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SelectionObject Property

Gets or sets the selection object used by this AnnContainer.
public AnnSelectionObject SelectionObject { get; set; } 
@property (nonatomic, strong) LTAnnSelectionObject *selectionObject; 
public AnnSelectionObject getSelectionObject() 
public void setSelectionObject(AnnSelectionObject object) 
   property AnnSelectionObject^ SelectionObject 
      AnnSelectionObject^ get() 
      void set(AnnSelectionObject^ value) 
SelectionObject # get and set (AnnContainer) 

Property Value

The AnnSelectionObject used by this AnnContainer. The default value is a new AnnSelectionObject instance with its Stroke set to a dark green AnnStroke object with length of 2. This value cannot be null.


The selection object is always in the container and contains a collection (AnnSelectionObject.SelectedObjects) that holds references to the objects that are in a selected state. This object is used by the automation framework when multiple objects are selected and when drawing the selection "rectangle".

The style of this selection object can be changed from the default (dark green stroke of length 2) or you can derive your own custom object from AnnSelectionObject and use set it in this property.

The objects inside SelectionObject.SelectedObjects must be objects that already exist in the container, the automation frameworks keep this data in synch, therefore, use the AnnAutomation.SelectObject and AnnAutomation.SelectObjects methods to select and unselect objects from the container.

For more information, refer to the automation section in Programming with LEADTOOLS Annotations and Automated Annotations Tutorials.


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