Number of Axes
Public Field CoordinateSystemTransformRotationAndScaleMatrix Coordinate System Transform Rotation and Scale Matrix
Public Field CoordinateSystemTransformSequence Coordinate System Transform Sequence
Public Field CoordinateSystemTransformTranslationMatrix Coordinate System Transform Translation Matrix
Public Field Copies Copies (Retired)
Public Field CornealAxis Corneal Axis
Public Field CornealEccentricityIndex Corneal Eccentricity Index
Public Field CornealISValue Corneal I-S Value
Public Field CornealPointEstimated Corneal Point Estimated
Public Field CornealPointLocation Corneal Point Location
Public Field CornealPower Corneal Power
Public Field CornealSize Corneal Size
Public Field CornealSizeSequence Corneal Size Sequence
Public Field CornealTopographyMappingNormalsSequence Corneal Topography Mapping Normals Sequence
Public Field CornealTopographyMapQualityEvaluation Corneal Topography Map Quality Evaluation
Public Field CornealTopographyMapTypeCodeSequence Corneal Topography Map Type Code Sequence
Public Field CornealTopographySurface Corneal Topography Surface
Public Field CornealVertexLocation Corneal Vertex Location
Public Field CornealWavefront Corneal Wavefront
Public Field CorneaMeasurementMethodCodeSequence Cornea Measurement Method Code Sequence
Public Field CorneaMeasurementsSequence Cornea Measurements Sequence
Public Field CorrectedImage Corrected Image
Public Field CorrectedLocalizedDeviationFromNormal Corrected Localized Deviation From Normal
Public Field CorrectedLocalizedDeviationFromNormalCalculated Corrected Localized Deviation From Normal Calculated
Public Field CorrectedLocalizedDeviationFromNormalProbability Corrected Localized Deviation From Normal Probability
Public Field CorrectedLocalizedDeviationFromNormalProbabilityCalculated Corrected Localized Deviation From Normal Probability Calculated
Public Field CorrectedParameterSequence Corrected Parameter Sequence
Public Field CorrectionValue Correction Value
Public Field CountLossNormalizationCorrected Count Loss Normalization Corrected
Public Field CountRate Count Rate
Public Field CountryOfResidence Country of Residence
Public Field CountsAccumulated Counts Accumulated
Public Field CountsIncluded Counts Included (Retired)
Public Field CountsSource Counts Source
Public Field CouplingMedium Coupling Medium
Public Field CouplingTechnique Coupling Technique
Public Field CouplingVelocity Coupling Velocity
Public Field CoverageOfKSpace Coverage of k-Space
Public Field CranialThermalIndex Cranial Thermal Index
Public Field CreationDate Creation Date
Public Field CreationTime Creation Time
Public Field CreatorVersionUID Creator-Version UID
Public Field Crop Crop
Public Field CroppingSpecificationIndex Cropping Specification Index
Public Field CroppingSpecificationNumber Cropping Specification Number
Public Field CSSFontName CSS Font Name
Public Field CTAcquisitionDetailsSequence CT Acquisition Details Sequence
Public Field CTAcquisitionTypeSequence CT Acquisition Type Sequence
Public Field CTAdditionalXRaySourceSequence CT Additional X-Ray Source Sequence
Public Field CTDIPhantomTypeCodeSequence CTDI Phantom Type Code Sequence
Public Field CTDIvol CTDIvol
Public Field CTDIvolNotificationTrigger CTDIvol Notification Trigger
Public Field CTExposureSequence CT Exposure Sequence
Public Field CTGeometrySequence CT Geometry Sequence
Public Field CTImageFrameTypeSequence CT Image Frame Type Sequence
Public Field CTPositionSequence CT Position Sequence
Public Field CTReconstructionSequence CT Reconstruction Sequence
Public Field CTTableDynamicsSequence CT Table Dynamics Sequence
Public Field CTXRayDetailsSequence CT X-Ray Details Sequence
Public Field CumulativeDoseReferenceCoefficient Cumulative Dose Reference Coefficient
Public Field CumulativeDoseToDoseReference Cumulative Dose to Dose Reference
Public Field CumulativeMeterset Cumulative Meterset
Public Field CumulativeMetersetWeight Cumulative Meterset Weight
Public Field CumulativeTimeWeight Cumulative Time Weight
Public Field CurrentConfigurationID Current Configuration ID
Public Field CurrentFractionNumber Current Fraction Number
Public Field CurrentObserverTrial Current Observer (Trial) (Retired)
Public Field CurrentPatientLocation Current Patient Location
Public Field CurrentRequestedProcedureEvidenceSequence Current Requested Procedure Evidence Sequence
Public Field CurrentTreatmentStatus Current Treatment Status
Public Field CurvatureType Curvature Type
Public Field CurveActivationLayer Curve Activation Layer (Retired)
Public Field CurveData Curve Data (Retired)
Public Field CurveDataDescriptor Curve Data Descriptor (Retired)
Public Field CurveDate Curve Date (Retired)
Public Field CurveDescription Curve Description (Retired)
Public Field CurveDimensions Curve Dimensions (Retired)
Public Field CurveLabel Curve Label (Retired)
Public Field CurveNumber Curve Number (Retired)
Public Field CurveRange Curve Range (Retired)
Public Field CurveReferencedOverlayGroup Curve Referenced Overlay Group (Retired)
Public Field CurveReferencedOverlaySequence Curve Referenced Overlay Sequence (Retired)
Public Field CurveTime Curve Time (Retired)
Public Field CustodialOrganizationSequence Custodial Organization Sequence
Public Field CustomRendered Custom Rendered
Public Field CylinderAxis Cylinder Axis
Public Field CylinderLensPower Cylinder Lens Power
Public Field CylinderPower Cylinder Power
Public Field CylinderSequence Cylinder Sequence
Public Field DACAmplitude DAC Amplitude
Public Field DACGainPoints DAC Gain Points
Public Field DACSequence DAC Sequence
Public Field DACTimePoints DAC Time Points
Public Field DACType DAC Type
Public Field Damping Damping
Public Field DarkCurrentCounts Dark Current Counts
Public Field DarkCurrentSequence Dark Current Sequence
Public Field DataBlock Data Block (Retired)
Public Field DataBlockDescription Data Block Description (Retired)
Public Field DataCollectionCenterPatient Data Collection Center (Patient)
Public Field DataCollectionDiameter Data Collection Diameter
Public Field DataElementsSigned Data Elements Signed
Public Field DataFrameAssignmentSequence Data Frame Assignment Sequence
Public Field DataInformationSequence Data Information Sequence
Public Field DataObservationSequence Data Observation Sequence
Public Field DataPathAssignment Data Path Assignment
Public Field DataPathID Data Path ID
Public Field DataPointColumns Data Point Columns
Public Field DataPointRows Data Point Rows
Public Field DataRepresentation Data Representation
Public Field DataSetDescription Data Set Description
Public Field DataSetName Data Set Name
Public Field DataSetSource Data Set Source
Public Field DataSetSubtype Data Set Subtype (Retired)
Public Field DataSetTrailingPadding Data Set Trailing Padding
Public Field DataSetType Data Set Type (Retired)
Public Field DataSetTypeCommand Command Data Set Type
Public Field DataSetVersion Data Set Version
Public Field DataType Data Type
Public Field DataValueRepresentation Data Value Representation (Retired)
Public Field Date Date
Public Field DateOfDocumentOrVerbalTransactionTrial Date of Document or Verbal Transaction (Trial) (Retired)
Public Field DateOfGainCalibration Date of Gain Calibration
Public Field DateOfLastCalibration Date of Last Calibration
Public Field DateOfLastDetectorCalibration Date of Last Detector Calibration
Public Field DateOfSecondaryCapture Date of Secondary Capture
Public Field DateTime DateTime
Public Field DateTimeOfLastCalibration DateTime of Last Calibration
Public Field DBDt dB/dt
Public Field DCTLabel DCT Label (Retired)
Public Field DDLValue DDL Value
Public Field DeadTimeCorrected Dead Time Corrected
Public Field DeadTimeCorrectionFlag Dead Time Correction Flag (Retired)
Public Field DeadTimeFactor Dead Time Factor
Public Field DecayCorrected Decay Corrected
Public Field DecayCorrection Decay Correction
Public Field DecayCorrectionDateTime Decay Correction DateTime
Public Field DecayFactor Decay Factor
Public Field DecimalPotentialVisualAcuity Decimal Potential Visual Acuity
Public Field DecimalVisualAcuity Decimal Visual Acuity
Public Field DecimateCropResult Decimate/Crop Result
Public Field DecompositionAlgorithmIdentificationSequence Decomposition Algorithm Identification Sequence
Public Field DecompositionDescription Decomposition Description
Public Field DecompositionMaterialSequence Decomposition Material Sequence
Public Field DecompositionMethod Decomposition Method
Public Field DeCoupledNucleus De-coupled Nucleus
Public Field DeCoupling De-coupling
Public Field DeCouplingChemicalShiftReference De-coupling Chemical Shift Reference
Public Field DeCouplingFrequency De-coupling Frequency
Public Field DeCouplingMethod De-coupling Method
Public Field DefaultMagnificationType Default Magnification Type
Public Field DefaultPrinterResolutionID Default Printer Resolution ID
Public Field DefaultSmoothingType Default Smoothing Type
Public Field DefinitionSourceSequence Definition Source Sequence
Public Field DeformableRegistrationGridSequence Deformable Registration Grid Sequence
Public Field DeformableRegistrationSequence Deformable Registration Sequence
Public Field DegreeOfDilation Degree of Dilation
Public Field DegreeOfFreedomID Degree of Freedom ID
Public Field DegreeOfFreedomType Degree of Freedom Type
Public Field DeidentificationAction Deidentification Action
Public Field DeidentificationActionSequence Deidentification Action Sequence
Public Field DeIdentificationMethod De-identification Method
Public Field DeIdentificationMethodCodeSequence De-identification Method Code Sequence
Public Field DelayLawIdentifier Delay Law Identifier
Public Field DeletionLock Deletion Lock
Public Field DeliveredChannelTotalTime Delivered Channel Total Time
Public Field DeliveredDepthDoseParametersSequence Delivered Depth Dose Parameters Sequence
Public Field DeliveredDistalDepth Delivered Distal Depth
Public Field DeliveredDistalDepthFraction Delivered Distal Depth Fraction
Public Field DeliveredMeterset Delivered Meterset
Public Field DeliveredNominalRangeModulatedRegionDepths Delivered Nominal Range Modulated Region Depths
Public Field DeliveredNominalRangeModulationFractions Delivered Nominal Range Modulation Fractions
Public Field DeliveredNumberOfPulses Delivered Number of Pulses
Public Field DeliveredPrimaryMeterset Delivered Primary Meterset
Public Field DeliveredPulseRepetitionInterval Delivered Pulse Repetition Interval
Public Field DeliveredReferenceDoseDefinition Delivered Reference Dose Definition
Public Field DeliveredSecondaryMeterset Delivered Secondary Meterset
Public Field DeliveredTreatmentTime Delivered Treatment Time
Public Field DeliveryMaximumDose Delivery Maximum Dose
Public Field DeliveryRate Delivery Rate
Public Field DeliveryRateUnitSequence Delivery Rate Unit Sequence
Public Field DeliveryTimeStructureCodeSequence Delivery Time Structure Code Sequence
Public Field DeliveryVerificationImageSequence Delivery Verification Image Sequence
Public Field DeliveryWarningDose Delivery Warning Dose
Public Field Density Density
Public Field DepthDoseParametersSequence Depth Dose Parameters Sequence
Public Field DepthOfFocus Depth(s) of Focus
Public Field DepthOfScanField Depth of Scan Field
Public Field DepthOfTransverseImage Depth of Transverse Image
Public Field DepthSpatialResolution Depth Spatial Resolution
Public Field DepthValueAveragingFlag Depth Value Averaging Flag
Public Field DerivationAlgorithmSequence Derivation Algorithm Sequence
Public Field DerivationCodeSequence Derivation Code Sequence
Public Field DerivationConceptualVolumeSequence Derivation Conceptual Volume Sequence
Public Field DerivationDescription Derivation Description
Public Field DerivationImageSequence Derivation Image Sequence
Public Field DerivationImplantAssemblyTemplateSequence Derivation Implant Assembly Template Sequence
Public Field DerivationImplantTemplateSequence Derivation Implant Template Sequence
Public Field DestinationAE Destination AE
Public Field DetailsOfCoefficients Details of Coefficients (Retired)
Public Field DetectorActivationOffsetFromExposure Detector Activation Offset From Exposure
Public Field DetectorActiveAreaOrientation Detector Active Area Orientation
Public Field DetectorActiveAreaTLHCPosition Detector Active Area TLHC Position
Public Field DetectorActiveDimension Detector Active Dimension(s)
Public Field DetectorActiveOrigin Detector Active Origin
Public Field DetectorActiveShape Detector Active Shape
Public Field DetectorActiveTime Detector Active Time
Public Field DetectorBinning Detector Binning
Public Field DetectorCalibrationData Detector Calibration Data
Public Field DetectorConditionsNominalFlag Detector Conditions Nominal Flag
Public Field DetectorConfiguration Detector Configuration
Public Field DetectorDescription Detector Description
Public Field DetectorElementPhysicalSize Detector Element Physical Size
Public Field DetectorElementSize Detector Element Size
Public Field DetectorElementSpacing Detector Element Spacing
Public Field DetectorGeometry Detector Geometry
Public Field DetectorGeometrySequence Detector Geometry Sequence
Public Field DetectorID Detector ID
Public Field DetectorInformationSequence Detector Information Sequence
Public Field DetectorIsocenterPrimaryAngle Detector Isocenter Primary Angle
Public Field DetectorIsocenterSecondaryAngle Detector Isocenter Secondary Angle
Public Field DetectorLinesOfResponseUsed Detector Lines of Response Used
Public Field DetectorManufacturerModelName Detector Manufacturer's Model Name
Public Field DetectorManufacturerName Detector Manufacturer Name
Public Field DetectorMode Detector Mode
Public Field DetectorNormalizationCorrection Detector Normalization Correction
Public Field DetectorPositionSequence Detector Position Sequence
Public Field DetectorPrimaryAngle Detector Primary Angle
Public Field DetectorSecondaryAngle Detector Secondary Angle
Public Field DetectorTemperature Detector Temperature
Public Field DetectorTemperatureSequence Detector Temperature Sequence
Public Field DetectorTimeSinceLastExposure Detector Time Since Last Exposure
Public Field DetectorType Detector Type
Public Field DetectorVector Detector Vector
Public Field DetectorXPositionToIsocenter Detector X Position to Isocenter
Public Field DetectorYPositionToIsocenter Detector Y Position to Isocenter
Public Field DetectorZPositionToIsocenter Detector Z Position to Isocenter
Public Field DeviationIndex Deviation Index
Public Field DeviceAlternateIdentifier Device Alternate Identifier
Public Field DeviceAlternateIdentifierFormat Device Alternate Identifier Format
Public Field DeviceAlternateIdentifierType Device Alternate Identifier Type
Public Field DeviceDescription Device Description
Public Field DeviceDiameter Device Diameter
Public Field DeviceDiameterUnits Device Diameter Units
Public Field DeviceID Device ID
Public Field DeviceIndex Device Index
Public Field DeviceLabel Device Label
Public Field DeviceLength Device Length
Public Field DeviceMotionControlSequence Device Motion Control Sequence
Public Field DeviceMotionExecutionMode Device Motion Execution Mode
Public Field DeviceMotionObservationMode Device Motion Observation Mode
Public Field DeviceMotionParameterCodeSequence Device Motion Parameter Code Sequence
Public Field DeviceOrderIndex Device Order Index
Public Field DeviceSequence Device Sequence
Public Field DeviceSerialNumber Device Serial Number
Public Field DeviceSettingDescription Device Setting Description
Public Field DeviceTypeCodeSequence Device Type Code Sequence
Public Field DeviceUID Device UID
Public Field DeviceVolume Device Volume
Public Field DialogReceiver Dialog Receiver (Retired)
Public Field DiameterOfCircularOutline Diameter of Circular Outline
Public Field DiameterOfVisibility Diameter of Visibility
Public Field DiaphragmPosition Diaphragm Position
Public Field DICOMMediaRetrievalSequence DICOM Media Retrieval Sequence
Public Field DICOMRetrievalSequence DICOM Retrieval Sequence
Public Field DICOMStorageSequence DICOM Storage Sequence
Public Field DICOSVersion DICOS Version
Public Field DiffuseReflectionIntensity Diffuse Reflection Intensity
Public Field DiffusionAcquisitionCodeSequence Diffusion Acquisition Code Sequence
Public Field DiffusionAnisotropyType Diffusion Anisotropy Type
Public Field DiffusionBMatrixSequence Diffusion b-matrix Sequence
Public Field DiffusionBValue Diffusion b-value
Public Field DiffusionBValueXX Diffusion b-value XX
Public Field DiffusionBValueXY Diffusion b-value XY
Public Field DiffusionBValueXZ Diffusion b-value XZ
Public Field DiffusionBValueYY Diffusion b-value YY
Public Field DiffusionBValueYZ Diffusion b-value YZ
Public Field DiffusionBValueZZ Diffusion b-value ZZ
Public Field DiffusionDirectionality Diffusion Directionality
Public Field DiffusionGradientDirectionSequence Diffusion Gradient Direction Sequence
Public Field DiffusionGradientOrientation Diffusion Gradient Orientation
Public Field DiffusionModelCodeSequence Diffusion Model Code Sequence
Public Field DigitalImageFormatAcquired Digital Image Format Acquired
Public Field DigitalSignatureDateTime Digital Signature DateTime
Public Field DigitalSignaturePurposeCodeSequence Digital Signature Purpose Code Sequence
Public Field DigitalSignaturesSequence Digital Signatures Sequence
Public Field DigitalSignatureUID Digital Signature UID
Public Field DigitalZoomRatio Digital Zoom Ratio
Public Field DigitizingDeviceTransportDirection Digitizing Device Transport Direction
Public Field DimensionDescriptionLabel Dimension Description Label
Public Field DimensionIndexPointer Dimension Index Pointer
Public Field DimensionIndexPrivateCreator Dimension Index Private Creator
Public Field DimensionIndexSequence Dimension Index Sequence
Public Field DimensionIndexValues Dimension Index Values
Public Field DimensionOrganizationSequence Dimension Organization Sequence
Public Field DimensionOrganizationType Dimension Organization Type
Public Field DimensionOrganizationUID Dimension Organization UID
Public Field DirectoryRecordSequence Directory Record Sequence
Public Field DirectoryRecordType Directory Record Type
Public Field DirectSegmentReferenceSequence Direct Segment Reference Sequence
Public Field DischargeDate Discharge Date (Retired)
Public Field DischargeDiagnosisCodeSequence Discharge Diagnosis Code Sequence (Retired)
Public Field DischargeDiagnosisDescription Discharge Diagnosis Description (Retired)
Public Field DischargeTime Discharge Time (Retired)
Public Field DisplayCalibrationResultSequence Display Calibration Result Sequence
Public Field DisplayDeviceTypeCodeSequence Display Device Type Code Sequence
Public Field DisplayedAreaBottomRightHandCorner Displayed Area Bottom Right Hand Corner
Public Field DisplayedAreaBottomRightHandCornerTrial Displayed Area Bottom Right Hand Corner (Trial) (Retired)
Public Field DisplayedAreaSelectionSequence Displayed Area Selection Sequence
Public Field DisplayedAreaTopLeftHandCorner Displayed Area Top Left Hand Corner
Public Field DisplayedAreaTopLeftHandCornerTrial Displayed Area Top Left Hand Corner (Trial) (Retired)
Public Field DisplayedZValue Displayed Z Value
Public Field DisplayEnvironmentSpatialPosition Display Environment Spatial Position
Public Field DisplayFilterPercentage Display Filter Percentage
Public Field DisplayFormat Display Format (Retired)
Public Field DisplayFunctionType Display Function Type
Public Field DisplaySetHorizontalJustification Display Set Horizontal Justification
Public Field DisplaySetLabel Display Set Label
Public Field DisplaySetNumber Display Set Number
Public Field DisplaySetPatientOrientation Display Set Patient Orientation
Public Field DisplaySetPresentationGroup Display Set Presentation Group
Public Field DisplaySetPresentationGroupDescription Display Set Presentation Group Description
Public Field DisplaySetScrollingGroup Display Set Scrolling Group
Public Field DisplaySetsSequence Display Sets Sequence
Public Field DisplaySetVerticalJustification Display Set Vertical Justification
Public Field DisplayShadingFlag Display Shading Flag
Public Field DisplaySubsystemConfigurationSequence Display Subsystem Configuration Sequence
Public Field DisplaySubsystemDescription Display Subsystem Description
Public Field DisplaySubsystemID Display Subsystem ID
Public Field DisplaySubsystemName Display Subsystem Name
Public Field DisplaySubsystemQAResultsSequence Display Subsystem QA Results Sequence
Public Field DisplaySubsystemSequence Display Subsystem Sequence
Public Field DisplayWindowLabelVector Display Window Label Vector
Public Field DistalDepth Distal Depth
Public Field DistalDepthFraction Distal Depth Fraction
Public Field DistanceBetweenBScanSlabs Distance Between B-scan Slabs
Public Field DistanceBetweenFocalPlanes Distance Between Focal Planes
Public Field DistanceObjectToTableTop Distance Object to Table Top
Public Field DistancePupillaryDistance Distance Pupillary Distance
Public Field DistanceReceptorPlaneToDetectorHousing Distance Receptor Plane to Detector Housing
Public Field DistanceSourceToDataCollectionCenter Distance Source to Data Collection Center
Public Field DistanceSourceToDetector Distance Source to Detector
Public Field DistanceSourceToEntrance Distance Source to Entrance
Public Field DistanceSourceToIsocenter Distance Source to Isocenter
Public Field DistanceSourceToPatient Distance Source to Patient
Public Field DistanceSourceToSupport Distance Source to Support (Retired)
Public Field DistributionAddress Distribution Address (Retired)
Public Field DistributionName Distribution Name (Retired)
Public Field DistributionType Distribution Type
Public Field DLPNotificationTrigger DLP Notification Trigger
Public Field DocumentAuthorIdentifierCodeSequenceTrial Document Author Identifier Code Sequence (Trial) (Retired)
Public Field DocumentAuthorTrial Document Author (Trial) (Retired)
Public Field DocumentClassCodeSequence Document Class Code Sequence
Public Field DocumentIdentifierCodeSequenceTrial Document Identifier Code Sequence (Trial) (Retired)
Public Field DocumentingObserverIdentifierCodeSequenceTrial Documenting Observer Identifier Code Sequence (Trial) (Retired)
Public Field DocumentingOrganizationIdentifierCodeSequenceTrial Documenting Organization Identifier Code Sequence (Trial) (Retired)
Public Field DocumentTitle Document Title
Public Field DopplerCorrectionAngle Doppler Correction Angle
Public Field DopplerSampleVolumeXPosition Doppler Sample Volume X Position
Public Field DopplerSampleVolumeXPositionRetired Doppler Sample Volume X Position (Retired)
Public Field DopplerSampleVolumeYPosition Doppler Sample Volume Y Position
Public Field DopplerSampleVolumeYPositionRetired Doppler Sample Volume Y Position (Retired)
Public Field DoseCalibrationFactor Dose Calibration Factor
Public Field DoseComment Dose Comment
Public Field DoseGridScaling Dose Grid Scaling
Public Field DoseMeasurementDeviceCodeSequence Dose Measurement Device Code Sequence
Public Field DoseModeName Dose Mode Name
Public Field DoseRateDelivered Dose Rate Delivered
Public Field DoseRateSet Dose Rate Set
Public Field DoseReferenceDescription Dose Reference Description
Public Field DoseReferenceNumber Dose Reference Number
Public Field DoseReferencePointCoordinates Dose Reference Point Coordinates
Public Field DoseReferenceSequence Dose Reference Sequence
Public Field DoseReferenceStructureType Dose Reference Structure Type
Public Field DoseReferenceType Dose Reference Type
Public Field DoseReferenceUID Dose Reference UID
Public Field DoseSummationType Dose Summation Type
Public Field DoseType Dose Type
Public Field DoseUnits Dose Units
Public Field DoseValue Dose Value
Public Field DoseValuePurpose Dose Value Purpose
Public Field DoseValuesSequence Dose Values Sequence
Public Field DosimetricObjectiveEvaluationScope Dosimetric Objective Evaluation Scope
Public Field DosimetricObjectiveParameterSequence Dosimetric Objective Parameter Sequence
Public Field DosimetricObjectivePurpose Dosimetric Objective Purpose
Public Field DosimetricObjectiveSequence Dosimetric Objective Sequence
Public Field DosimetricObjectiveTypeCodeSequence Dosimetric Objective Type Code Sequence
Public Field DosimetricObjectiveUID Dosimetric Objective UID
Public Field DosimetricObjectiveWeight Dosimetric Objective Weight
Public Field DoubleExposureFieldDelta Double Exposure Field Delta
Public Field DoubleExposureFieldDeltaTrial Double Exposure Field Delta (Trial) (Retired)
Public Field DoubleExposureFlag Double Exposure Flag
Public Field DoubleExposureMeterset Double Exposure Meterset
Public Field DoubleExposureMetersetTrial Double Exposure Meterset (Trial) (Retired)
Public Field DoubleExposureOrdering Double Exposure Ordering
Public Field DoubleFloatPixelData Double Float Pixel Data
Public Field DoubleFloatPixelPaddingRangeLimit Double Float Pixel Padding Range Limit
Public Field DoubleFloatPixelPaddingValue Double Float Pixel Padding Value
Public Field DoubleFloatRealWorldValueFirstValueMapped Double Float Real World Value First Value Mapped
Public Field DoubleFloatRealWorldValueLastValueMapped Double Float Real World Value Last Value Mapped
Public Field DriveProbeSequence Drive Probe Sequence
Public Field DriveType Drive Type
Public Field DVHData DVH Data
Public Field DVHDoseScaling DVH Dose Scaling
Public Field DVHMaximumDose DVH Maximum Dose
Public Field DVHMeanDose DVH Mean Dose
Public Field DVHMinimumDose DVH Minimum Dose
Public Field DVHNormalizationDoseValue DVH Normalization Dose Value
Public Field DVHNormalizationPoint DVH Normalization Point
Public Field DVHNumberOfBins DVH Number of Bins
Public Field DVHReferencedROISequence DVH Referenced ROI Sequence
Public Field DVHROIContributionType DVH ROI Contribution Type
Public Field DVHSequence DVH Sequence
Public Field DVHType DVH Type
Public Field DVHVolumeUnits DVH Volume Units
Public Field DynamicRange Dynamic Range (Retired)
Public Field EchoNumber Echo Number(s)
Public Field EchoPeakPosition Echo Peak Position
Public Field EchoPlanarPulseSequence Echo Planar Pulse Sequence
Public Field EchoPulseSequence Echo Pulse Sequence
Public Field EchoTime Echo Time
Public Field EchoTrainLength Echo Train Length
Public Field EdgePointIndexList Edge Point Index List (Retired)
Public Field EffectiveBinEnergy Effective Bin Energy
Public Field EffectiveDateTime Effective DateTime
Public Field EffectiveDoseCalculationMethodCategoryCodeSequence Effective Dose Calculation Method Category Code Sequence
Public Field EffectiveDoseCalculationMethodCodeSequence Effective Dose Calculation Method Code Sequence
Public Field EffectiveDoseCalculationMethodDescription Effective Dose Calculation Method Description
Public Field EffectiveDuration Effective Duration
Public Field EffectiveEchoTime Effective Echo Time
Public Field EffectiveRefractiveIndex Effective Refractive Index
Public Field EffectiveWedgeAngle Effective Wedge Angle
Public Field ElementDimensionA Element Dimension A
Public Field ElementDimensionB Element Dimension B
Public Field ElementPitchA Element Pitch A
Public Field ElementPitchB Element Pitch B
Public Field ElementShape Element Shape
Public Field EmitterColorTemperature Emitter Color Temperature
Public Field EmmetropicMagnification Emmetropic Magnification
Public Field EmptyImageBoxCIELabValue Empty Image Box CIELab Value
Public Field EmptyImageDensity Empty Image Density
Public Field EncapsulatedDocument Encapsulated Document
Public Field EncapsulatedDocumentLength Encapsulated Document Length
Public Field EncryptedAttributesSequence Encrypted Attributes Sequence
Public Field EncryptedContent Encrypted Content
Public Field EncryptedContentTransferSyntaxUID Encrypted Content Transfer Syntax UID
Public Field EndAcquisitionDateTime End Acquisition DateTime
Public Field EndCumulativeMetersetWeight End Cumulative Meterset Weight
Public Field EndCumulativeTimeWeight End Cumulative Time Weight
Public Field EndingRespiratoryAmplitude Ending Respiratory Amplitude
Public Field EndingRespiratoryPhase Ending Respiratory Phase
Public Field EndMessageID End Message ID (Retired)
Public Field EndMeterset End Meterset
Public Field EnergyUnitCodeSequence Energy Unit Code Sequence
Public Field EnergyWeightingFactor Energy Weighting Factor
Public Field EnergyWindowCenterline Energy Window Centerline (Retired)
Public Field EnergyWindowInformationSequence Energy Window Information Sequence
Public Field EnergyWindowLowerLimit Energy Window Lower Limit
Public Field EnergyWindowName Energy Window Name
Public Field EnergyWindowNumber Energy Window Number
Public Field EnergyWindowRangeSequence Energy Window Range Sequence
Public Field EnergyWindowTotalWidth Energy Window Total Width (Retired)
Public Field EnergyWindowUpperLimit Energy Window Upper Limit
Public Field EnergyWindowVector Energy Window Vector
Public Field EnhancedPaletteColorLookupTableSequence Enhanced Palette Color Lookup Table Sequence
Public Field EntityDescription Entity Description
Public Field EntityLabel Entity Label
Public Field EntityLongLabel Entity Long Label
Public Field EntityName Entity Name
Public Field EntranceDose Entrance Dose
Public Field EntranceDoseDerivation Entrance Dose Derivation
Public Field EntranceDoseInMGy Entrance Dose in mGy
Public Field EnvironmentalConditions Environmental Conditions
Public Field EquipmentAdministratorSequence Equipment Administrator Sequence
Public Field EquipmentCoordinateSystemIdentification Equipment Coordinate System Identification
Public Field EquipmentFrameOfReferenceDescription Equipment Frame of Reference Description
Public Field EquipmentFrameOfReferenceUID Equipment Frame of Reference UID
Public Field EquipmentModality Equipment Modality
Public Field EquipmentReferencePointCodeSequence Equipment Reference Point Code Sequence
Public Field EquipmentReferencePointCoordinatesSequence Equipment Reference Point Coordinates Sequence
Public Field EquivalentCDADocumentSequence Equivalent CDA Document Sequence (Retired)
Public Field EquivalentCodeSequence Equivalent Code Sequence
Public Field EquivalentConceptualVolumeInstanceReferenceSequence Equivalent Conceptual Volume Instance Reference Sequence
Public Field EquivalentConceptualVolumesSequence Equivalent Conceptual Volumes Sequence
Public Field EquivalentPupilRadius Equivalent Pupil Radius
Public Field Erase Erase (Retired)
Public Field ErrorComment Error Comment
Public Field ErrorID Error ID
Public Field EscapeTriplet Escape Triplet (Retired)
Public Field EstimatedDoseSaving Estimated Dose Saving (Retired)
Public Field EstimatedRadiographicMagnificationFactor Estimated Radiographic Magnification Factor
Public Field EthicsCommitteeApprovalEffectivenessEndDate Ethics Committee Approval Effectiveness End Date
Public Field EthicsCommitteeApprovalEffectivenessStartDate Ethics Committee Approval Effectiveness Start Date
Public Field EthnicGroup Ethnic Group
Public Field EvaluationAttempt Evaluation Attempt
Public Field EvaluatorName Evaluator Name
Public Field EvaluatorNumber Evaluator Number
Public Field EvaluatorSequence Evaluator Sequence
Public Field EventCodeSequence Event Code Sequence
Public Field EventElapsedTime Event Elapsed Time(s)
Public Field EventTimeOffset Event Time Offset
Public Field EventTimerName Event Timer Name(s)
Public Field EventTimerSequence Event Timer Sequence
Public Field EventTypeID Event Type ID
Public Field ExaminedBodyThickness Examined Body Thickness
Public Field ExcessiveFalseNegatives Excessive False Negatives
Public Field ExcessiveFalseNegativesDataFlag Excessive False Negatives Data Flag
Public Field ExcessiveFalsePositives Excessive False Positives
Public Field ExcessiveFalsePositivesDataFlag Excessive False Positives Data Flag
Public Field ExcessiveFixationLosses Excessive Fixation Losses
Public Field ExcessiveFixationLossesDataFlag Excessive Fixation Losses Data Flag
Public Field ExcitationFrequency Excitation Frequency
Public Field ExcludedIntervalsSequence Excluded Intervals Sequence
Public Field ExclusionDuration Exclusion Duration
Public Field ExclusionStartDateTime Exclusion Start DateTime
Public Field ExclusiveComponentType Exclusive Component Type
Public Field ExecutionStatus Execution Status
Public Field ExecutionStatusInfo Execution Status Info
Public Field EXIFVersion EXIF Version
Public Field ExpectedCompletionDateTime Expected Completion DateTime
Public Field ExpectedInVivoMeasurementValueIndex Expected In-Vivo Measurement Value Index
Public Field ExpectedInVivoMeasurementValuesSequence Expected In-Vivo Measurement Values Sequence
Public Field ExpiryDate Expiry Date
Public Field ExposedArea Exposed Area
Public Field Exposure Exposure
Public Field ExposureBiasValue Exposure Bias Value
Public Field ExposureControlMode Exposure Control Mode
Public Field ExposureControlModeDescription Exposure Control Mode Description
Public Field ExposureControlSensingRegionLeftVerticalEdge Exposure Control Sensing Region Left Vertical Edge
Public Field ExposureControlSensingRegionLowerHorizontalEdge Exposure Control Sensing Region Lower Horizontal Edge
Public Field ExposureControlSensingRegionRightVerticalEdge Exposure Control Sensing Region Right Vertical Edge
Public Field ExposureControlSensingRegionShape Exposure Control Sensing Region Shape
Public Field ExposureControlSensingRegionsSequence Exposure Control Sensing Regions Sequence
Public Field ExposureControlSensingRegionUpperHorizontalEdge Exposure Control Sensing Region Upper Horizontal Edge
Public Field ExposureDoseSequence Exposure Dose Sequence (Retired)
Public Field ExposureIndex Exposure Index
Public Field ExposureInMAs Exposure in mAs
Public Field ExposureInUAs Exposure in uAs
Public Field ExposureMode Exposure Mode
Public Field ExposureModulationType Exposure Modulation Type
Public Field ExposureProgram Exposure Program
Public Field ExposureSequence Exposure Sequence
Public Field ExposuresOnDetectorSinceLastCalibration Exposures on Detector Since Last Calibration
Public Field ExposuresOnDetectorSinceManufactured Exposures on Detector Since Manufactured
Public Field ExposuresOnPlate Exposures on Plate
Public Field ExposureStatus Exposure Status
Public Field ExposureTime Exposure Time
Public Field ExposureTimeInMs Exposure Time in ms
Public Field ExposureTimeInSeconds Exposure Time in Seconds
Public Field ExposureTimeInUS Exposure Time in uS
Public Field ExtendedCodeMeaning Extended Code Meaning
Public Field ExtendedCodeValue Extended Code Value
Public Field ExtendedDepthOfField Extended Depth of Field
Public Field ExtendedOffsetTable Extended Offset Table
Public Field ExtendedOffsetTableLengths Extended Offset Table Lengths
Public Field ExternalContourEntryPoint External Contour Entry Point
Public Field FacetSequence Facet Sequence
Public Field FailedAttributesSequence Failed Attributes Sequence
Public Field FailedSOPInstanceUIDList Failed SOP Instance UID List
Public Field FailedSOPSequence Failed SOP Sequence
Public Field FailureAttributes Failure Attributes
Public Field FailureReason Failure Reason
Public Field FalseNegativesEstimate False Negatives Estimate
Public Field FalseNegativesEstimateFlag False Negatives Estimate Flag
Public Field FalseNegativesQuantity False Negatives Quantity
Public Field FalsePositivesEstimate False Positives Estimate
Public Field FalsePositivesEstimateFlag False Positives Estimate Flag
Public Field FalsePositivesQuantity False Positives Quantity
Public Field FiducialDescription Fiducial Description
Public Field FiducialIdentifier Fiducial Identifier
Public Field FiducialIdentifierCodeSequence Fiducial Identifier Code Sequence
Public Field FiducialSequence Fiducial Sequence
Public Field FiducialSetSequence Fiducial Set Sequence
Public Field FiducialsPropertyCategoryCodeSequence Fiducials Property Category Code Sequence
Public Field FiducialUID Fiducial UID
Public Field FieldOfViewDescription Field of View Description
Public Field FieldOfViewDimension Field of View Dimension(s)
Public Field FieldOfViewDimensionInFloat Field of View Dimension(s) in Float
Public Field FieldOfViewHorizontalFlip Field of View Horizontal Flip
Public Field FieldOfViewOrigin Field of View Origin
Public Field FieldOfViewRotation Field of View Rotation
Public Field FieldOfViewSequence Field of View Sequence
Public Field FieldOfViewShape Field of View Shape
Public Field FileMetaInformationGroupLength File Meta Information Group Length
Public Field FileMetaInformationVersion File Meta Information Version
Public Field FileSetConsistencyFlag File-set Consistency Flag
Public Field FileSetDescriptorFileID File-set Descriptor File ID
Public Field FileSetID File-set ID
Public Field FileSource File Source
Public Field FillerOrderNumberImagingServiceRequest Filler Order Number / Imaging Service Request
Public Field FillerOrderNumberImagingServiceRequestRetired Filler Order Number / Imaging Service Request (Retired)
Public Field FillerOrderNumberProcedure Filler Order Number / Procedure (Retired)
Public Field FillMode Fill Mode
Public Field FillPattern Fill Pattern
Public Field FillStyleSequence Fill Style Sequence
Public Field FilmBoxContentSequence Film Box Content Sequence (Retired)
Public Field FilmConsumptionSequence Film Consumption Sequence
Public Field FilmDestination Film Destination
Public Field FilmOrientation Film Orientation
Public Field FilmSessionLabel Film Session Label
Public Field FilmSizeID Film Size ID
Public Field FilterBeamPathLengthMaximum Filter Beam Path Length Maximum
Public Field FilterBeamPathLengthMinimum Filter Beam Path Length Minimum
Public Field FilterByAttributePresence Filter-by Attribute Presence
Public Field FilterByCategory Filter-by Category
Public Field FilterByOperator Filter-by Operator
Public Field FilterHighFrequency Filter High Frequency
Public Field FilterLowFrequency Filter Low Frequency
Public Field FilterMaterial Filter Material
Public Field FilterMaterialUsedInGainCalibration Filter Material Used in Gain Calibration
Public Field FilterOperationsSequence Filter Operations Sequence
Public Field FilterThicknessMaximum Filter Thickness Maximum
Public Field FilterThicknessMinimum Filter Thickness Minimum
Public Field FilterThicknessUsedInGainCalibration Filter Thickness Used in Gain Calibration
Public Field FilterType Filter Type
Public Field FinalCumulativeMetersetWeight Final Cumulative Meterset Weight
Public Field FinalCumulativeTimeWeight Final Cumulative Time Weight
Public Field FindingsFlagTrial Findings Flag (Trial) (Retired)
Public Field FindingsGroupRecordingDateTrial Findings Group Recording Date (Trial) (Retired)
Public Field FindingsGroupRecordingTimeTrial Findings Group Recording Time (Trial) (Retired)
Public Field FindingsGroupUIDTrial Findings Group UID (Trial) (Retired)
Public Field FindingsSequenceTrial Findings Sequence (Trial) (Retired)
Public Field FindingsSourceCategoryCodeSequenceTrial Findings Source Category Code Sequence (Trial) (Retired)
Public Field FindLocation Find Location (Retired)
Public Field FiniteVolume Finite Volume
Public Field FirstALineLocation First A-line Location
Public Field FirstOrderPhaseCorrection First Order Phase Correction
Public Field FirstOrderPhaseCorrectionAngle First Order Phase Correction Angle
Public Field FirstTreatmentDate First Treatment Date
Public Field FixationCheckedQuantity Fixation Checked Quantity
Public Field FixationDeviceDescription Fixation Device Description
Public Field FixationDeviceLabel Fixation Device Label
Public Field FixationDevicePitchAngle Fixation Device Pitch Angle
Public Field FixationDevicePosition Fixation Device Position
Public Field FixationDeviceRollAngle Fixation Device Roll Angle
Public Field FixationDeviceSequence Fixation Device Sequence
Public Field FixationDeviceType Fixation Device Type
Public Field FixationEye Fixation Eye
Public Field FixationLightAzimuthalAngle Fixation Light Azimuthal Angle
Public Field FixationLightAzimuthalAngleTolerance Fixation Light Azimuthal Angle Tolerance
Public Field FixationLightPolarAngle Fixation Light Polar Angle
Public Field FixationLightPolarAngleTolerance Fixation Light Polar Angle Tolerance
Public Field FixationMethodCodeSequence Fixation Method Code Sequence
Public Field FixationMonitoringCodeSequence Fixation Monitoring Code Sequence
Public Field FixationSequence Fixation Sequence
Public Field FixedRTBeamDelimiterDeviceSequence Fixed RT Beam Delimiter Device Sequence
Public Field FlashEnergy Flash Energy
Public Field FlashFiringStatus Flash Firing Status
Public Field FlashFunctionPresent Flash Function Present
Public Field FlashMode Flash Mode
Public Field FlashRedEyeMode Flash Red Eye Mode
Public Field FlashReturnStatus Flash Return Status
Public Field FlatCornealAxisSequence Flat Corneal Axis Sequence
Public Field FlatKeratometricAxisSequence Flat Keratometric Axis Sequence
Public Field FlipAngle Flip Angle
Public Field FloatingPointValue Floating Point Value
Public Field FloatingPointValues Floating Point Values
Public Field FloatPixelData Float Pixel Data
Public Field FloatPixelPaddingRangeLimit Float Pixel Padding Range Limit
Public Field FloatPixelPaddingValue Float Pixel Padding Value
Public Field FlowCompensation Flow Compensation
Public Field FlowCompensationDirection Flow Compensation Direction
Public Field FlowIdentifier Flow Identifier
Public Field FlowIdentifierSequence Flow Identifier Sequence
Public Field FlowRTPSamplingRate Flow RTP Sampling Rate
Public Field FlowTransferSyntaxUID Flow Transfer Syntax UID
Public Field FluenceDataScale Fluence Data Scale
Public Field FluenceDataSource Fluence Data Source
Public Field FluenceMapSequence Fluence Map Sequence
Public Field FluenceMode Fluence Mode
Public Field FluenceModeID Fluence Mode ID
Public Field FluoroscopyFlag Fluoroscopy Flag
Public Field FluoroscopyLastImageHoldPersistenceFlag Fluoroscopy Last Image Hold Persistence Flag
Public Field FluoroscopyPersistenceFlag Fluoroscopy Persistence Flag
Public Field FNumber F-Number
Public Field FocalDistance Focal Distance
Public Field FocalLength Focal Length
Public Field FocalLengthIn35mmFilm Focal Length In 35mm Film
Public Field FocalSpot Focal Spot(s)
Public Field FocusDepth Focus Depth
Public Field FocusMethod Focus Method
Public Field FontName Font Name
Public Field FontNameType Font Name Type
Public Field FovealPointNormativeDataFlag Foveal Point Normative Data Flag
Public Field FovealPointProbabilityValue Foveal Point Probability Value
Public Field FovealSensitivity Foveal Sensitivity
Public Field FovealSensitivityMeasured Foveal Sensitivity Measured
Public Field FractionalChannelDisplayScale Fractional Channel Display Scale
Public Field FractionationNotes Fractionation Notes
Public Field FractionBasedRelationshipIntervalAnchor Fraction-Based Relationship Interval Anchor
Public Field FractionBasedRelationshipSequence Fraction-Based Relationship Sequence
Public Field FractionGroupDescription Fraction Group Description
Public Field FractionGroupNumber Fraction Group Number
Public Field FractionGroupSequence Fraction Group Sequence
Public Field FractionGroupSummarySequence Fraction Group Summary Sequence
Public Field FractionGroupType Fraction Group Type
Public Field FractionNumber Fraction Number
Public Field FractionPattern Fraction Pattern
Public Field FractionPatternSequence Fraction Pattern Sequence
Public Field FractionStatusSummarySequence Fraction Status Summary Sequence
Public Field FrameAcquisitionDateTime Frame Acquisition DateTime
Public Field FrameAcquisitionDuration Frame Acquisition Duration
Public Field FrameAcquisitionNumber Frame Acquisition Number
Public Field FrameAcquisitionSequence Frame Acquisition Sequence
Public Field FrameAnatomySequence Frame Anatomy Sequence
Public Field FrameComments Frame Comments
Public Field FrameContentSequence Frame Content Sequence
Public Field FrameDelay Frame Delay
Public Field FrameDetectorParametersSequence Frame Detector Parameters Sequence
Public Field FrameDimensionPointer Frame Dimension Pointer
Public Field FrameDisplaySequence Frame Display Sequence
Public Field FrameDisplayShutterSequence Frame Display Shutter Sequence
Public Field FrameExtractionSequence Frame Extraction Sequence
Public Field FrameIncrementPointer Frame Increment Pointer
Public Field FrameLabel Frame Label
Public Field FrameLabelVector Frame Label Vector
Public Field FrameLaterality Frame Laterality
Public Field FrameNumbersOfInterestFOI Frame Numbers of Interest (FOI)
Public Field FrameOfInterestDescription Frame of Interest Description
Public Field FrameOfInterestType Frame of Interest Type
Public Field FrameOfReferenceRelationshipSequence Frame of Reference Relationship Sequence (Retired)
Public Field FrameOfReferenceToDisplayedCoordinateSystemTransformationMatrix Frame of Reference to Displayed Coordinate System Transformation Matrix
Public Field FrameOfReferenceTransformationComment Frame of Reference Transformation Comment
Public Field FrameOfReferenceTransformationMatrix Frame of Reference Transformation Matrix
Public Field FrameOfReferenceTransformationMatrixType Frame of Reference Transformation Matrix Type
Public Field FrameOfReferenceTransformationType Frame of Reference Transformation Type (Retired)
Public Field FrameOfReferenceUID Frame of Reference UID
Public Field FrameOriginTimestamp Frame Origin Timestamp
Public Field FramePixelDataPropertiesSequence Frame Pixel Data Properties Sequence
Public Field FramePixelShiftSequence Frame Pixel Shift Sequence
Public Field FramePrimaryAngleVector Frame Primary Angle Vector
Public Field FrameReferenceDateTime Frame Reference DateTime
Public Field FrameReferenceTime Frame Reference Time
Public Field FrameSecondaryAngleVector Frame Secondary Angle Vector
Public Field FrameTime Frame Time
Public Field FrameTimeVector Frame Time Vector
Public Field FrameType Frame Type
Public Field FrameUsefulnessGroupSequence Frame Usefulness Group Sequence
Public Field FrameVOILUTSequence Frame VOI LUT Sequence
Public Field FrequencyCorrection Frequency Correction
Public Field FunctionalGroupPointer Functional Group Pointer
Public Field FunctionalGroupPrivateCreator Functional Group Private Creator
Public Field FunctionalMRSequence Functional MR Sequence
Public Field FunctionalSettlingPhaseFramesPresent Functional Settling Phase Frames Present
Public Field FunctionalSyncPulse Functional Sync Pulse
Public Field GainControl Gain Control
Public Field GainCorrectionReferenceSequence Gain Correction Reference Sequence
Public Field GammaValue Gamma Value
Public Field GantryAngle Gantry Angle
Public Field GantryAngleTolerance Gantry Angle Tolerance
Public Field GantryDetectorSlew Gantry/Detector Slew
Public Field GantryDetectorTilt Gantry/Detector Tilt
Public Field GantryID Gantry ID
Public Field GantryMotionCorrected Gantry Motion Corrected
Public Field GantryPitchAngle Gantry Pitch Angle
Public Field GantryPitchAngleTolerance Gantry Pitch Angle Tolerance
Public Field GantryPitchRotationDirection Gantry Pitch Rotation Direction
Public Field GantryRotationDirection Gantry Rotation Direction
Public Field GantryType Gantry Type
Public Field GapLength Gap Length
Public Field GatedInformationSequence Gated Information Sequence
Public Field GateSettingsSequence Gate Settings Sequence
Public Field GateThreshold Gate Threshold
Public Field GeneralAccessoryDefinitionSequence General Accessory Definition Sequence
Public Field GeneralAccessoryDescription General Accessory Description
Public Field GeneralAccessoryID General Accessory ID
Public Field GeneralAccessoryNumber General Accessory Number
Public Field GeneralAccessorySequence General Accessory Sequence
Public Field GeneralAccessoryType General Accessory Type
Public Field GeneralizedDefectCorrectedSensitivityDeviationFlag Generalized Defect Corrected Sensitivity Deviation Flag
Public Field GeneralizedDefectCorrectedSensitivityDeviationProbabilityValue Generalized Defect Corrected Sensitivity Deviation Probability Value
Public Field GeneralizedDefectCorrectedSensitivityDeviationValue Generalized Defect Corrected Sensitivity Deviation Value
Public Field GeneralizedDefectSensitivityDeviationAlgorithmSequence Generalized Defect Sensitivity Deviation Algorithm Sequence
Public Field GeneralMachineVerificationSequence General Machine Verification Sequence
Public Field GeneralPurposePerformedProcedureStepStatus General Purpose Performed Procedure Step Status (Retired)
Public Field GeneralPurposeScheduledProcedureStepPriority General Purpose Scheduled Procedure Step Priority (Retired)
Public Field GeneralPurposeScheduledProcedureStepStatus General Purpose Scheduled Procedure Step Status (Retired)
Public Field GeneratorID Generator ID
Public Field GeneratorPower Generator Power
Public Field GeneticModificationsCodeSequence Genetic Modifications Code Sequence
Public Field GeneticModificationsDescription Genetic Modifications Description
Public Field GeneticModificationsNomenclature Genetic Modifications Nomenclature
Public Field GeneticModificationsSequence Genetic Modifications Sequence
Public Field GeometricalProperties Geometrical Properties
Public Field GeometricMaximumDistortion Geometric Maximum Distortion
Public Field GeometryForDisplay Geometry for Display
Public Field GeometryOfKSpaceTraversal Geometry of k-Space Traversal
Public Field GlobalCrop Global Crop
Public Field GlobalCroppingSpecificationIndex Global Cropping Specification Index
Public Field GlobalDeviationFromNormal Global Deviation From Normal
Public Field GlobalDeviationProbability Global Deviation Probability
Public Field GlobalDeviationProbabilityNormalsFlag Global Deviation Probability Normals Flag
Public Field GlobalDeviationProbabilitySequence Global Deviation Probability Sequence
Public Field GPSAltitude GPS Altitude
Public Field GPSAltitudeRef GPS Altitude Ref
Public Field GPSAreaInformation GPS Area Information
Public Field GPSDateStamp GPS Date Stamp
Public Field GPSDestBearing GPS Dest Bearing
Public Field GPSDestBearingRef GPS Dest Bearing Ref
Public Field GPSDestDistance GPS Dest Distance
Public Field GPSDestDistanceRef GPS Dest Distance Ref
Public Field GPSDestLatitude GPS Dest Latitude
Public Field GPSDestLatitudeRef GPS Dest Latitude Ref
Public Field GPSDestLongitude GPS Dest Longitude
Public Field GPSDestLongitudeRef GPS Dest Longitude Ref
Public Field GPSDifferential GPS Differential
Public Field GPSImgDirection GPS Img Direction
Public Field GPSImgDirectionRef GPS Img Direction Ref
Public Field GPSLatitude GPS Latitude
Public Field GPSLatitudeRef GPS Latitude Ref
Public Field GPSLongitude GPS Longitude
Public Field GPSLongitudeRef GPS Longitude Ref
Public Field GPSMapDatum GPS Map Datum
Public Field GPSMeasureMode GPS Measure Mode
Public Field GPSProcessingMethod GPS Processing Method
Public Field GPSSatellites GPS Satellites
Public Field GPSSpeed GPS Speed
Public Field GPSSpeedRef GPS Speed Ref
Public Field GPSStatus GPS Status
Public Field GPSTimeStamp GPS Time Stamp
Public Field GPSTrack GPS Track
Public Field GPSTrackRef GPS Track Ref
Public Field GPSVersionID GPS Version ID
Public Field GradientEchoTrainLength Gradient Echo Train Length
Public Field GradientOutput Gradient Output
Public Field GradientOutputType Gradient Output Type
Public Field GraphicAnnotationSequence Graphic Annotation Sequence
Public Field GraphicAnnotationUnits Graphic Annotation Units
Public Field GraphicCoordinatesDataSequence Graphic Coordinates Data Sequence
Public Field GraphicData Graphic Data
Public Field GraphicDimensions Graphic Dimensions
Public Field GraphicFilled Graphic Filled
Public Field GraphicGroupDescription Graphic Group Description
Public Field GraphicGroupID Graphic Group ID
Public Field GraphicGroupLabel Graphic Group Label
Public Field GraphicGroupSequence Graphic Group Sequence
Public Field GraphicLayer Graphic Layer
Public Field GraphicLayerDescription Graphic Layer Description
Public Field GraphicLayerOrder Graphic Layer Order
Public Field GraphicLayerRecommendedDisplayCIELabValue Graphic Layer Recommended Display CIELab Value
Public Field GraphicLayerRecommendedDisplayGrayscaleValue Graphic Layer Recommended Display Grayscale Value
Public Field GraphicLayerRecommendedDisplayRGBValue Graphic Layer Recommended Display RGB Value (Retired)
Public Field GraphicLayerSequence Graphic Layer Sequence
Public Field GraphicObjectSequence Graphic Object Sequence
Public Field GraphicType Graphic Type
Public Field GrayLookupTableData Gray Lookup Table Data (Retired)
Public Field GrayLookupTableDescriptor Gray Lookup Table Descriptor (Retired)
Public Field GrayScale Gray Scale (Retired)
Public Field GreenPaletteColorLookupTableData Green Palette Color Lookup Table Data
Public Field GreenPaletteColorLookupTableDescriptor Green Palette Color Lookup Table Descriptor
Public Field Grid Grid
Public Field GridAbsorbingMaterial Grid Absorbing Material
Public Field GridAspectRatio Grid Aspect Ratio
Public Field GridDimensions Grid Dimensions
Public Field GridFocalDistance Grid Focal Distance
Public Field GridFrameOffsetVector Grid Frame Offset Vector
Public Field GridID Grid ID
Public Field GridPeriod Grid Period
Public Field GridPitch Grid Pitch
Public Field GridResolution Grid Resolution
Public Field GridSpacingMaterial Grid Spacing Material
Public Field GridThickness Grid Thickness
Public Field GroupOfPatientsIdentificationSequence Group of Patients Identification Sequence
Public Field HalfValueLayer Half Value Layer
Public Field HangingProtocolCreationDateTime Hanging Protocol Creation DateTime
Public Field HangingProtocolCreator Hanging Protocol Creator
Public Field HangingProtocolDefinitionSequence Hanging Protocol Definition Sequence
Public Field HangingProtocolDescription Hanging Protocol Description
Public Field HangingProtocolLevel Hanging Protocol Level
Public Field HangingProtocolName Hanging Protocol Name
Public Field HangingProtocolUserGroupName Hanging Protocol User Group Name
Public Field HangingProtocolUserIdentificationCodeSequence Hanging Protocol User Identification Code Sequence
Public Field HardcopyCreationDeviceID Hardcopy Creation Device ID (Retired)
Public Field HardcopyDeviceManufacturer Hardcopy Device Manufacturer (Retired)
Public Field HardcopyDeviceManufacturerModelName Hardcopy Device Manufacturer's Model Name (Retired)
Public Field HardcopyDeviceSoftwareVersion Hardcopy Device Software Version (Retired)
Public Field HeadFixationAngle Head Fixation Angle
Public Field HeadFixationAngleTolerance Head Fixation Angle Tolerance
Public Field HeartRate Heart Rate
Public Field HighBit High Bit
Public Field HighDoseTechniqueType High-Dose Technique Type
Public Field HighEnergyDetectors High Energy Detectors
Public Field HighRRValue High R-R Value
Public Field HistogramBinWidth Histogram Bin Width
Public Field HistogramData Histogram Data
Public Field HistogramExplanation Histogram Explanation
Public Field HistogramFirstBinValue Histogram First Bin Value
Public Field HistogramLastBinValue Histogram Last Bin Value
Public Field HistogramNumberOfBins Histogram Number of Bins
Public Field HistogramSequence Histogram Sequence
Public Field HL7DocumentEffectiveTime HL7 Document Effective Time
Public Field HL7DocumentTypeCodeSequence HL7 Document Type Code Sequence
Public Field HL7InstanceIdentifier HL7 Instance Identifier
Public Field HL7StructuredDocumentReferenceSequence HL7 Structured Document Reference Sequence
Public Field HomeCommunityID Home Community ID
Public Field HorizontalAlignment Horizontal Alignment
Public Field HorizontalFieldOfView Horizontal Field of View
Public Field HorizontalOffsetOfSensor Horizontal Offset of Sensor
Public Field HorizontalPrismBase Horizontal Prism Base
Public Field HorizontalPrismPower Horizontal Prism Power
Public Field HPGLContourPenNumber HPGL Contour Pen Number
Public Field HPGLDocument HPGL Document
Public Field HPGLDocumentID HPGL Document ID
Public Field HPGLDocumentLabel HPGL Document Label
Public Field HPGLDocumentScaling HPGL Document Scaling
Public Field HPGLDocumentSequence HPGL Document Sequence
Public Field HPGLPenDescription HPGL Pen Description
Public Field HPGLPenLabel HPGL Pen Label
Public Field HPGLPenNumber HPGL Pen Number
Public Field HPGLPenSequence HPGL Pen Sequence
Public Field HuffmanTableSize Huffman Table Size (Retired)
Public Field HuffmanTableTriplet Huffman Table Triplet (Retired)
Public Field HumanPerformerCodeSequence Human Performer Code Sequence
Public Field HumanPerformerName Human Performer's Name
Public Field HumanPerformerOrganization Human Performer's Organization
Public Field Humidity Humidity
Public Field ICCProfile ICC Profile
Public Field IconImageSequence Icon Image Sequence
Public Field IdenticalDocumentsSequence Identical Documents Sequence
Public Field IdentificationDescriptionTrial Identification Description (Trial) (Retired)
Public Field IdentifierCodeSequenceTrial Identifier Code Sequence (Trial) (Retired)
Public Field IdentifierTypeCode Identifier Type Code
Public Field IdentifyingComments Identifying Comments (Retired)
Public Field IdentifyingPrivateElements Identifying Private Elements
Public Field Illumination Illumination
Public Field IlluminationBandwidth Illumination Bandwidth
Public Field IlluminationColorCodeSequence Illumination Color Code Sequence
Public Field IlluminationPower Illumination Power
Public Field IlluminationTypeCodeSequence Illumination Type Code Sequence
Public Field IlluminationWaveLength Illumination Wave Length
Public Field IlluminatorTypeCodeSequence Illuminator Type Code Sequence
Public Field ImageAndFluoroscopyAreaDoseProduct Image and Fluoroscopy Area Dose Product
Public Field ImageBoxContentSequence Image Box Content Sequence (Retired)
Public Field ImageBoxesSequence Image Boxes Sequence
Public Field ImageBoxLargeScrollAmount Image Box Large Scroll Amount
Public Field ImageBoxLargeScrollType Image Box Large Scroll Type
Public Field ImageBoxLayoutType Image Box Layout Type
Public Field ImageBoxNumber Image Box Number
Public Field ImageBoxOverlapPriority Image Box Overlap Priority
Public Field ImageBoxPosition Image Box Position
Public Field ImageBoxPresentationLUTFlag Image Box Presentation LUT Flag (Retired)
Public Field ImageBoxScrollDirection Image Box Scroll Direction
Public Field ImageBoxSmallScrollAmount Image Box Small Scroll Amount
Public Field ImageBoxSmallScrollType Image Box Small Scroll Type
Public Field ImageBoxSynchronizationSequence Image Box Synchronization Sequence
Public Field ImageBoxTileHorizontalDimension Image Box Tile Horizontal Dimension
Public Field ImageBoxTileVerticalDimension Image Box Tile Vertical Dimension
Public Field ImageCenterPointCoordinatesSequence Image Center Point Coordinates Sequence
Public Field ImageComments Image Comments
Public Field ImageDataLocation Image Data Location (Retired)
Public Field ImageDataTypeSequence Image Data Type Sequence
Public Field ImageDimensions Image Dimensions (Retired)
Public Field ImageDisplayFormat Image Display Format
Public Field ImagedNucleus Imaged Nucleus
Public Field ImagedVolumeDepth Imaged Volume Depth
Public Field ImagedVolumeHeight Imaged Volume Height
Public Field ImagedVolumeWidth Imaged Volume Width
Public Field ImageFilter Image Filter
Public Field ImageFilterDescription Image Filter Description
Public Field ImageFilterDetailsSequence Image Filter Details Sequence
Public Field ImageFormat Image Format (Retired)
Public Field ImageFrameOrigin Image Frame Origin
Public Field ImageGeometryType Image Geometry Type (Retired)
Public Field ImageHorizontalFlip Image Horizontal Flip
Public Field ImageID Image ID
Public Field ImageIndex Image Index
Public Field ImageLaterality Image Laterality
Public Field ImageLocation Image Location (Retired)
Public Field ImageOrientation Image Orientation (Retired)
Public Field ImageOrientationPatient Image Orientation (Patient)
Public Field ImageOrientationSlide Image Orientation (Slide)
Public Field ImageOrientationVolume Image Orientation (Volume)
Public Field ImageOverlayBoxContentSequence Image Overlay Box Content Sequence (Retired)
Public Field ImageOverlayFlag Image Overlay Flag (Retired)
Public Field ImagePathFilterPassBand Image Path Filter Pass Band
Public Field ImagePathFilterPassThroughWavelength Image Path Filter Pass-Through Wavelength
Public Field ImagePathFilterTypeStackCodeSequence Image Path Filter Type Stack Code Sequence
Public Field ImagePlanePixelSpacing Image Plane Pixel Spacing
Public Field ImagePosition Image Position (Retired)
Public Field ImagePositionPatient Image Position (Patient)
Public Field ImagePositionVolume Image Position (Volume)
Public Field ImagePresentationComments Image Presentation Comments (Retired)
Public Field ImageProcessingApplied Image Processing Applied
Public Field ImageQualityIndicatorMaterial Image Quality Indicator Material
Public Field ImageQualityIndicatorSize Image Quality Indicator Size
Public Field ImageQualityIndicatorType Image Quality Indicator Type
Public Field ImageRotation Image Rotation
Public Field ImageRotationRetired Image Rotation (Retired)
Public Field ImagerPixelSpacing Imager Pixel Spacing
Public Field ImageScaleRepresentation Image Scale Representation
Public Field ImageSetLabel Image Set Label
Public Field ImageSetNumber Image Set Number
Public Field ImageSetSelectorCategory Image Set Selector Category
Public Field ImageSetSelectorSequence Image Set Selector Sequence
Public Field ImageSetSelectorUsageFlag Image Set Selector Usage Flag
Public Field ImageSetsSequence Image Sets Sequence
Public Field ImagesInAcquisition Images in Acquisition
Public Field ImagesInSeries Images in Series (Retired)
Public Field ImagesInStudy Images in Study (Retired)
Public Field ImageToEquipmentMappingMatrix Image to Equipment Mapping Matrix
Public Field ImageTransformationMatrix Image Transformation Matrix (Retired)
Public Field ImageTranslationVector Image Translation Vector (Retired)
Public Field ImageTriggerDelay Image Trigger Delay
Public Field ImageType Image Type
Public Field ImageVolumeGeometry Image Volume Geometry
Public Field ImagingDeviceSpecificAcquisitionParameters Imaging Device-Specific Acquisition Parameters
Public Field ImagingFrequency Imaging Frequency
Public Field ImagingServiceRequestComments Imaging Service Request Comments
Public Field ImmersionMedia Immersion Media
Public Field ImpedanceMeasurementCurrentType Impedance Measurement Current Type
Public Field ImpedanceMeasurementDateTime Impedance Measurement DateTime
Public Field ImpedanceMeasurementFrequency Impedance Measurement Frequency
Public Field ImpedanceValue Impedance Value
Public Field ImplantAssemblyTemplateIssuer Implant Assembly Template Issuer
Public Field ImplantAssemblyTemplateName Implant Assembly Template Name
Public Field ImplantAssemblyTemplateTargetAnatomySequence Implant Assembly Template Target Anatomy Sequence
Public Field ImplantAssemblyTemplateType Implant Assembly Template Type
Public Field ImplantAssemblyTemplateVersion Implant Assembly Template Version
Public Field ImplantName Implant Name
Public Field ImplantPartNumber Implant Part Number
Public Field ImplantRegulatoryDisapprovalCodeSequence Implant Regulatory Disapproval Code Sequence
Public Field ImplantSize Implant Size
Public Field ImplantTargetAnatomySequence Implant Target Anatomy Sequence
Public Field ImplantTemplate3DModelSurfaceNumber Implant Template 3D Model Surface Number
Public Field ImplantTemplateGroupDescription Implant Template Group Description
Public Field ImplantTemplateGroupIssuer Implant Template Group Issuer
Public Field ImplantTemplateGroupMemberID Implant Template Group Member ID
Public Field ImplantTemplateGroupMemberMatching2DCoordinatesSequence Implant Template Group Member Matching 2D Coordinates Sequence
Public Field ImplantTemplateGroupMembersSequence Implant Template Group Members Sequence
Public Field ImplantTemplateGroupName Implant Template Group Name
Public Field ImplantTemplateGroupTargetAnatomySequence Implant Template Group Target Anatomy Sequence
Public Field ImplantTemplateGroupVariationDimensionName Implant Template Group Variation Dimension Name
Public Field ImplantTemplateGroupVariationDimensionRank Implant Template Group Variation Dimension Rank
Public Field ImplantTemplateGroupVariationDimensionRankSequence Implant Template Group Variation Dimension Rank Sequence
Public Field ImplantTemplateGroupVariationDimensionSequence Implant Template Group Variation Dimension Sequence
Public Field ImplantTemplateGroupVersion Implant Template Group Version
Public Field ImplantTemplateVersion Implant Template Version
Public Field ImplantType Implant Type
Public Field ImplantTypeCodeSequence Implant Type Code Sequence
Public Field ImplementationClassUID Implementation Class UID
Public Field ImplementationVersionName Implementation Version Name
Public Field Impressions Impressions (Retired)
Public Field InboundArrivalType Inbound Arrival Type
Public Field IncidentAngle Incident Angle
Public Field IncludeDisplayApplication Include Display Application
Public Field IncludeNonDICOMObjects Include Non-DICOM Objects
Public Field IncludesImagingSubject Includes Imaging Subject
Public Field IncludesInformation Includes Information
Public Field InConcatenationNumber In-concatenation Number
Public Field InConcatenationTotalNumber In-concatenation Total Number
Public Field IndexNormalsFlag Index Normals Flag
Public Field IndexProbability Index Probability
Public Field IndexProbabilitySequence Index Probability Sequence
Public Field IndicationDescription Indication Description
Public Field IndicationDisposition Indication Disposition
Public Field IndicationLabel Indication Label
Public Field IndicationNumber Indication Number
Public Field IndicationPhysicalPropertySequence Indication Physical Property Sequence
Public Field IndicationROISequence Indication ROI Sequence
Public Field IndicationSequence Indication Sequence
Public Field IndicationType Indication Type
Public Field InformationFromManufacturerSequence Information From Manufacturer Sequence
Public Field InformationIssueDateTime Information Issue DateTime
Public Field InformationSummary Information Summary
Public Field InitialCineRunState Initial Cine Run State
Public Field Initiator Initiator (Retired)
Public Field InnerDiameter Inner Diameter
Public Field InPlanePhaseEncodingDirection In-plane Phase Encoding Direction
Public Field InputAvailabilityFlag Input Availability Flag (Retired)
Public Field InputInformationSequence Input Information Sequence
Public Field InputReadinessState Input Readiness State
Public Field InputSequencePositionIndex Input Sequence Position Index
Public Field InspectionSelectionCriteria Inspection Selection Criteria
Public Field InStackPositionNumber In-Stack Position Number
Public Field InstanceAvailability Instance Availability
Public Field InstanceCoercionDateTime Instance Coercion DateTime
Public Field InstanceCreationDate Instance Creation Date
Public Field InstanceCreationTime Instance Creation Time
Public Field InstanceCreatorUID Instance Creator UID
Public Field InstanceLevelReferencedPerformedProcedureStepSequence Instance-Level Referenced Performed Procedure Step Sequence
Public Field InstanceNumber Instance Number
Public Field InstanceOriginStatus Instance Origin Status
Public Field InstitutionAddress Institution Address
Public Field InstitutionalDepartmentName Institutional Department Name
Public Field InstitutionalDepartmentTypeCodeSequence Institutional Department Type Code Sequence
Public Field InstitutionCodeSequence Institution Code Sequence
Public Field InstitutionName Institution Name
Public Field InstructionDescription Instruction Description
Public Field InstructionIndex Instruction Index
Public Field InstructionPerformanceComment Instruction Performance Comment
Public Field InstructionPerformedDateTime Instruction Performed DateTime
Public Field InstructionPerformedFlag Instruction Performed Flag
Public Field InstructionSequence Instruction Sequence
Public Field InstructionText Instruction Text
Public Field InsurancePlanIdentification Insurance Plan Identification (Retired)
Public Field IntendedDeliveryDuration Intended Delivery Duration
Public Field IntendedFractionStartTime Intended Fraction Start Time
Public Field IntendedNumberOfFractions Intended Number of Fractions
Public Field IntendedPhaseEndDate Intended Phase End Date
Public Field IntendedPhaseStartDate Intended Phase Start Date
Public Field IntendedRecipientsOfResultsIdentificationSequence Intended Recipients of Results Identification Sequence
Public Field IntendedRTTreatmentPhaseSequence Intended RT Treatment Phase Sequence
Public Field IntendedStartDayOfWeek Intended Start Day of Week
Public Field IntensifierActiveDimension Intensifier Active Dimension(s)
Public Field IntensifierActiveShape Intensifier Active Shape
Public Field IntensifierSize Intensifier Size
Public Field InterlockCodeSequence Interlock Code Sequence
Public Field InterlockDateTime Interlock DateTime
Public Field InterlockDescription Interlock Description
Public Field InterlockOriginatingDeviceSequence Interlock Originating Device Sequence
Public Field InterlockOriginDescription Interlock Origin Description
Public Field InterlockResolutionCodeSequence Interlock Resolution Code Sequence
Public Field InterlockResolutionUserSequence Interlock Resolution User Sequence
Public Field InterlockSequence Interlock Sequence
Public Field IntermarkerDistance Inter-Marker Distance
Public Field IntermediatePupillaryDistance Intermediate Pupillary Distance
Public Field InternalDetectorFrameTime Internal Detector Frame Time
Public Field InternationalRouteSegment International Route Segment
Public Field InteroperabilityIndex Interoperability Index
Public Field InteroperabilityVersion Interoperability Version
Public Field InterpolationType Interpolation Type
Public Field InterpretationApprovalDate Interpretation Approval Date (Retired)
Public Field InterpretationApprovalTime Interpretation Approval Time (Retired)
Public Field InterpretationApproverSequence Interpretation Approver Sequence (Retired)
Public Field InterpretationAuthor Interpretation Author (Retired)
Public Field InterpretationDiagnosisCodeSequence Interpretation Diagnosis Code Sequence (Retired)
Public Field InterpretationDiagnosisDescription Interpretation Diagnosis Description (Retired)
Public Field InterpretationID Interpretation ID (Retired)
Public Field InterpretationIDIssuer Interpretation ID Issuer (Retired)
Public Field InterpretationRecordedDate Interpretation Recorded Date (Retired)
Public Field InterpretationRecordedTime Interpretation Recorded Time (Retired)
Public Field InterpretationRecorder Interpretation Recorder (Retired)
Public Field InterpretationStatusID Interpretation Status ID (Retired)
Public Field InterpretationText Interpretation Text (Retired)
Public Field InterpretationTranscriber Interpretation Transcriber (Retired)
Public Field InterpretationTranscriptionDate Interpretation Transcription Date (Retired)
Public Field InterpretationTranscriptionTime Interpretation Transcription Time (Retired)
Public Field InterpretationTypeID Interpretation Type ID (Retired)
Public Field IntervalNumber Interval Number (Retired)
Public Field IntervalsAcquired Intervals Acquired
Public Field IntervalsRejected Intervals Rejected
Public Field InterventionDescription Intervention Description
Public Field InterventionDrugCodeSequence Intervention Drug Code Sequence
Public Field InterventionDrugDose Intervention Drug Dose
Public Field InterventionDrugInformationSequence Intervention Drug Information Sequence
Public Field InterventionDrugName Intervention Drug Name
Public Field InterventionDrugStartTime Intervention Drug Start Time
Public Field InterventionDrugStopTime Intervention Drug Stop Time
Public Field InterventionSequence Intervention Sequence
Public Field InterventionStatus Intervention Status
Public Field IntraocularLensCalculationsLeftEyeSequence Intraocular Lens Calculations Left Eye Sequence
Public Field IntraocularLensCalculationsRightEyeSequence Intraocular Lens Calculations Right Eye Sequence
Public Field IntraOcularPressure Intra Ocular Pressure
Public Field IntravascularFrameContentSequence Intravascular Frame Content Sequence
Public Field IntravascularLongitudinalDistance Intravascular Longitudinal Distance
Public Field IntravascularOCTFrameContentSequence Intravascular OCT Frame Content Sequence
Public Field IntravascularOCTFrameTypeSequence Intravascular OCT Frame Type Sequence
Public Field InversionRecovery Inversion Recovery
Public Field InversionTime Inversion Time
Public Field InversionTimes Inversion Times
Public Field IOLFormulaCodeSequence IOL Formula Code Sequence
Public Field IOLFormulaDetail IOL Formula Detail
Public Field IOLManufacturer IOL Manufacturer
Public Field IOLPower IOL Power
Public Field IOLPowerForExactEmmetropia IOL Power For Exact Emmetropia
Public Field IOLPowerForExactTargetRefraction IOL Power For Exact Target Refraction
Public Field IOLPowerSequence IOL Power Sequence
Public Field IonBeamLimitingDeviceSequence Ion Beam Limiting Device Sequence
Public Field IonBeamSequence Ion Beam Sequence
Public Field IonBlockSequence Ion Block Sequence
Public Field IonControlPointDeliverySequence Ion Control Point Delivery Sequence
Public Field IonControlPointSequence Ion Control Point Sequence
Public Field IonControlPointVerificationSequence Ion Control Point Verification Sequence
Public Field IonMachineVerificationSequence Ion Machine Verification Sequence
Public Field IonRangeCompensatorSequence Ion Range Compensator Sequence
Public Field IonToleranceTableSequence Ion Tolerance Table Sequence
Public Field IonWedgePositionSequence Ion Wedge Position Sequence
Public Field IonWedgeSequence Ion Wedge Sequence
Public Field IrradiationEventIdentificationSequence Irradiation Event Identification Sequence
Public Field IrradiationEventUID Irradiation Event UID
Public Field IsocenterPosition Isocenter Position
Public Field IsocenterReferenceSystemSequence Isocenter Reference System Sequence
Public Field IsocenterToBeamLimitingDeviceDistance Isocenter to Beam Limiting Device Distance
Public Field IsocenterToBlockTrayDistance Isocenter to Block Tray Distance
Public Field IsocenterToCompensatorDistances Isocenter to Compensator Distances
Public Field IsocenterToCompensatorTrayDistance Isocenter to Compensator Tray Distance
Public Field IsocenterToGeneralAccessoryDistance Isocenter to General Accessory Distance
Public Field IsocenterToLateralSpreadingDeviceDistance Isocenter to Lateral Spreading Device Distance
Public Field IsocenterToRangeModulatorDistance Isocenter to Range Modulator Distance
Public Field IsocenterToRangeShifterDistance Isocenter to Range Shifter Distance
Public Field IsocenterToWedgeTrayDistance Isocenter to Wedge Tray Distance
Public Field ISOSpeed ISO Speed
Public Field ISOSpeedLatitudeYyy ISO Speed Latitude yyy
Public Field ISOSpeedLatitudeZzz ISO Speed Latitude zzz
Public Field IsotopeNumber Isotope Number (Retired)
Public Field IssueDateOfImagingServiceRequest Issue Date of Imaging Service Request
Public Field IssuerOfAccessionNumberSequence Issuer of Accession Number Sequence
Public Field IssuerOfAdmissionID Issuer of Admission ID (Retired)
Public Field IssuerOfAdmissionIDSequence Issuer of Admission ID Sequence
Public Field IssuerOfPatientID Issuer of Patient ID
Public Field IssuerOfPatientIDQualifiersSequence Issuer of Patient ID Qualifiers Sequence
Public Field IssuerOfServiceEpisodeID Issuer of Service Episode ID (Retired)
Public Field IssuerOfServiceEpisodeIDSequence Issuer of Service Episode ID Sequence
Public Field IssuerOfTheContainerIdentifierSequence Issuer of the Container Identifier Sequence
Public Field IssuerOfTheSpecimenIdentifierSequence Issuer of the Specimen Identifier Sequence
Public Field IssueTimeOfImagingServiceRequest Issue Time of Imaging Service Request
Public Field Italic Italic
Public Field Item Item
Public Field ItemDelimitationItem Item Delimitation Item
Public Field ItemNumber Item Number
Public Field IterativeReconstructionMethod Iterative Reconstruction Method
Public Field ItineraryID Itinerary ID
Public Field ItineraryIDAssigningAuthority Itinerary ID Assigning Authority
Public Field ItineraryIDType Itinerary ID Type
Public Field IVUSAcquisition IVUS Acquisition
Public Field IVUSGatedRate IVUS Gated Rate
Public Field IVUSPullbackRate IVUS Pullback Rate
Public Field IVUSPullbackStartFrameNumber IVUS Pullback Start Frame Number
Public Field IVUSPullbackStopFrameNumber IVUS Pullback Stop Frame Number
Public Field KeratoconusPredictionIndex Keratoconus Prediction Index
Public Field KeratometerIndex Keratometer Index
Public Field KeratometricAxis Keratometric Axis
Public Field KeratometricPower Keratometric Power
Public Field KeratometryLeftEyeSequence Keratometry Left Eye Sequence
Public Field KeratometryMeasurementTypeCodeSequence Keratometry Measurement Type Code Sequence
Public Field KeratometryRightEyeSequence Keratometry Right Eye Sequence
Public Field KSpaceFiltering k-space Filtering
Public Field KVP KVP
Public Field KVUsedInGainCalibration KV Used in Gain Calibration
Public Field LabelStyleSelection Label Style Selection
Public Field LabelText Label Text
Public Field LabelUsingInformationExtractedFromInstances Label Using Information Extracted From Instances
Public Field LanguageCodeSequence Language Code Sequence
Public Field LanguageCodeSequenceTrial Language Code Sequence (Trial) (Retired)
Public Field LargeBluePaletteColorLookupTableData Large Blue Palette Color Lookup Table Data (Retired)
Public Field LargeBluePaletteColorLookupTableDescriptor Large Blue Palette Color Lookup Table Descriptor (Retired)
Public Field LargeGreenPaletteColorLookupTableData Large Green Palette Color Lookup Table Data (Retired)
Public Field LargeGreenPaletteColorLookupTableDescriptor Large Green Palette Color Lookup Table Descriptor (Retired)
Public Field LargePaletteColorLookupTableUID Large Palette Color Lookup Table UID (Retired)
Public Field LargeRedPaletteColorLookupTableData Large Red Palette Color Lookup Table Data (Retired)
Public Field LargeRedPaletteColorLookupTableDescriptor Large Red Palette Color Lookup Table Descriptor (Retired)
Public Field LargestImagePixelValue Largest Image Pixel Value
Public Field LargestImagePixelValueInPlane Largest Image Pixel Value in Plane (Retired)
Public Field LargestMonochromePixelValue Largest Monochrome Pixel Value (Retired)
Public Field LargestPixelValueInSeries Largest Pixel Value in Series
Public Field LargestValidPixelValue Largest Valid Pixel Value (Retired)
Public Field LastMenstrualDate Last Menstrual Date
Public Field Laterality Laterality
Public Field LateralSpreadingDeviceDescription Lateral Spreading Device Description
Public Field LateralSpreadingDeviceID Lateral Spreading Device ID
Public Field LateralSpreadingDeviceNumber Lateral Spreading Device Number
Public Field LateralSpreadingDeviceSequence Lateral Spreading Device Sequence
Public Field LateralSpreadingDeviceSetting Lateral Spreading Device Setting
Public Field LateralSpreadingDeviceSettingsSequence Lateral Spreading Device Settings Sequence
Public Field LateralSpreadingDeviceType Lateral Spreading Device Type
Public Field LateralSpreadingDeviceWaterEquivalentThickness Lateral Spreading Device Water Equivalent Thickness
Public Field LeafJawPositions Leaf/Jaw Positions
Public Field LeafPositionBoundaries Leaf Position Boundaries
Public Field LeftImageSequence Left Image Sequence
Public Field LeftLensSequence Left Lens Sequence
Public Field LengthToEnd Length to End (Retired)
Public Field LengthToEndCommand Command Length to End (Retired)
Public Field LensConstantDescription Lens Constant Description (Retired)
Public Field LensConstantSequence Lens Constant Sequence
Public Field LensDescription Lens Description
Public Field LensesCodeSequence Lenses Code Sequence
Public Field LensMake Lens Make
Public Field LensModel Lens Model
Public Field LensSegmentType Lens Segment Type
Public Field LensSerialNumber Lens Serial Number
Public Field LensSpecification Lens Specification
Public Field LensStatusCodeSequence Lens Status Code Sequence
Public Field LensStatusDescription Lens Status Description
Public Field LensThickness Lens Thickness
Public Field LensThicknessSequence Lens Thickness Sequence
Public Field LesionNumber Lesion Number
Public Field LightDirection Light Direction
Public Field LightPathFilterPassBand Light Path Filter Pass Band
Public Field LightPathFilterPassThroughWavelength Light Path Filter Pass-Through Wavelength
Public Field LightPathFilterTypeStackCodeSequence Light Path Filter Type Stack Code Sequence
Public Field LightSource Light Source
Public Field LightSourcePolarization Light Source Polarization
Public Field LINACEnergy LINAC Energy
Public Field LINACOutput LINAC Output
Public Field LineDashingStyle Line Dashing Style
Public Field LinePattern Line Pattern
Public Field LineSequence Line Sequence
Public Field LineStyleSequence Line Style Sequence
Public Field LineThickness Line Thickness
Public Field ListOfMIMETypes List of MIME Types
Public Field LocalDeviationProbabilityNormalsFlag Local Deviation Probability Normals Flag
Public Field LocalizedDeviationFromNormal Localized Deviation From Normal
Public Field LocalizedDeviationProbability Localized Deviation Probability
Public Field LocalizedDeviationProbabilitySequence Localized Deviation Probability Sequence
Public Field LocalizingCursorPosition Localizing Cursor Position
Public Field LocalNamespaceEntityID Local Namespace Entity ID
Public Field Location Location (Retired)
Public Field LocationOfMeasuredBeamDiameter Location of Measured Beam Diameter
Public Field LongCodeValue Long Code Value
Public Field LongDeviceDescription Long Device Description
Public Field LongEdgePointIndexList Long Edge Point Index List
Public Field LongitudinalTemporalEventType Longitudinal Temporal Event Type
Public Field LongitudinalTemporalInformationModified Longitudinal Temporal Information Modified
Public Field LongitudinalTemporalOffsetFromEvent Longitudinal Temporal Offset from Event
Public Field LongPrimitivePointIndexList Long Primitive Point Index List
Public Field LongTrianglePointIndexList Long Triangle Point Index List
Public Field LongVertexPointIndexList Long Vertex Point Index List
Public Field LookupTableNumber LUT Number (Retired)
Public Field LossyImageCompression Lossy Image Compression
Public Field LossyImageCompressionMethod Lossy Image Compression Method
Public Field LossyImageCompressionRatio Lossy Image Compression Ratio
Public Field LossyImageCompressionRetired Lossy Image Compression (Retired)
Public Field LowEnergyDetectors Low Energy Detectors
Public Field LowRRValue Low R-R Value
Public Field LuminanceCharacteristicsID Luminance Characteristics ID
Public Field LuminanceResponseDescription Luminance Response Description
Public Field LuminanceResponseSequence Luminance Response Sequence
Public Field LuminanceResultSequence Luminance Result Sequence
Public Field LuminanceUniformityResultSequence Luminance Uniformity Result Sequence
Public Field LuminanceValue Luminance Value
Public Field LUTData LUT Data
Public Field LUTDescriptor LUT Descriptor
Public Field LUTExplanation LUT Explanation
Public Field LUTFrameRange LUT Frame Range
Public Field LUTFunction LUT Function
Public Field LUTLabel LUT Label
Public Field LUTNumber LUT Number (Retired)
Public Field MAC MAC
Public Field MACAlgorithm MAC Algorithm
Public Field MACCalculationTransferSyntaxUID MAC Calculation Transfer Syntax UID
Public Field MachineSpecificTreatmentTerminationCodeSequence Machine-Specific Treatment Termination Code Sequence
Public Field MACIDNumber MAC ID Number
Public Field MACParametersSequence MAC Parameters Sequence
Public Field MagneticFieldStrength Magnetic Field Strength
Public Field MagnetizationTransfer Magnetization Transfer
Public Field MagnificationType Magnification Type
Public Field MagnificationTypeCommand Command Magnification Type (Retired)
Public Field MagnifyToNumberOfColumns Magnify to Number of Columns (Retired)
Public Field MainLobeAngle Main Lobe Angle
Public Field MainRoofAngle Main Roof Angle
Public Field MajorTicksSequence Major Ticks Sequence
Public Field MakerNote Maker Note
Public Field MandatoryComponentType Mandatory Component Type
Public Field Manifold Manifold
Public Field ManipulatedImage Manipulated Image (Retired)
Public Field Manufacturer Manufacturer
Public Field ManufacturerDeviceClassUID Manufacturer's Device Class UID
Public Field ManufacturerDeviceIdentifier Manufacturer's Device Identifier
Public Field ManufacturerModelName Manufacturer's Model Name
Public Field ManufacturerModelVersion Manufacturer's Model Version
Public Field ManufacturerRelatedModelGroup Manufacturer's Related Model Group
Public Field MappedPixelValue Mapped Pixel Value
Public Field MappingResource Mapping Resource
Public Field MappingResourceIdentificationSequence Mapping Resource Identification Sequence
Public Field MappingResourceName Mapping Resource Name
Public Field MappingResourceUID Mapping Resource UID
Public Field MaskFrameNumbers Mask Frame Numbers
Public Field MaskingImage Masking Image (Retired)
Public Field MaskOperation Mask Operation
Public Field MaskOperationExplanation Mask Operation Explanation
Public Field MaskPointer Mask Pointer(s) (Retired)
Public Field MaskSelectionMode Mask Selection Mode
Public Field MaskSubPixelShift Mask Sub-pixel Shift
Public Field MaskSubtractionSequence Mask Subtraction Sequence
Public Field MaskVisibilityPercentage Mask Visibility Percentage
Public Field Mass Mass
Public Field MaterialAttenuationSequence Material Attenuation Sequence
Public Field MaterialCodeSequence Material Code Sequence
Public Field MaterialGrade Material Grade
Public Field MaterialID Material ID
Public Field MaterialIsolationDiameter Material Isolation Diameter
Public Field MaterialNotes Material Notes
Public Field MaterialPipeDiameter Material Pipe Diameter
Public Field MaterialPropertiesDescription Material Properties Description
Public Field MaterialPropertiesFileFormat Material Properties File Format (Retired)
Public Field MaterialsCodeSequence Materials Code Sequence
Public Field MaterialThickness Material Thickness
Public Field MatingFeatureDegreeOfFreedomSequence Mating Feature Degree of Freedom Sequence
Public Field MatingFeatureID Mating Feature ID
Public Field MatingFeatureSequence Mating Feature Sequence
Public Field MatingFeatureSetID Mating Feature Set ID
Public Field MatingFeatureSetLabel Mating Feature Set Label
Public Field MatingFeatureSetsSequence Mating Feature Sets Sequence
Public Field MatrixRegistrationSequence Matrix Registration Sequence
Public Field MatrixSequence Matrix Sequence
Public Field MAUsedInGainCalibration MA Used in Gain Calibration
Public Field MaxApertureValue Max Aperture Value
Public Field MaxDensity Max Density
Public Field MaximumAcrossScanDistortion Maximum Across-scan Distortion
Public Field MaximumAlongScanDistortion Maximum Along-scan Distortion
Public Field MaximumCollatedFilms Maximum Collated Films
Public Field MaximumCoordinateValue Maximum Coordinate Value (Retired)
Public Field MaximumCornealCurvature Maximum Corneal Curvature
Public Field MaximumCornealCurvatureLocation Maximum Corneal Curvature Location
Public Field MaximumCornealCurvatureSequence Maximum Corneal Curvature Sequence
Public Field MaximumDepthDistortion Maximum Depth Distortion
Public Field MaximumFractionalValue Maximum Fractional Value
Public Field MaximumMemoryAllocation Maximum Memory Allocation
Public Field MaximumNominalEnergy Maximum Nominal Energy
Public Field MaximumNumberOfIntervalDays Maximum Number of Interval Days
Public Field MaximumPointDistance Maximum Point Distance
Public Field MaximumStimulusLuminance Maximum Stimulus Luminance
Public Field MaximumStoredValueMapped Maximum Stored Value Mapped
Public Field MeanPointDistance Mean Point Distance
Public Field MeasuredAPDimension Measured AP Dimension
Public Field MeasuredBandwidth Measured Bandwidth
Public Field MeasuredBeamDimensionA Measured Beam Dimension A
Public Field MeasuredBeamDimensionB Measured Beam Dimension B
Public Field MeasuredCenterFrequency Measured Center Frequency
Public Field MeasuredCharacteristics Measured Characteristics
Public Field MeasuredDoseDescription Measured Dose Description
Public Field MeasuredDoseReferenceNumber Measured Dose Reference Number
Public Field MeasuredDoseReferenceSequence Measured Dose Reference Sequence
Public Field MeasuredDoseType Measured Dose Type
Public Field MeasuredDoseValue Measured Dose Value
Public Field MeasuredLateralDimension Measured Lateral Dimension
Public Field MeasuredMetersetToDoseMappingSequence Measured Meterset to Dose Mapping Sequence
Public Field MeasuredValueSequence Measured Value Sequence
Public Field MeasurementAutomationTrial Measurement Automation (Trial) (Retired)
Public Field MeasurementEquipmentSequence Measurement Equipment Sequence
Public Field MeasurementEquipmentType Measurement Equipment Type
Public Field MeasurementFunctions Measurement Functions
Public Field MeasurementLaterality Measurement Laterality
Public Field MeasurementPatternCodeSequence Measurement Pattern Code Sequence
Public Field MeasurementPrecisionDescriptionTrial Measurement Precision Description (Trial) (Retired)
Public Field MeasurementsSequence Measurements Sequence
Public Field MeasurementUnitsCodeSequence Measurement Units Code Sequence
Public Field MeasurementValuesSequence Measurement Values Sequence
Public Field MeasuringUnitsSequence Measuring Units Sequence
Public Field MechanicalIndex Mechanical Index
Public Field MediaDisposition Media Disposition
Public Field MediaInstalledSequence Media Installed Sequence
Public Field MediaStorageSOPClassUID Media Storage SOP Class UID
Public Field MediaStorageSOPInstanceUID Media Storage SOP Instance UID
Public Field MedicalAlerts Medical Alerts
Public Field MedicalRecordLocator Medical Record Locator (Retired)
Public Field MediumType Medium Type
Public Field MemoryAllocation Memory Allocation
Public Field MemoryBitDepth Memory Bit Depth
Public Field MessageID Message ID
Public Field MessageIDBeingRespondedTo Message ID Being Responded To
Public Field MessageSetID Message Set ID (Retired)
Public Field MetaboliteMapCodeSequence Metabolite Map Code Sequence
Public Field MetaboliteMapDescription Metabolite Map Description
Public Field MeteringMode Metering Mode
Public Field MetersetExposure Meterset Exposure
Public Field MetersetRate Meterset Rate
Public Field MetersetRateDelivered Meterset Rate Delivered
Public Field MetersetRateSet Meterset Rate Set
Public Field MetersetToDoseMappingSequence Meterset to Dose Mapping Sequence
Public Field MidSlabPosition Mid Slab Position
Public Field MilitaryRank Military Rank
Public Field MIMETypeOfEncapsulatedDocument MIME Type of Encapsulated Document
Public Field MinDensity Min Density
Public Field MinimumCoordinateValue Minimum Coordinate Value (Retired)
Public Field MinimumHoursBetweenFractions Minimum Hours between Fractions
Public Field MinimumKeratometricSequence Minimum Keratometric Sequence
Public Field MinimumNominalEnergy Minimum Nominal Energy
Public Field MinimumNumberOfIntervalDays Minimum Number of Interval Days
Public Field MinimumSensitivityValue Minimum Sensitivity Value
Public Field MinimumStoredValueMapped Minimum Stored Value Mapped
Public Field ModalitiesInStudy Modalities in Study
Public Field Modality Modality
Public Field ModalityLUTSequence Modality LUT Sequence
Public Field ModalityLUTType Modality LUT Type
Public Field ModelGroupUID Model Group UID
Public Field ModelMirroring Model Mirroring
Public Field ModelModification Model Modification
Public Field ModelSpecificationSequence Model Specification Sequence
Public Field ModelUsageCodeSequence Model Usage Code Sequence
Public Field ModeOfPercutaneousAccessSequence Mode of Percutaneous Access Sequence
Public Field ModifiableConstraintFlag Modifiable Constraint Flag
Public Field ModifiedAttributesSequence Modified Attributes Sequence
Public Field ModifiedImageDate Modified Image Date (Retired)
Public Field ModifiedImageDescription Modified Image Description (Retired)
Public Field ModifiedImageID Modified Image ID (Retired)
Public Field ModifiedImageTime Modified Image Time (Retired)
Public Field ModifierCodeSequence Modifier Code Sequence
Public Field ModifyingDeviceID Modifying Device ID (Retired)
Public Field ModifyingDeviceManufacturer Modifying Device Manufacturer (Retired)
Public Field ModifyingSystem Modifying System
Public Field ModulatedScanModeType Modulated Scan Mode Type
Public Field ModulationType Modulation Type
Public Field MonoenergeticEnergyEquivalent Monoenergetic Energy Equivalent
Public Field MostRecentTreatmentDate Most Recent Treatment Date
Public Field MotionSynchronizationSequence Motion Synchronization Sequence
Public Field MoveDestination Move Destination
Public Field MoveOriginatorApplicationEntityTitle Move Originator Application Entity Title
Public Field MoveOriginatorMessageID Move Originator Message ID
Public Field MPRSlabThickness MPR Slab Thickness
Public Field MPRThicknessType MPR Thickness Type
Public Field MPRTopLeftHandCorner MPR Top Left Hand Corner
Public Field MPRViewHeight MPR View Height
Public Field MPRViewHeightDirection MPR View Height Direction
Public Field MPRViewWidth MPR View Width
Public Field MPRViewWidthDirection MPR View Width Direction
Public Field MRAcquisitionFrequencyEncodingSteps MR Acquisition Frequency Encoding Steps
Public Field MRAcquisitionPhaseEncodingStepsInPlane MR Acquisition Phase Encoding Steps in-plane
Public Field MRAcquisitionPhaseEncodingStepsOutOfPlane MR Acquisition Phase Encoding Steps out-of-plane
Public Field MRAcquisitionType MR Acquisition Type
Public Field MRArterialSpinLabelingSequence MR Arterial Spin Labeling Sequence
Public Field MRAveragesSequence MR Averages Sequence
Public Field MRDiffusionSequence MR Diffusion Sequence
Public Field MRDRDirectoryRecordOffset MRDR Directory Record Offset (Retired)
Public Field MREchoSequence MR Echo Sequence
Public Field MRFOVGeometrySequence MR FOV/Geometry Sequence
Public Field MRImageFrameTypeSequence MR Image Frame Type Sequence
Public Field MRImagingModifierSequence MR Imaging Modifier Sequence
Public Field MRMetaboliteMapSequence MR Metabolite Map Sequence
Public Field MRModifierSequence MR Modifier Sequence
Public Field MRReceiveCoilSequence MR Receive Coil Sequence
Public Field MRSpatialSaturationSequence MR Spatial Saturation Sequence
Public Field MRSpectroscopyAcquisitionType MR Spectroscopy Acquisition Type
Public Field MRSpectroscopyFOVGeometrySequence MR Spectroscopy FOV/Geometry Sequence
Public Field MRSpectroscopyFrameTypeSequence MR Spectroscopy Frame Type Sequence
Public Field MRTimingAndRelatedParametersSequence MR Timing and Related Parameters Sequence
Public Field MRTransmitCoilSequence MR Transmit Coil Sequence
Public Field MRVelocityEncodingSequence MR Velocity Encoding Sequence
Public Field MultiCoilConfiguration Multi-Coil Configuration
Public Field MultiCoilDefinitionSequence Multi-Coil Definition Sequence
Public Field MultiCoilElementName Multi-Coil Element Name
Public Field MultiCoilElementUsed Multi-Coil Element Used
Public Field MultiEnergyAcquisitionDescription Multi-energy Acquisition Description
Public Field MultiEnergyCTAcquisition Multi-energy CT Acquisition
Public Field MultiEnergyCTAcquisitionSequence Multi-energy CT Acquisition Sequence
Public Field MultiEnergyCTCharacteristicsSequence Multi-energy CT Characteristics Sequence
Public Field MultiEnergyCTPathIndex Multi-energy CT Path Index
Public Field MultiEnergyCTPathSequence Multi-energy CT Path Sequence
Public Field MultiEnergyCTProcessingSequence Multi-energy CT Processing Sequence
Public Field MultiEnergyCTXRayDetectorSequence Multi-energy CT X-Ray Detector Sequence
Public Field MultiEnergyCTXRaySourceSequence Multi-energy CT X-Ray Source Sequence
Public Field MultiEnergyDetectorType Multi-energy Detector Type
Public Field MultiEnergySourceTechnique Multi-energy Source Technique
Public Field MultiFramePresentationSequence Multi-frame Presentation Sequence
Public Field MultiFrameSourceSOPInstanceUID Multi-frame Source SOP Instance UID
Public Field MultiPlanarExcitation Multi-planar Excitation
Public Field MultiPlanarReconstructionStyle Multi-Planar Reconstruction Style
Public Field MultipleComponentApprovalSequence Multiple Component Approval Sequence
Public Field MultipleCopiesFlag Multiple Copies Flag (Retired)
Public Field MultipleSpinEcho Multiple Spin Echo
Public Field MultiplexedAudioChannelsDescriptionCodeSequence Multiplexed Audio Channels Description Code Sequence
Public Field MultiplexGroupLabel Multiplex Group Label
Public Field MultiplexGroupTimeOffset Multiplex Group Time Offset
Public Field MultiplexGroupUID Multiplex Group UID
Public Field MydriaticAgentCodeSequence Mydriatic Agent Code Sequence
Public Field MydriaticAgentConcentration Mydriatic Agent Concentration
Public Field MydriaticAgentConcentrationUnitsSequence Mydriatic Agent Concentration Units Sequence
Public Field MydriaticAgentSequence Mydriatic Agent Sequence
Public Field NameOfPhysicianReadingStudy Name of Physician(s) Reading Study
Public Field NamesOfIntendedRecipientsOfResults Names of Intended Recipients of Results
Public Field NavigationDisplaySet Navigation Display Set
Public Field NavigationIndicatorSequence Navigation Indicator Sequence
Public Field NearPupillaryDistance Near Pupillary Distance
Public Field NegativeCatchTrialsQuantity Negative Catch Trials Quantity
Public Field NetworkID Network ID (Retired)
Public Field NominalBeamAngle Nominal Beam Angle
Public Field NominalBeamEnergy Nominal Beam Energy
Public Field NominalBeamEnergyUnit Nominal Beam Energy Unit
Public Field NominalCardiacTriggerDelayTime Nominal Cardiac Trigger Delay Time
Public Field NominalCardiacTriggerTimePriorToRPeak Nominal Cardiac Trigger Time Prior To R-Peak
Public Field NominalEnergy Nominal Energy
Public Field NominalFrequency Nominal Frequency
Public Field NominalInterval Nominal Interval
Public Field NominalMaxEnergy Nominal Max Energy
Public Field NominalMinEnergy Nominal Min Energy
Public Field NominalPercentageOfCardiacPhase Nominal Percentage of Cardiac Phase
Public Field NominalPercentageOfRespiratoryPhase Nominal Percentage of Respiratory Phase
Public Field NominalPriorDose Nominal Prior Dose
Public Field NominalRangeModulatedRegionDepths Nominal Range Modulated Region Depths
Public Field NominalRangeModulationFractions Nominal Range Modulation Fractions
Public Field NominalRespiratoryTriggerDelayTime Nominal Respiratory Trigger Delay Time
Public Field NominalScannedPixelSpacing Nominal Scanned Pixel Spacing
Public Field NominalScreenDefinitionSequence Nominal Screen Definition Sequence
Public Field NonconformingDataElementValue Nonconforming Data Element Value
Public Field NonconformingModifiedAttributesSequence Nonconforming Modified Attributes Sequence
Public Field NonDICOMOutputCodeSequence Non-DICOM Output Code Sequence (Retired)
Public Field NonidentifyingPrivateElements Nonidentifying Private Elements
Public Field NonUniformRadialSamplingCorrected Non-uniform Radial Sampling Corrected
Public Field NormalizationFactorFormat Normalization Factor Format (Retired)
Public Field NormalizationPoint Normalization Point
Public Field NormalReverse Normal/Reverse (Retired)
Public Field NotchFilterBandwidth Notch Filter Bandwidth
Public Field NotchFilterFrequency Notch Filter Frequency
Public Field NotificationFromManufacturerSequence Notification From Manufacturer Sequence
Public Field NTPSourceAddress NTP Source Address
Public Field NuclearMedicineSeriesType Nuclear Medicine Series Type (Retired)
Public Field NumberOfAlarmObjects Number of Alarm Objects
Public Field NumberOfAssessmentObservations Number of Assessment Observations
Public Field NumberOfAverages Number of Averages
Public Field NumberOfBeams Number of Beams
Public Field NumberOfBlocks Number of Blocks
Public Field NumberOfBlockSlabItems Number of Block Slab Items
Public Field NumberOfBoli Number of Boli
Public Field NumberOfBoluses Number of Boluses
Public Field NumberOfBrachyApplicationSetups Number of Brachy Application Setups
Public Field NumberOfBScansPerFrame Number of B-scans Per Frame
Public Field NumberOfChannels Number of Channels (Retired)
Public Field NumberOfCompensators Number of Compensators
Public Field NumberOfCompletedSubOperations Number of Completed Sub-operations
Public Field NumberOfContourPoints Number of Contour Points
Public Field NumberOfControlPoints Number of Control Points
Public Field NumberOfCopies Number of Copies
Public Field NumberOfDetectors Number of Detectors
Public Field NumberOfDisplaySubsystems Number of Display Subsystems
Public Field NumberOfElements Number of Elements
Public Field NumberOfEnergyWindows Number of Energy Windows
Public Field NumberOfEventTimers Number of Event Timers
Public Field NumberOfFailedSubOperations Number of Failed Sub-operations
Public Field NumberOfFilms Number of Films
Public Field NumberOfFocalPlanes Number of Focal Planes
Public Field NumberOfFractionPatternDigitsPerDay Number of Fraction Pattern Digits Per Day
Public Field NumberOfFractions Number of Fractions
Public Field NumberOfFractionsDelivered Number of Fractions Delivered
Public Field NumberOfFractionsPlanned Number of Fractions Planned
Public Field NumberOfFrames Number of Frames
Public Field NumberOfFramesInOverlay Number of Frames in Overlay
Public Field NumberOfFramesInPhase Number of Frames in Phase
Public Field NumberOfFramesInRotation Number of Frames in Rotation
Public Field NumberOfFramesIntegrated Number of Frames Integrated
Public Field NumberOfFramesUsedForIntegration Number of Frames Used for Integration
Public Field NumberOfGeneralAccessories Number of General Accessories
Public Field NumberOfGraphicPoints Number of Graphic Points
Public Field NumberOfHorizontalPixels Number of Horizontal Pixels
Public Field NumberOfIntervalFractions Number of Interval Fractions
Public Field NumberOfIterations Number of Iterations
Public Field NumberOfKSpaceTrajectories Number of k-Space Trajectories
Public Field NumberOfLateralSpreadingDevices Number of Lateral Spreading Devices
Public Field NumberOfLeafJawPairs Number of Leaf/Jaw Pairs
Public Field NumberOfLuminancePoints Number of Luminance Points
Public Field NumberOfMapPoints Number of Map Points
Public Field NumberOfMatches Number of Matches (Retired)
Public Field NumberOfOpticalPaths Number of Optical Paths
Public Field NumberOfPaddedALines Number of Padded A-lines
Public Field NumberOfPaintings Number of Paintings
Public Field NumberOfParallelRTBeamDelimiters Number of Parallel RT Beam Delimiters
Public Field NumberOfPatientRelatedInstances Number of Patient Related Instances
Public Field NumberOfPatientRelatedSeries Number of Patient Related Series
Public Field NumberOfPatientRelatedStudies Number of Patient Related Studies
Public Field NumberOfPatientSupportDevices Number of Patient Support Devices
Public Field NumberOfPhaseEncodingSteps Number of Phase Encoding Steps
Public Field NumberOfPhases Number of Phases
Public Field NumberOfPoints Number of Points (Retired)
Public Field NumberOfPolygonalVertices Number of Polygonal Vertices
Public Field NumberOfPriorsReferenced Number of Priors Referenced
Public Field NumberOfPulses Number of Pulses
Public Field NumberOfRadiationGenerationModes Number of Radiation GenerationModes
Public Field NumberOfRangeModulators Number of Range Modulators
Public Field NumberOfRangeShifters Number of Range Shifters
Public Field NumberOfReferences Number of References (Retired)
Public Field NumberOfRemainingSubOperations Number of Remaining Sub-operations
Public Field NumberOfRotations Number of Rotations
Public Field NumberOfRRIntervals Number of R-R Intervals
Public Field NumberOfRTAccessoryHolders Number of RT Accessory Holders
Public Field NumberOfRTBeamLimitingDeviceOpenings Number of RT Beam Limiting Device Openings
Public Field NumberOfRTBeamLimitingDevices Number of RT Beam Limiting Devices
Public Field NumberOfRTControlPoints Number of RT Control Points
Public Field NumberOfSamples Number of Samples (Retired)
Public Field NumberOfScanSpotPositions Number of Scan Spot Positions
Public Field NumberOfScreens Number of Screens
Public Field NumberOfSeriesRelatedInstances Number of Series Related Instances
Public Field NumberOfSlices Number of Slices
Public Field NumberOfStages Number of Stages
Public Field NumberOfStudyRelatedInstances Number of Study Related Instances
Public Field NumberOfStudyRelatedSeries Number of Study Related Series
Public Field NumberOfSubsets Number of Subsets
Public Field NumberOfSurfacePoints Number of Surface Points
Public Field NumberOfSurfaces Number of Surfaces
Public Field NumberOfTableBreakPoints Number of Table Break Points
Public Field NumberOfTableColumns Number of Table Columns
Public Field NumberOfTableEntries Number of Table Entries
Public Field NumberOfTableRows Number of Table Rows
Public Field NumberOfTables Number of Tables (Retired)
Public Field NumberOfTemporalPositions Number of Temporal Positions
Public Field NumberOfTimeSlices Number of Time Slices
Public Field NumberOfTimeSlots Number of Time Slots
Public Field NumberOfTomosynthesisSourceImages Number of Tomosynthesis Source Images
Public Field NumberOfTotalObjects Number of Total Objects
Public Field NumberOfTransformSteps Number of Transform Steps (Retired)
Public Field NumberOfTriggersInPhase Number of Triggers in Phase
Public Field NumberOfVectors Number of Vectors
Public Field NumberOfVerticalPixels Number of Vertical Pixels
Public Field NumberOfViewsInStage Number of Views in Stage
Public Field NumberOfVisualStimuli Number of Visual Stimuli
Public Field NumberOfVolumetricCurvePoints Number of Volumetric Curve Points
Public Field NumberOfWarningSubOperations Number of Warning Sub-operations
Public Field NumberOfWaveformChannels Number of Waveform Channels
Public Field NumberOfWaveformSamples Number of Waveform Samples
Public Field NumberOfWedgePositions Number of Wedge Positions
Public Field NumberOfWedges Number of Wedges
Public Field NumberOfZeroFills Number of Zero Fills
Public Field NumericValue Numeric Value
Public Field NumericValueQualifierCodeSequence Numeric Value Qualifier Code Sequence
Public Field ObjectBinaryIdentifierTrial Object Binary Identifier (Trial) (Retired)
Public Field ObjectDirectoryBinaryIdentifierTrial Object Directory Binary Identifier (Trial) (Retired)
Public Field ObjectiveLensNumericalAperture Objective Lens Numerical Aperture
Public Field ObjectiveLensPower Objective Lens Power
Public Field ObjectPixelSpacingInCenterOfBeam Object Pixel Spacing in Center of Beam
Public Field ObjectThicknessSequence Object Thickness Sequence
Public Field ObliqueCroppingPlaneSequence Oblique Cropping Plane Sequence
Public Field ObservationBasisCodeSequence Observation Basis Code Sequence
Public Field ObservationCategoryCodeSequenceTrial Observation Category Code Sequence (Trial) (Retired)
Public Field ObservationDateTime Observation DateTime
Public Field ObservationDateTrial Observation Date (Trial) (Retired)
Public Field ObservationDescription Observation Description
Public Field ObservationNumber Observation Number
Public Field ObservationSignificance Observation Significance
Public Field ObservationStartDateTime Observation Start DateTime
Public Field ObservationSubjectClassTrial Observation Subject Class (Trial) (Retired)
Public Field ObservationSubjectContextFlagTrial Observation Subject Context Flag (Trial) (Retired)
Public Field ObservationSubjectTypeCodeSequenceTrial Observation Subject Type Code Sequence (Trial) (Retired)
Public Field ObservationSubjectUIDTrial Observation Subject UID (Trial) (Retired)
Public Field ObservationTimeTrial Observation Time (Trial) (Retired)
Public Field ObservationUID Observation UID
Public Field ObserverContextFlagTrial Observer Context Flag (Trial) (Retired)
Public Field ObserverType Observer Type
Public Field Occupation Occupation
Public Field OCTAcquisitionDomain OCT Acquisition Domain
Public Field OCTBScanAnalysisAcquisitionParametersSequence OCT B-scan Analysis Acquisition Parameters Sequence
Public Field OCTFocalDistance OCT Focal Distance
Public Field OCTOpticalCenterWavelength OCT Optical Center Wavelength
Public Field OCTZOffsetApplied OCT Z Offset Applied
Public Field OCTZOffsetCorrection OCT Z Offset Correction
Public Field OECFColumnNames OECF Column Names
Public Field OECFColumns OECF Columns
Public Field OECFRows OECF Rows
Public Field OECFValues OECF Values
Public Field OffendingElement Offending Element
Public Field OffsetChildDirectory Offset of Referenced Lower-Level Directory Entity
Public Field OffsetDirection Offset Direction
Public Field OffsetDistance Offset Distance
Public Field OffsetFirstRootDirectory Offset of the First Directory Record of the Root Directory Entity
Public Field OffsetLastRootDirectory Offset of the Last Directory Record of the Root Directory Entity
Public Field OffsetNextDirectory Offset of the Next Directory Record
Public Field OmittedApplicationSetupSequence Omitted Application Setup Sequence
Public Field OmittedBeamTaskSequence Omitted Beam Task Sequence
Public Field OmittedChannelSequence Omitted Channel Sequence
Public Field OnAxisBackgroundAnatomicStructureCodeSequenceTrial On Axis Background Anatomic Structure Code Sequence (Trial) (Retired)
Public Field OOIOwnerCreationTime OOI Owner Creation Time
Public Field OOIOwnerSequence OOI Owner Sequence
Public Field OOIOwnerType OOI Owner Type
Public Field OOISize OOI Size
Public Field OOIType OOI Type
Public Field OOITypeDescriptor OOI Type Descriptor
Public Field OperatingMode Operating Mode
Public Field OperatingModeSequence Operating Mode Sequence
Public Field OperatingModeType Operating Mode Type
Public Field OperatorIdentificationSequence Operator Identification Sequence
Public Field OperatorName Operators' Name
Public Field OphthalmicAnatomicReferencePointXCoordinate Ophthalmic Anatomic Reference Point X-Coordinate
Public Field OphthalmicAnatomicReferencePointYCoordinate Ophthalmic Anatomic Reference Point Y-Coordinate
Public Field OphthalmicAxialLength Ophthalmic Axial Length
Public Field OphthalmicAxialLengthAcquisitionMethodCodeSequence Ophthalmic Axial Length Acquisition Method Code Sequence (Retired)
Public Field OphthalmicAxialLengthDataSourceCodeSequence Ophthalmic Axial Length Data Source Code Sequence
Public Field OphthalmicAxialLengthDataSourceDescription Ophthalmic Axial Length Data Source Description
Public Field OphthalmicAxialLengthMeasurementModified Ophthalmic Axial Length Measurement Modified
Public Field OphthalmicAxialLengthMeasurementsLengthSummationSequence Ophthalmic Axial Length Measurements Length Summation Sequence
Public Field OphthalmicAxialLengthMeasurementsSegmentalLengthSequence Ophthalmic Axial Length Measurements Segmental Length Sequence
Public Field OphthalmicAxialLengthMeasurementsSegmentNameCodeSequence Ophthalmic Axial Length Measurements Segment Name Code Sequence
Public Field OphthalmicAxialLengthMeasurementsSequence Ophthalmic Axial Length Measurements Sequence
Public Field OphthalmicAxialLengthMeasurementsTotalLengthSequence Ophthalmic Axial Length Measurements Total Length Sequence
Public Field OphthalmicAxialLengthMeasurementsType Ophthalmic Axial Length Measurements Type
Public Field OphthalmicAxialLengthMethod Ophthalmic Axial Length Method
Public Field OphthalmicAxialLengthQualityMetricSequence Ophthalmic Axial Length Quality Metric Sequence
Public Field OphthalmicAxialLengthQualityMetricTypeCodeSequence Ophthalmic Axial Length Quality Metric Type Code Sequence (Retired)
Public Field OphthalmicAxialLengthQualityMetricTypeDescription Ophthalmic Axial Length Quality Metric Type Description (Retired)
Public Field OphthalmicAxialLengthSelectionMethodCodeSequence Ophthalmic Axial Length Selection Method Code Sequence
Public Field OphthalmicAxialLengthSequence Ophthalmic Axial Length Sequence
Public Field OphthalmicAxialLengthVelocity Ophthalmic Axial Length Velocity
Public Field OphthalmicAxialMeasurementsDeviceType Ophthalmic Axial Measurements Device Type
Public Field OphthalmicAxialMeasurementsLeftEyeSequence Ophthalmic Axial Measurements Left Eye Sequence
Public Field OphthalmicAxialMeasurementsRightEyeSequence Ophthalmic Axial Measurements Right Eye Sequence
Public Field OphthalmicEnFaceImageQualityRatingSequence Ophthalmic En Face Image Quality Rating Sequence
Public Field OphthalmicFOV Ophthalmic FOV
Public Field OphthalmicFrameLocationSequence Ophthalmic Frame Location Sequence
Public Field OphthalmicImageOrientation Ophthalmic Image Orientation
Public Field OphthalmicImageTypeCodeSequence Ophthalmic Image Type Code Sequence
Public Field OphthalmicImageTypeDescription Ophthalmic Image Type Description
Public Field OphthalmicMappingDeviceType Ophthalmic Mapping Device Type
Public Field OphthalmicPatientClinicalInformationLeftEyeSequence Ophthalmic Patient Clinical Information Left Eye Sequence
Public Field OphthalmicPatientClinicalInformationRightEyeSequence Ophthalmic Patient Clinical Information Right Eye Sequence
Public Field OphthalmicThicknessMappingNormalsSequence Ophthalmic Thickness Mapping Normals Sequence
Public Field OphthalmicThicknessMapQualityRatingSequence Ophthalmic Thickness Map Quality Rating Sequence
Public Field OphthalmicThicknessMapQualityThresholdSequence Ophthalmic Thickness Map Quality Threshold Sequence
Public Field OphthalmicThicknessMapThresholdQualityRating Ophthalmic Thickness Map Threshold Quality Rating
Public Field OphthalmicThicknessMapTypeCodeSequence Ophthalmic Thickness Map Type Code Sequence
Public Field OphthalmicUltrasoundMethodCodeSequence Ophthalmic Ultrasound Method Code Sequence
Public Field OphthalmicVolumetricPropertiesFlag Ophthalmic Volumetric Properties Flag
Public Field OpticalMagnificationFactor Optical Magnification Factor
Public Field OpticalOphthalmicAxialLengthMeasurementsSequence Optical Ophthalmic Axial Length Measurements Sequence
Public Field OpticalPathDescription Optical Path Description
Public Field OpticalPathIdentificationSequence Optical Path Identification Sequence
Public Field OpticalPathIdentifier Optical Path Identifier
Public Field OpticalPathSequence Optical Path Sequence
Public Field OpticalSelectedOphthalmicAxialLengthSequence Optical Selected Ophthalmic Axial Length Sequence
Public Field OpticalTransmittance Optical Transmittance
Public Field Optotype Optotype
Public Field OptotypeDetailedDefinition Optotype Detailed Definition
Public Field OptotypePresentation Optotype Presentation
Public Field OrderCallbackPhoneNumber Order Callback Phone Number
Public Field OrderCallbackTelecomInformation Order Callback Telecom Information
Public Field OrderEnteredBy Order Entered By
Public Field OrderEntererLocation Order Enterer's Location
Public Field OrderFillerIdentifierSequence Order Filler Identifier Sequence
Public Field OrderPlacerIdentifierSequence Order Placer Identifier Sequence
Public Field OrganAtRiskFullVolumeDose Organ at Risk Full-volume Dose
Public Field OrganAtRiskLimitDose Organ at Risk Limit Dose
Public Field OrganAtRiskMaximumDose Organ at Risk Maximum Dose
Public Field OrganAtRiskOverdoseVolumeFraction Organ at Risk Overdose Volume Fraction
Public Field OrganDose Organ Dose
Public Field OrganExposed Organ Exposed
Public Field OrganizationalRoleCodeSequence Organizational Role Code Sequence
Public Field OriginalAttributesSequence Original Attributes Sequence
Public Field OriginalImageIdentification Original Image Identification (Retired)
Public Field OriginalImageIdentificationNomenclature Original Image Identification Nomenclature (Retired)
Public Field OriginalImageSequence Original Image Sequence (Retired)
Public Field OriginalImplantAssemblyTemplateSequence Original Implant Assembly Template Sequence
Public Field OriginalImplantTemplateSequence Original Implant Template Sequence
Public Field OriginalSpecializedSOPClassUID Original Specialized SOP Class UID
Public Field OriginatingSOPInstanceReferenceSequence Originating SOP Instance Reference Sequence
Public Field Originator Originator
Public Field OtherApprovalStatus Other Approval Status
Public Field OtherFailuresSequence Other Failures Sequence
Public Field OtherMagnificationTypesAvailable Other Magnification Types Available
Public Field OtherMediaAvailableSequence Other Media Available Sequence
Public Field OtherPatientIDs Other Patient IDs (Retired)
Public Field OtherPatientIDsSequence Other Patient IDs Sequence
Public Field OtherPatientNames Other Patient Names
Public Field OtherPupillaryDistance Other Pupillary Distance
Public Field OtherSecondaryApprovalStatus Other Secondary Approval Status
Public Field OtherSmoothingTypesAvailable Other Smoothing Types Available
Public Field OtherStudyNumbers Other Study Numbers (Retired)
Public Field OuterDiameter Outer Diameter
Public Field OutlineLeftVerticalEdge Outline Left Vertical Edge
Public Field OutlineLowerHorizontalEdge Outline Lower Horizontal Edge
Public Field OutlineRightVerticalEdge Outline Right Vertical Edge
Public Field OutlineShapeType Outline Shape Type
Public Field OutlineUpperHorizontalEdge Outline Upper Horizontal Edge
Public Field OutputDestinationSequence Output Destination Sequence
Public Field OutputInformationSequence Output Information Sequence
Public Field OutputPower Output Power
Public Field OverallTemplateSpatialTolerance Overall Template Spatial Tolerance
Public Field OverlayActivationLayer Overlay Activation Layer
Public Field OverlayBackgroundDensity Overlay Background Density (Retired)
Public Field OverlayBitPosition Overlay Bit Position
Public Field OverlayBitsAllocated Overlay Bits Allocated
Public Field OverlayBitsForCodeWord Overlay Bits For Code Word (Retired)
Public Field OverlayBitsGrouped Overlay Bits Grouped (Retired)
Public Field OverlayCodeLabel Overlay Code Label (Retired)
Public Field OverlayCodeTableLocation Overlay Code Table Location (Retired)
Public Field OverlayColumns Overlay Columns
Public Field OverlayComments Overlay Comments (Retired)
Public Field OverlayCompressionCode Overlay Compression Code (Retired)
Public Field OverlayCompressionDescription Overlay Compression Description (Retired)
Public Field OverlayCompressionLabel Overlay Compression Label (Retired)
Public Field OverlayCompressionOriginator Overlay Compression Originator (Retired)
Public Field OverlayCompressionStepPointers Overlay Compression Step Pointers (Retired)
Public Field OverlayData Overlay Data
Public Field OverlayDate Overlay Date (Retired)
Public Field OverlayDescription Overlay Description
Public Field OverlayDescriptorBlue Overlay Descriptor - Blue (Retired)
Public Field OverlayDescriptorGray Overlay Descriptor - Gray (Retired)
Public Field OverlayDescriptorGreen Overlay Descriptor - Green (Retired)
Public Field OverlayDescriptorRed Overlay Descriptor - Red (Retired)
Public Field OverlayForegroundDensity Overlay Foreground Density (Retired)
Public Field OverlayFormat Overlay Format (Retired)
Public Field OverlayLabel Overlay Label
Public Field OverlayLocation Overlay Location (Retired)
Public Field OverlayMagnificationType Overlay Magnification Type (Retired)
Public Field OverlayMode Overlay Mode (Retired)
Public Field OverlayNumber Overlay Number (Retired)
Public Field OverlayNumberOfTables Overlay Number of Tables (Retired)
Public Field OverlayOrigin Overlay Origin
Public Field OverlayOrImageMagnification Overlay or Image Magnification (Retired)
Public Field OverlayPixelDataSequence Overlay Pixel Data Sequence (Retired)
Public Field OverlayPlaneOrigin Overlay Plane Origin (Retired)
Public Field OverlayPlanes Overlay Planes (Retired)
Public Field OverlayRepeatInterval Overlay Repeat Interval (Retired)
Public Field OverlayRows Overlay Rows
Public Field Overlays Overlays (Retired)
Public Field OverlaysBlue Overlays - Blue (Retired)
Public Field OverlaysGray Overlays - Gray (Retired)
Public Field OverlaysGreen Overlays - Green (Retired)
Public Field OverlaySmoothingType Overlay Smoothing Type (Retired)
Public Field OverlaysRed Overlays - Red (Retired)
Public Field OverlaySubtype Overlay Subtype
Public Field OverlayTime Overlay Time (Retired)
Public Field OverlayType Overlay Type
Public Field OverriddenAttributesSequence Overridden Attributes Sequence
Public Field OverrideDateTime Override DateTime
Public Field OverrideParameterPointer Override Parameter Pointer
Public Field OverrideReason Override Reason
Public Field OverrideSequence Override Sequence
Public Field OversamplingPhase Oversampling Phase
Public Field OwnerID Owner ID
Public Field PaddleDescription Paddle Description
Public Field PageNumberVector Page Number Vector
Public Field PagePositionID Page Position ID (Retired)
Public Field PaletteColorLookupTableSequence Palette Color Lookup Table Sequence
Public Field PaletteColorLookupTableUID Palette Color Lookup Table UID
Public Field ParallelAcquisition Parallel Acquisition
Public Field ParallelAcquisitionTechnique Parallel Acquisition Technique
Public Field ParallelReductionFactorInPlane Parallel Reduction Factor In-plane
Public Field ParallelReductionFactorInPlaneRetired Parallel Reduction Factor In-plane (Retired)
Public Field ParallelReductionFactorOutOfPlane Parallel Reduction Factor out-of-plane
Public Field ParallelReductionFactorSecondInPlane Parallel Reduction Factor Second In-plane
Public Field ParallelRTBeamDelimiterBoundaries Parallel RT Beam Delimiter Boundaries
Public Field ParallelRTBeamDelimiterDeviceOrientationLabelCodeSequence Parallel RT Beam Delimiter Device Orientation Label Code Sequence
Public Field ParallelRTBeamDelimiterDeviceSequence Parallel RT Beam Delimiter Device Sequence
Public Field ParallelRTBeamDelimiterLeafMountingSide Parallel RT Beam Delimiter Leaf Mounting Side
Public Field ParallelRTBeamDelimiterOpeningMode Parallel RT Beam Delimiter Opening Mode
Public Field ParallelRTBeamDelimiterPositions Parallel RT Beam Delimiter Positions
Public Field ParameterItemIndex Parameter Item Index
Public Field ParameterPointer Parameter Pointer
Public Field ParameterSequencePointer Parameter Sequence Pointer
Public Field ParametersSpecificationSequence Parameters Specification Sequence
Public Field ParameterValueNumber Parameter Value Number
Public Field ParametricMapFrameTypeSequence Parametric Map Frame Type Sequence
Public Field PartialDataDisplayHandling Partial Data Display Handling
Public Field PartialFourier Partial Fourier
Public Field PartialFourierDirection Partial Fourier Direction
Public Field PartialView Partial View
Public Field PartialViewCodeSequence Partial View Code Sequence
Public Field PartialViewDescription Partial View Description
Public Field ParticipantSequence Participant Sequence
Public Field ParticipationDateTime Participation DateTime
Public Field ParticipationType Participation Type
Public Field PatientAdditionalPosition Patient Additional Position
Public Field PatientAddress Patient's Address
Public Field PatientAge Patient's Age
Public Field PatientAlternativeCalendar Patient's Alternative Calendar
Public Field PatientBirthDate Patient's Birth Date
Public Field PatientBirthDateInAlternativeCalendar Patient's Birth Date in Alternative Calendar
Public Field PatientBirthName Patient's Birth Name
Public Field PatientBirthTime Patient's Birth Time
Public Field PatientBodyMassIndex Patient's Body Mass Index
Public Field PatientBreedCodeSequence Patient Breed Code Sequence
Public Field PatientBreedDescription Patient Breed Description
Public Field PatientClinicalTrialParticipationSequence Patient Clinical Trial Participation Sequence
Public Field PatientComments Patient Comments
Public Field PatientDeathDateInAlternativeCalendar Patient's Death Date in Alternative Calendar
Public Field PatientEquipmentRelationshipCodeSequence Patient Equipment Relationship Code Sequence
Public Field PatientEyeMovementCommandCodeSequence Patient Eye Movement Command Code Sequence
Public Field PatientEyeMovementCommanded Patient Eye Movement Commanded
Public Field PatientFrameOfReferenceSource Patient Frame of Reference Source
Public Field PatientGantryRelationshipCodeSequence Patient Gantry Relationship Code Sequence
Public Field PatientID Patient ID
Public Field PatientIdentityRemoved Patient Identity Removed
Public Field PatientInstitutionResidence Patient's Institution Residence
Public Field PatientInsurancePlanCodeSequence Patient's Insurance Plan Code Sequence
Public Field PatientLocationCoordinatesCodeSequence Patient Location Coordinates Code Sequence
Public Field PatientLocationCoordinatesSequence Patient Location Coordinates Sequence
Public Field PatientMotherBirthName Patient's Mother's Birth Name
Public Field PatientMotionCorrected Patient Motion Corrected
Public Field PatientName Patient's Name
Public Field PatientNotProperlyFixatedQuantity Patient Not Properly Fixated Quantity
Public Field PatientOrientation Patient Orientation
Public Field PatientOrientationCodeSequence Patient Orientation Code Sequence
Public Field PatientOrientationInFrameSequence Patient Orientation in Frame Sequence
Public Field PatientOrientationModifierCodeSequence Patient Orientation Modifier Code Sequence
Public Field PatientPhysiologicalStateCodeSequence Patient Physiological State Code Sequence
Public Field PatientPhysiologicalStateSequence Patient Physiological State Sequence
Public Field PatientPosition Patient Position
Public Field PatientPositioningInstructionSequence Patient Positioning Instruction Sequence
Public Field PatientPrimaryLanguageCodeModifierSequence Patient's Primary Language Modifier Code Sequence.
Public Field PatientPrimaryLanguageCodeSequence Patient's Primary Language Code Sequence
Public Field PatientPrimaryLanguageModifierCodeSequence Patient's Primary Language Modifier Code Sequence
Public Field PatientReliabilityIndicator Patient Reliability Indicator
Public Field PatientReligiousPreference Patient's Religious Preference
Public Field PatientSetupLabel Patient Setup Label
Public Field PatientSetupNumber Patient Setup Number
Public Field PatientSetupSequence Patient Setup Sequence
Public Field PatientSetupUID Patient Setup UID
Public Field PatientSex Patient's Sex
Public Field PatientSexNeutered Patient's Sex Neutered
Public Field PatientSize Patient's Size
Public Field PatientSizeCodeSequence Patient's Size Code Sequence
Public Field PatientSpeciesCodeSequence Patient Species Code Sequence
Public Field PatientSpeciesDescription Patient Species Description
Public Field PatientSpecificationSequence Patient Specification Sequence
Public Field PatientState Patient State
Public Field PatientSupportAccessoryCode Patient Support Accessory Code
Public Field PatientSupportAdjustedAngle Patient Support Adjusted Angle
Public Field PatientSupportAngle Patient Support Angle
Public Field PatientSupportAngleTolerance Patient Support Angle Tolerance
Public Field PatientSupportDevicesSequence Patient Support Devices Sequence
Public Field PatientSupportID Patient Support ID
Public Field PatientSupportPositionDeviceParameterSequence Patient Support Position Device Parameter Sequence
Public Field PatientSupportPositionDeviceToleranceSequence Patient Support Position Device Tolerance Sequence
Public Field PatientSupportPositionParameterOrderIndex Patient Support Position Parameter Order Index
Public Field PatientSupportPositionParameterSequence Patient Support Position Parameter Sequence
Public Field PatientSupportPositionSequence Patient Support Position Sequence
Public Field PatientSupportPositionSpecificationMethod Patient Support Position Specification Method
Public Field PatientSupportPositionToleranceOrderIndex Patient Support Position Tolerance Order Index
Public Field PatientSupportPositionToleranceSequence Patient Support Position Tolerance Sequence
Public Field PatientSupportRotationDirection Patient Support Rotation Direction
Public Field PatientSupportType Patient Support Type
Public Field PatientTelecomInformation Patient's Telecom Information
Public Field PatientTelephoneNumbers Patient's Telephone Numbers
Public Field PatientTransportArrangements Patient Transport Arrangements
Public Field PatientTreatmentOrientationSequence Patient Treatment Orientation Sequence
Public Field PatientWeight Patient's Weight
Public Field PatternOffColorCIELabValue Pattern Off Color CIELab Value
Public Field PatternOffOpacity Pattern Off Opacity
Public Field PatternOnColorCIELabValue Pattern On Color CIELab Value
Public Field PatternOnOpacity Pattern On Opacity
Public Field PauseBetweenFrames Pause Between Frames
Public Field PercentPhaseFieldOfView Percent Phase Field of View
Public Field PercentSampling Percent Sampling
Public Field PerformedLocation Performed Location
Public Field PerformedProcedureCodeSequence Performed Procedure Code Sequence
Public Field PerformedProcedureStepDescription Performed Procedure Step Description
Public Field PerformedProcedureStepDiscontinuationReasonCodeSequence Performed Procedure Step Discontinuation Reason Code Sequence
Public Field PerformedProcedureStepEndDate Performed Procedure Step End Date
Public Field PerformedProcedureStepEndDateTime Performed Procedure Step End DateTime
Public Field PerformedProcedureStepEndTime Performed Procedure Step End Time
Public Field PerformedProcedureStepID Performed Procedure Step ID
Public Field PerformedProcedureStepStartDate Performed Procedure Step Start Date
Public Field PerformedProcedureStepStartDateTime Performed Procedure Step Start DateTime
Public Field PerformedProcedureStepStartTime Performed Procedure Step Start Time
Public Field PerformedProcedureStepStatus Performed Procedure Step Status
Public Field PerformedProcedureTypeDescription Performed Procedure Type Description
Public Field PerformedProcessingApplicationsCodeSequence Performed Processing Applications Code Sequence (Retired)
Public Field PerformedProcessingParametersSequence Performed Processing Parameters Sequence
Public Field PerformedProtocolCodeSequence Performed Protocol Code Sequence
Public Field PerformedProtocolType Performed Protocol Type
Public Field PerformedSeriesSequence Performed Series Sequence
Public Field PerformedStationAETitle Performed Station AE Title
Public Field PerformedStationClassCodeSequence Performed Station Class Code Sequence
Public Field PerformedStationGeographicLocationCodeSequence Performed Station Geographic Location Code Sequence
Public Field PerformedStationName Performed Station Name
Public Field PerformedStationNameCodeSequence Performed Station Name Code Sequence
Public Field PerformedWorkitemCodeSequence Performed Workitem Code Sequence
Public Field PerformingPhysicianIdentificationSequence Performing Physician Identification Sequence
Public Field PerformingPhysicianName Performing Physician's Name
Public Field PerFrameFunctionalGroupsSequence Per-frame Functional Groups Sequence
Public Field PerimeterTable Perimeter Table (Retired)
Public Field PerimeterValue Perimeter Value (Retired)
Public Field PerProjectionAcquisitionSequence Per Projection Acquisition Sequence
Public Field PersonAddress Person's Address
Public Field PersonIdentificationCodeSequence Person Identification Code Sequence
Public Field PersonName Person Name
Public Field PersonTelecomInformation Person's Telecom Information
Public Field PersonTelephoneNumbers Person's Telephone Numbers
Public Field PertinentDocumentsSequence Pertinent Documents Sequence
Public Field PertinentOtherEvidenceSequence Pertinent Other Evidence Sequence
Public Field PertinentResourcesSequence Pertinent Resources Sequence
Public Field PertinentSOPClassesInSeries Pertinent SOP Classes in Series
Public Field PertinentSOPClassesInStudy Pertinent SOP Classes in Study
Public Field PETDetectorMotionDetailsSequence PET Detector Motion Details Sequence
Public Field PETFrameAcquisitionSequence PET Frame Acquisition Sequence
Public Field PETFrameCorrectionFactorsSequence PET Frame Correction Factors Sequence
Public Field PETFrameTypeSequence PET Frame Type Sequence
Public Field PETPositionSequence PET Position Sequence
Public Field PETReconstructionSequence PET Reconstruction Sequence
Public Field PETTableDynamicsSequence PET Table Dynamics Sequence
Public Field PhantomType Phantom Type
Public Field PhaseContrast Phase Contrast
Public Field PhaseDelay Phase Delay
Public Field PhaseDescription Phase Description
Public Field PhaseInformationSequence Phase Information Sequence
Public Field PhaseNumber Phase Number (Retired)
Public Field PhaseVector Phase Vector
Public Field PhosphorType Phosphor Type
Public Field PhotographicExposureIndex Photographic Exposure Index
Public Field PhotographicSensitivity Photographic Sensitivity
Public Field PhotometricInterpretation Photometric Interpretation
Public Field PhotonEnergy Photon Energy
Public Field PhototimerSetting Phototimer Setting
Public Field PhysicalDeltaX Physical Delta X
Public Field PhysicalDeltaY Physical Delta Y
Public Field PhysicalDetectorSize Physical Detector Size
Public Field PhysicalUnitsXDirection Physical Units X Direction
Public Field PhysicalUnitsYDirection Physical Units Y Direction
Public Field PhysicianApprovingInterpretation Physician Approving Interpretation (Retired)
Public Field PhysicianOfRecord Physician(s) of Record
Public Field PhysicianOfRecordIdentificationSequence Physician(s) of Record Identification Sequence
Public Field PhysicianReadingStudyIdentificationSequence Physician(s) Reading Study Identification Sequence
Public Field PixelAspectRatio Pixel Aspect Ratio
Public Field PixelBandwidth Pixel Bandwidth
Public Field PixelComponentDataType Pixel Component Data Type
Public Field PixelComponentMask Pixel Component Mask
Public Field PixelComponentOrganization Pixel Component Organization
Public Field PixelComponentPhysicalUnits Pixel Component Physical Units
Public Field PixelComponentRangeStart Pixel Component Range Start
Public Field PixelComponentRangeStop Pixel Component Range Stop
Public Field PixelCoordinatesSetTrial Pixel Coordinates Set (Trial) (Retired)
Public Field PixelData Pixel Data
Public Field PixelDataAreaOriginRelativeToFOV Pixel Data Area Origin Relative To FOV
Public Field PixelDataAreaRotationAngleRelativeToFOV Pixel Data Area Rotation Angle Relative To FOV
Public Field PixelDataProviderURL Pixel Data Provider URL
Public Field PixelIntensityRelationship Pixel Intensity Relationship
Public Field PixelIntensityRelationshipLUTSequence Pixel Intensity Relationship LUT Sequence
Public Field PixelIntensityRelationshipSign Pixel Intensity Relationship Sign
Public Field PixelMeasuresSequence Pixel Measures Sequence
Public Field PixelOriginInterpretation Pixel Origin Interpretation
Public Field PixelPaddingRangeLimit Pixel Padding Range Limit
Public Field PixelPaddingValue Pixel Padding Value
Public Field PixelPresentation Pixel Presentation
Public Field PixelRepresentation Pixel Representation
Public Field PixelShiftFrameRange Pixel Shift Frame Range
Public Field PixelShiftSequence Pixel Shift Sequence
Public Field PixelSpacing Pixel Spacing
Public Field PixelSpacingCalibrationDescription Pixel Spacing Calibration Description
Public Field PixelSpacingCalibrationType Pixel Spacing Calibration Type
Public Field PixelSpacingSequence Pixel Spacing Sequence (Retired)
Public Field PixelValueMappingCodeSequence Pixel Value Mapping Code Sequence
Public Field PixelValueMappingExplanation Pixel Value Mapping Explanation
Public Field PixelValueMappingToCodedConceptSequence Pixel Value Mapping to Coded Concept Sequence
Public Field PixelValueTransformationSequence Pixel Value Transformation Sequence
Public Field PlacerOrderNumberImagingServiceRequest Placer Order Number / Imaging Service Request
Public Field PlacerOrderNumberImagingServiceRequestRetired Placer Order Number / Imaging Service Request (Retired)
Public Field PlacerOrderNumberProcedure Placer Order Number / Procedure (Retired)
Public Field PlanarConfiguration Planar Configuration
Public Field Plane Plane
Public Field PlaneIdentification Plane Identification
Public Field PlaneNormal Plane Normal
Public Field PlaneOrientationSequence Plane Orientation Sequence
Public Field PlaneOrientationVolumeSequence Plane Orientation (Volume) Sequence
Public Field PlanePositionSequence Plane Position Sequence
Public Field PlanePositionSlideSequence Plane Position (Slide) Sequence
Public Field PlanePositionVolumeSequence Plane Position (Volume) Sequence
Public Field Planes Planes (Retired)
Public Field PlanesInAcquisition Planes in Acquisition
Public Field PlanIntent Plan Intent
Public Field PlannedVerificationImageSequence Planned Verification Image Sequence
Public Field PlanningInputInformationSequence Planning Input Information Sequence
Public Field PlanningLandmarkDescription Planning Landmark Description
Public Field PlanningLandmarkID Planning Landmark ID
Public Field PlanningLandmarkIdentificationCodeSequence Planning Landmark Identification Code Sequence
Public Field PlanningLandmarkLineSequence Planning Landmark Line Sequence
Public Field PlanningLandmarkPlaneSequence Planning Landmark Plane Sequence
Public Field PlanningLandmarkPointSequence Planning Landmark Point Sequence
Public Field PlateID Plate ID
Public Field PlateType Plate Type
Public Field PointCoordinatesData Point Coordinates Data
Public Field PointPositionAccuracy Point Position Accuracy
Public Field PointsBoundingBoxCoordinates Points Bounding Box Coordinates
Public Field Polarity Polarity
Public Field PositionerIsocenterDetectorRotationAngle Positioner Isocenter Detector Rotation Angle
Public Field PositionerIsocenterPrimaryAngle Positioner Isocenter Primary Angle
Public Field PositionerIsocenterSecondaryAngle Positioner Isocenter Secondary Angle
Public Field PositionerMotion Positioner Motion
Public Field PositionerPositionSequence Positioner Position Sequence
Public Field PositionerPrimaryAngle Positioner Primary Angle
Public Field PositionerPrimaryAngleDirection Positioner Primary Angle Direction
Public Field PositionerPrimaryAngleIncrement Positioner Primary Angle Increment
Public Field PositionerSecondaryAngle Positioner Secondary Angle
Public Field PositionerSecondaryAngleIncrement Positioner Secondary Angle Increment
Public Field PositionerType Positioner Type
Public Field PositioningLandmarkSequence Positioning Landmark Sequence
Public Field PositioningMethodCodeSequence Positioning Method Code Sequence
Public Field PositionMeasuringDeviceUsed Position Measuring Device Used
Public Field PositionOfIsocenterProjection Position of Isocenter Projection
Public Field PositionReferenceIndicator Position Reference Indicator
Public Field PositiveCatchTrialsQuantity Positive Catch Trials Quantity
Public Field PostDeformationMatrixRegistrationSequence Post Deformation Matrix Registration Sequence
Public Field PostprocessingFunction Postprocessing Function (Retired)
Public Field PotentialDiagnosticTasks Potential Diagnostic Tasks
Public Field PotentialReasonsForProcedure Potential Reasons for Procedure
Public Field PotentialReasonsForProcedureCodeSequence Potential Reasons for Procedure Code Sequence
Public Field PotentialRequestedProcedureCodeSequence Potential Requested Procedure Code Sequence
Public Field PotentialScheduledProtocolCodeSequence Potential Scheduled Protocol Code Sequence
Public Field PotentialThreatObjectID Potential Threat Object ID
Public Field PowerlineFrequency Powerline Frequency
Public Field PRCSToRCSOrientation PRCS to RCS Orientation
Public Field PreAmplifierEquipmentSequence Pre-Amplifier Equipment Sequence
Public Field PreAmplifierNotes Pre-Amplifier Notes
Public Field PreAmplifierSettingsSequence Pre-Amplifier Settings Sequence
Public Field PredecessorDocumentsSequence Predecessor Documents Sequence
Public Field PredecessorProtocolSequence Predecessor Protocol Sequence
Public Field PredecessorStructureSetSequence Predecessor Structure Set Sequence
Public Field PreDeformationMatrixRegistrationSequence Pre Deformation Matrix Registration Sequence
Public Field PredictedRefractiveError Predicted Refractive Error
Public Field PredictedToricErrorSequence Predicted Toric Error Sequence
Public Field PredictorColumns Predictor Columns (Retired)
Public Field PredictorConstants Predictor Constants (Retired)
Public Field PredictorRows Predictor Rows (Retired)
Public Field PreferredPlaybackSequencing Preferred Playback Sequencing
Public Field PregnancyStatus Pregnancy Status
Public Field PreliminaryFlag Preliminary Flag
Public Field PreMedication Pre-Medication
Public Field PrescriptionDescription Prescription Description
Public Field PrescriptionNotes Prescription Notes
Public Field PrescriptionNotesSequence Prescription Notes Sequence
Public Field PreSelectedForImplantation Pre-Selected for Implantation
Public Field PresentationAnimationStyle Presentation Animation Style
Public Field PresentationCreationDate Presentation Creation Date
Public Field PresentationCreationTime Presentation Creation Time
Public Field PresentationDisplayCollectionUID Presentation Display Collection UID
Public Field PresentationGroupNumber Presentation Group Number
Public Field PresentationInputType Presentation Input Type
Public Field PresentationIntentType Presentation Intent Type
Public Field PresentationLUTContentSequence Presentation LUT Content Sequence (Retired)
Public Field PresentationLUTFlag Presentation LUT Flag (Retired)
Public Field PresentationLUTSequence Presentation LUT Sequence
Public Field PresentationLUTShape Presentation LUT Shape
Public Field PresentationPixelAspectRatio Presentation Pixel Aspect Ratio
Public Field PresentationPixelMagnificationRatio Presentation Pixel Magnification Ratio
Public Field PresentationPixelSpacing Presentation Pixel Spacing
Public Field PresentationSequenceCollectionUID Presentation Sequence Collection UID
Public Field PresentationSequencePositionIndex Presentation Sequence Position Index
Public Field PresentationSizeMode Presentation Size Mode
Public Field PresentationStateClassificationComponentSequence Presentation State Classification Component Sequence
Public Field PresentationStateCompositorComponentSequence Presentation State Compositor Component Sequence
Public Field PresentedVisualStimuliDataFlag Presented Visual Stimuli Data Flag
Public Field PreserveCompositeInstancesAfterMediaCreation Preserve Composite Instances After Media Creation
Public Field Pressure Pressure
Public Field PrimaryAnatomicStructureModifierSequence Primary Anatomic Structure Modifier Sequence
Public Field PrimaryAnatomicStructureSequence Primary Anatomic Structure Sequence
Public Field PrimaryChromaticities Primary Chromaticities
Public Field PrimaryDoseValueIndicator Primary Dose Value Indicator
Public Field PrimaryDosimeterUnit Primary Dosimeter Unit
Public Field PrimaryFluenceModeSequence Primary Fluence Mode Sequence
Public Field PrimaryPositionerIncrement Primary Positioner Increment
Public Field PrimaryPositionerIncrementSign Primary Positioner Increment Sign
Public Field PrimaryPositionerScanArc Primary Positioner Scan Arc
Public Field PrimaryPositionerScanStartAngle Primary Positioner Scan Start Angle
Public Field PrimaryPromptsCountsAccumulated Primary (Prompts) Counts Accumulated
Public Field PrimitivePointIndexList Primitive Point Index List (Retired)
Public Field Print Print (Retired)
Public Field PrinterCharacteristicsSequence Printer Characteristics Sequence (Retired)
Public Field PrinterConfigurationSequence Printer Configuration Sequence
Public Field PrinterName Printer Name
Public Field PrinterPixelSpacing Printer Pixel Spacing
Public Field PrinterResolutionID Printer Resolution ID
Public Field PrinterStatus Printer Status
Public Field PrinterStatusInfo Printer Status Info
Public Field PrintingBitDepth Printing Bit Depth
Public Field PrintJobDescriptionSequence Print Job Description Sequence (Retired)
Public Field PrintJobID Print Job ID (Retired)
Public Field PrintManagementCapabilitiesSequence Print Management Capabilities Sequence (Retired)
Public Field PrintPriority Print Priority
Public Field PrintQueueID Print Queue ID (Retired)
Public Field Priority Priority
Public Field PriorTreatmentDoseDescription Prior Treatment Dose Description
Public Field PriorTreatmentReferenceSequence Prior Treatment Reference Sequence
Public Field PrismSequence Prism Sequence
Public Field PrivateCreatorReference Private Creator Reference
Public Field PrivateDataElement Private Data Element
Public Field PrivateDataElementCharacteristicsSequence Private Data Element Characteristics Sequence
Public Field PrivateDataElementDefinitionSequence Private Data Element Definition Sequence
Public Field PrivateDataElementDescription Private Data Element Description
Public Field PrivateDataElementEncoding Private Data Element Encoding
Public Field PrivateDataElementKeyword Private Data Element Keyword
Public Field PrivateDataElementName Private Data Element Name
Public Field PrivateDataElementNumberOfItems Private Data Element Number of Items
Public Field PrivateDataElementValueMultiplicity Private Data Element Value Multiplicity
Public Field PrivateDataElementValueRepresentation Private Data Element Value Representation
Public Field PrivateGroupReference Private Group Reference
Public Field PrivateInformation Private Information
Public Field PrivateInformationCreatorUID Private Information Creator UID
Public Field PrivateRecordUID Private Record UID
Public Field ProbeCenterLocationX Probe Center Location X
Public Field ProbeCenterLocationZ Probe Center Location Z
Public Field ProbeDriveEquipmentSequence Probe Drive Equipment Sequence
Public Field ProbeDriveNotes Probe Drive Notes
Public Field ProbeDriveSettingsSequence Probe Drive Settings Sequence
Public Field ProbeInductance Probe Inductance
Public Field ProbeOrientationAngle Probe Orientation Angle
Public Field ProbeResistance Probe Resistance
Public Field ProcedureCodeSequence Procedure Code Sequence
Public Field ProcedureContextFlagTrial Procedure Context Flag (Trial) (Retired)
Public Field ProcedureContextSequenceTrial Procedure Context Sequence (Trial) (Retired)
Public Field ProcedureCreationDate Procedure Creation Date
Public Field ProcedureExpirationDate Procedure Expiration Date
Public Field ProcedureIdentifierCodeSequenceTrial Procedure Identifier Code Sequence (Trial) (Retired)
Public Field ProcedureLastModifiedDate Procedure Last Modified Date
Public Field ProcedureStepCancellationDateTime Procedure Step Cancellation DateTime
Public Field ProcedureStepCommunicationsURISequence Procedure Step Communications URI Sequence
Public Field ProcedureStepDiscontinuationReasonCodeSequence Procedure Step Discontinuation Reason Code Sequence
Public Field ProcedureStepLabel Procedure Step Label
Public Field ProcedureStepProgress Procedure Step Progress
Public Field ProcedureStepProgressDescription Procedure Step Progress Description
Public Field ProcedureStepProgressInformationSequence Procedure Step Progress Information Sequence
Public Field ProcedureStepProgressParametersSequence Procedure Step Progress Parameters Sequence
Public Field ProcedureStepRelationshipType Procedure Step Relationship Type (Retired)
Public Field ProcedureStepState Procedure Step State
Public Field ProcedureTypeCodeSequence Procedure Type Code Sequence
Public Field ProcedureVersion Procedure Version
Public Field ProcessingFunction Processing Function
Public Field ProductDescription Product Description
Public Field ProductExpirationDateTime Product Expiration DateTime
Public Field ProductLotIdentifier Product Lot Identifier
Public Field ProductName Product Name
Public Field ProductPackageIdentifier Product Package Identifier
Public Field ProductParameterSequence Product Parameter Sequence
Public Field ProductTypeCodeSequence Product Type Code Sequence
Public Field ProjectionEponymousNameCodeSequence Projection Eponymous Name Code Sequence
Public Field ProjectionPixelCalibrationSequence Projection Pixel Calibration Sequence
Public Field PropertyLabel Property Label
Public Field ProposedStudySequence Proposed Study Sequence (Retired)
Public Field ProtocolContextSequence Protocol Context Sequence
Public Field ProtocolDefinedPatientPosition Protocol Defined Patient Position
Public Field ProtocolDesignRationale Protocol Design Rationale
Public Field ProtocolElementCharacteristicsSummary Protocol Element Characteristics Summary
Public Field ProtocolElementName Protocol Element Name
Public Field ProtocolElementNumber Protocol Element Number
Public Field ProtocolElementPurpose Protocol Element Purpose
Public Field ProtocolName Protocol Name
Public Field ProtocolPlanningInformation Protocol Planning Information
Public Field PseudoColorPaletteInstanceReferenceSequence Pseudo-Color Palette Instance Reference Sequence
Public Field PseudoColorType Pseudo-Color Type
Public Field PTOLocationDescription PTO Location Description
Public Field PTORegionSequence PTO Region Sequence
Public Field PTORepresentationSequence PTO Representation Sequence
Public Field PulseNumber Pulse Number
Public Field PulseRepetitionFrequency Pulse Repetition Frequency
Public Field PulseRepetitionInterval Pulse Repetition Interval
Public Field PulserEquipmentSequence Pulser Equipment Sequence
Public Field PulserNotes Pulser Notes
Public Field PulserSettingsSequence Pulser Settings Sequence
Public Field PulserType Pulser Type
Public Field PulseSequenceName Pulse Sequence Name
Public Field PulseSpecificBrachyControlPointDeliveredSequence Pulse Specific Brachy Control Point Delivered Sequence
Public Field PulseWidth Pulse Width
Public Field PupilCentroidXCoordinate Pupil Centroid X-Coordinate
Public Field PupilCentroidYCoordinate Pupil Centroid Y-Coordinate
Public Field PupilDilated Pupil Dilated
Public Field PupilSize Pupil Size
Public Field PurposeOfReferenceCodeSequence Purpose of Reference Code Sequence
Public Field PVCRejection PVC Rejection
Public Field QAResultsSequence QA Results Sequence
Public Field QRMeasurementsSequence QR Measurements Sequence
Public Field QuadratureReceiveCoil Quadrature Receive Coil
Public Field QualityControlImage Quality Control Image
Public Field QualityControlSubject Quality Control Subject
Public Field QualityControlSubjectTypeCodeSequence Quality Control Subject Type Code Sequence
Public Field QualityThreshold Quality Threshold
Public Field QuantifiedDefect Quantified Defect
Public Field Quantity Quantity
Public Field QuantityDefinitionSequence Quantity Definition Sequence
Public Field QuantitySequence Quantity Sequence
Public Field QueryRetrieveLevel Query/Retrieve Level
Public Field QueryRetrieveView Query/Retrieve View
Public Field QueueStatus Queue Status (Retired)
Public Field RadialPosition Radial Position
Public Field RadiationAtomicNumber Radiation Atomic Number
Public Field RadiationBeamBlockSlabThickness Radiation Beam Block Slab Thickness
Public Field RadiationBeamBlockThickness Radiation Beam Block Thickness
Public Field RadiationBeamCompensatorMillingToolDiameter Radiation Beam Compensator Milling Tool Diameter
Public Field RadiationBeamEffectiveWedgeAngle Radiation Beam Effective Wedge Angle
Public Field RadiationBeamWedgeAngle Radiation Beam Wedge Angle
Public Field RadiationBeamWedgeThinEdgeDistance Radiation Beam Wedge Thin Edge Distance
Public Field RadiationChargeState Radiation Charge State
Public Field RadiationDeviceConfigurationAndCommissioningKeySequence Radiation Device Configuration and Commissioning Key Sequence
Public Field RadiationDoseCentralAxisDisplacement Radiation Dose Central Axis Displacement
Public Field RadiationDoseIdentificationIndex Radiation Dose Identification Index
Public Field RadiationDoseIdentificationLabel Radiation Dose Identification Label
Public Field RadiationDoseIdentificationSequence Radiation Dose Identification Sequence
Public Field RadiationDoseInVivoMeasurementLabel Radiation Dose In-Vivo Measurement Label
Public Field RadiationDoseMeasurementPointCoordinates Radiation Dose Measurement Point Coordinates
Public Field RadiationDoseSequence Radiation Dose Sequence
Public Field RadiationDoseSourceToExternalContourDistance Radiation Dose Source to External Contour Distance
Public Field RadiationDoseSourceToSkinDistance Radiation Dose Source to Skin Distance
Public Field RadiationDoseValue Radiation Dose Value
Public Field RadiationDoseValuesParametersSequence Radiation Dose Values Parameters Sequence
Public Field RadiationDosimeterUnitSequence Radiation Dosimeter Unit Sequence
Public Field RadiationFluenceModifierCodeSequence Radiation Fluence Modifier Code Sequence
Public Field RadiationGenerationModeDescription Radiation GenerationMode Description
Public Field RadiationGenerationModeIndex Radiation Generation Mode Index
Public Field RadiationGenerationModeLabel Radiation GenerationMode Label
Public Field RadiationGenerationModeMachineCodeSequence Radiation GenerationMode Machine Code Sequence
Public Field RadiationGenerationModeSequence Radiation GenerationMode Sequence
Public Field RadiationMachineName Radiation Machine Name
Public Field RadiationMachineSAD Radiation Machine SAD
Public Field RadiationMachineSSD Radiation Machine SSD
Public Field RadiationMassNumber Radiation Mass Number
Public Field RadiationMode Radiation Mode
Public Field RadiationSetting Radiation Setting
Public Field RadiationSourceAxisDistance Radiation Source-Axis Distance
Public Field RadiationSourceCoordinateSystemPitchAngle Radiation Source Coordinate System Pitch Angle
Public Field RadiationSourceCoordinateSystemRollAngle Radiation Source Coordinate SystemRoll Angle
Public Field RadiationSourceCoordinateSystemYawAngle Radiation Source Coordinate SystemYaw Angle
Public Field RadiationType Radiation Type
Public Field RadiationTypeCodeSequence Radiation Type Code Sequence
Public Field RadiobiologicalDoseEffectFlag Radiobiological Dose Effect Flag
Public Field RadiobiologicalDoseEffectSequence Radiobiological Dose Effect Sequence
Public Field Radionuclide Radionuclide (Retired)
Public Field RadionuclideCodeSequence Radionuclide Code Sequence
Public Field RadionuclideHalfLife Radionuclide Half Life
Public Field RadionuclidePositronFraction Radionuclide Positron Fraction
Public Field RadionuclideTotalDose Radionuclide Total Dose
Public Field Radiopharmaceutical Radiopharmaceutical
Public Field RadiopharmaceuticalAdministrationEventUID Radiopharmaceutical Administration Event UID
Public Field RadiopharmaceuticalAgentNumber Radiopharmaceutical Agent Number
Public Field RadiopharmaceuticalCodeSequence Radiopharmaceutical Code Sequence
Public Field RadiopharmaceuticalInformationSequence Radiopharmaceutical Information Sequence
Public Field RadiopharmaceuticalRoute Radiopharmaceutical Route
Public Field RadiopharmaceuticalSpecificActivity Radiopharmaceutical Specific Activity
Public Field RadiopharmaceuticalStartDateTime Radiopharmaceutical Start DateTime
Public Field RadiopharmaceuticalStartTime Radiopharmaceutical Start Time
Public Field RadiopharmaceuticalStopDateTime Radiopharmaceutical Stop DateTime
Public Field RadiopharmaceuticalStopTime Radiopharmaceutical Stop Time
Public Field RadiopharmaceuticalUsageSequence Radiopharmaceutical Usage Sequence
Public Field RadiopharmaceuticalVolume Radiopharmaceutical Volume
Public Field RadiotherapyTreatmentType Radiotherapy Treatment Type
Public Field RadiusAlongTheWedge Radius Along the Wedge
Public Field RadiusOfCircularCollimator Radius of Circular Collimator
Public Field RadiusOfCircularExposureControlSensingRegion Radius of Circular Exposure Control Sensing Region
Public Field RadiusOfCircularShutter Radius of Circular Shutter
Public Field RadiusOfCurvature Radius of Curvature
Public Field RandomsCorrected Randoms Corrected
Public Field RandomsCorrectionMethod Randoms Correction Method
Public Field RangeModulatorDescription Range Modulator Description
Public Field RangeModulatorGatingStartValue Range Modulator Gating Start Value
Public Field RangeModulatorGatingStartWaterEquivalentThickness Range Modulator Gating Start Water Equivalent Thickness
Public Field RangeModulatorGatingStopValue Range Modulator Gating Stop Value
Public Field RangeModulatorGatingStopWaterEquivalentThickness Range Modulator Gating Stop Water Equivalent Thickness
Public Field RangeModulatorID Range Modulator ID
Public Field RangeModulatorNumber Range Modulator Number
Public Field RangeModulatorSequence Range Modulator Sequence
Public Field RangeModulatorSettingsSequence Range Modulator Settings Sequence
Public Field RangeModulatorType Range Modulator Type
Public Field RangeOfFreedom Range of Freedom
Public Field RangeShifterDescription Range Shifter Description
Public Field RangeShifterID Range Shifter ID
Public Field RangeShifterNumber Range Shifter Number
Public Field RangeShifterSequence Range Shifter Sequence
Public Field RangeShifterSetting Range Shifter Setting
Public Field RangeShifterSettingsSequence Range Shifter Settings Sequence
Public Field RangeShifterType Range Shifter Type
Public Field RangeShifterWaterEquivalentThickness Range Shifter Water Equivalent Thickness
Public Field RangingDepth Ranging Depth
Public Field RationalDenominatorValue Rational Denominator Value
Public Field RationalNumeratorValue Rational Numerator Value
Public Field RawDataHandling Raw Data Handling
Public Field RealTimeBulkDataFlowSequence Real-Time Bulk Data Flow Sequence
Public Field RealWorldValueFirstValueMapped Real World Value First Value Mapped
Public Field RealWorldValueIntercept Real World Value Intercept
Public Field RealWorldValueLastValueMapped Real World Value Last Value Mapped
Public Field RealWorldValueLUTData Real World Value LUT Data
Public Field