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Overview and description of Leadtools Dicom Common DataTypes HangingProtocol classes, and enumerations.


Hanging Protocol Environment Module
Class Description
Class HangingProtocol This class represents the complete Hanging Protocol Storage Information Object Definition (IOD) including:Hanging Protocol Definition Module
Class HangingProtocolDefinition This class represents a DICOM Hanging Protocol Definition.
Class HangingProtocolUserIdentificationCode This class provides a coded identifier for the person, group, or site for which this HangingProtocol.
Class ImageSet This class represent a Hanging Protocol Image Set.
Class ImageSetSelector This class defines image set selection attributes and values that are used specify whether an SOP Instance is to be included in a Hanging Protocol image set.
Class NavigationIndicator Describes a geometric relationship between each DisplaySet, specifically for static or interactive localization or navigation.
Class SynchronizedScrolling Identifies images in the specified display sets that are to be scrolled together
Class TimeBasedImageSet Specifies an image set based on time units (relative time, or abstract prior).


Enumeration Description
Enumeration FilterByOperator Specifies the operation to be applied between the Hanging Protocol SelectorAttribute and Selector Attribute Values.
Enumeration HangingProtocolLevel Specifies the access level for a HangingProtocol.
Enumeration ImageSetSelectorCategory Specifies the category of the time-based image set selector.
Enumeration ImageSetSelectorUsage Specifies the usage for an ImageSetSelector.
Enumeration InitialViewDirection Specifies the initial view of the reformatted images.
Enumeration PartialDataDisplayHandling Specifies expected layout behavior if one or images sets are not available.
Enumeration ReformattingOperationType Specifies the reformatting operation that is to be applied to an Image Set
Enumeration RelativeTimeUnits Specifies the units for the relative time.
Enumeration SortByCategory Specifies the category of the sorting operation
Enumeration SortingDirection Specifies the direction in which to sort a list of items.

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