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Leadtools.Dicom.Common.DataTypes Enumerations


Overview and description of Leadtools Dicom Common DataTypes enumerations.


Enumeration Description
Enumeration AttributeModification Specifies reason for modifying attributes in a DICOM data set.
Enumeration ExecutionStatus Specifies the execution status of the media creation request.
Enumeration ExecutionStatusInfo Specifies additional information about media creation execution status.
Enumeration FailureReason Specifies the reason that media creation failed.
Enumeration FilterByOperator Specifies the operation to be applied between the Hanging Protocol SelectorAttribute and Selector Attribute Values.
Enumeration HangingProtocolLevel Specifies the access level for a HangingProtocol.
Enumeration ImageSetSelectorCategory Specifies the category of the time-based image set selector.
Enumeration ImageSetSelectorUsage Specifies the usage for an ImageSetSelector.
Enumeration InitialViewDirection Specifies the initial view of the reformatted images.
Enumeration PartialDataDisplayHandling Specifies expected layout behavior if one or images sets are not available.
Enumeration ReformattingOperationType Specifies the reformatting operation that is to be applied to an Image Set
Enumeration RelativeTimeUnits Specifies the units for the relative time.
Enumeration SortByCategory Specifies the category of the sorting operation
Enumeration SortingDirection Specifies the direction in which to sort a list of items.
Enumeration HorizontalJustification Indicates direction in which to horizontally justify the image within an image box that is not the same shape (aspect ratio) as the image.
Enumeration ImageBoxLayoutType Type of layout of the image box
Enumeration IncludeNonDicomObjects Specifies whether the SCP should include additional Non-DICOM information objects in the media .
Enumeration Laterality Laterality of the body part to which this Hanging Protocol applies
Enumeration MACAlgorithm Specifies the algorithm used in generating a MAC.
Enumeration MaskOperation MaskOperation
Enumeration MediaCreationActionType Specifies the type of action to occur during a Media Creation N-ACTION-REQ.
Enumeration ModalityType Specifies the DICOM modality.
Enumeration OrientationActions Specifies an action that is to be applied to an image.
Enumeration OrientationAxis Specifies where the right or top of a 2D image is located in 3D space.
Enumeration PatientUpdateOptions Options used in the Leadtools.Dicom.Scp.Command.NAction.PatientUpdater.ChangePatientCommand to specify how to handle the Other Patient IDs (0010:1000) DICOM element.
Enumeration PixelRepresentation Represents how the pixel values are stored.
Enumeration Plane Specifies an anatomical plane in 3D space.
Enumeration PlaybackSequencing Describes the preferred playback sequencing for the Image Box.
Enumeration RequestPriority Specifies the priority of a request.
Enumeration SOPInstanceStatus Flag that indicates the storage status of an SOP instance.
Enumeration StatusFormatFlags Used with any of the StatusXxxx.ToString(StatusFormatFlags,separator,tab) methods to customize the string return value.
Enumeration ValueType Specifies which type of content an item has.
Enumeration VerticalJustification Indicates which location within the image box to vertically justify the image if the image box is not the same shape (aspect ratio) as the image.
Enumeration VoiType Specifies the VOI type for the DisplaySet.
Enumeration YesNo Specifies a yes or no value.
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