Document Image Cleanup and Pre-processing SDK Libraries

To further enhance document-imaging technologies such as OCR, barcode, and forms recognition, LEAD has developed a large collection of advanced document-image processing functions for developers. This powerful collection of functions can rid scanned documents of artifacts and imperfections such as hole punches, skewed angles, borders, and dust specks. Clean black and white images improve recognition accuracy, optimize processing speed, and improve lossless compression ratios, all of which are essential to any document-imaging workflow.

Document Image Cleanup Function Libraries

Document Image Cleanup Functions

LEADTOOLS SDK image processing libraries include powerful functions to clean up scanned document images and photos of documents to improve OCR, MICR, OMR, ICR, barcode, and forms recognition and processing. Additionally, image cleanup and noise reduction functions improve readability and compression performance. Process the entire image or use regions of interest to isolate specific parts of images. Below are of some of the scanned document image and document photo cleanup functions included in the LEADTOOLS SDK image processing libraries:

Image Segmentation Libraries

Image Segmentation Functions

The LEADTOOLS SDK image processing libraries include image segmentation functions to help divide an image into artifacts for region of interest specific processing and compression as well as improve results from the recognition libraries. Below are some of those function:

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