Feature Description

Developers can capture printer output from any application that can print by using LEADTOOLS Virtual Printer technology in .NET (C# & VB) and C/C++ applications. The Virtual Printer driver produces the output as EMF which provides substantial flexibility and enables print jobs captured by the LEADTOOLS Virtual Printer to be converted to document formats such as PDF, Word DOC and text, as well as any of the 150+ raster image formats supported by LEADTOOLS.

Overview of LEADTOOLS Virtual Printer SDK Technology

Network and Internet Printing Support

Network Virtual Printer Diagram

The LEADTOOLS Virtual Printer SDK also includes a network printing mechanism which allows developers to take advantage of all the powerful features of the LEADTOOLS Virtual Printer shared across any network. Programmers can easily create custom network and web-based client-server printing applications, utilizing robust, dynamic and lightweight client-print modules.

Features and benefits of using the LEADTOOLS Network Virtual Printer include:

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