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October 2019

Simple Surveillance Analysis Using Motion Detection Filter 20 C#
AutoCrop White-Space From RasterImages From Any Side 20 C#
Load, Save, and Split Annotations 20 C#
Extract MICR Information Using the RecognitionEngine 20 C#

September 2019

Create a Xamarin Barcode Reader Application 20 C#
Create a QR Code from OCR Results 20 C#
Split a Multi-Page Document 20 C#, VB.NET
Load and Display Multiple Layers in a PSD File 20 VB.NET

August 2019

Using the new OMR Processing Demo 20 C#
Load Annotations from DICOM File as LEAD Annotations 20 C#
Read Barcodes in C++ 20 C++
Handle Base64 Encoded Files 20 C#

July 2019

Cancel Loading an Image in the HTML5/JavaScript ImageViewer 20 HTML5/JavaScript
Properly Recognize Inverted Text Regions for OCR 20 C#
Use Image Processing to Create an Antique Photograph 20 C#
Improve Mobile Image OCR Quality for Better Results 20 C#

June 2019

Convert a PDF Annotation to a LEAD Annotation 20 C#
Detect and Redact MICR from files 20 C#
Resize image and maintain aspect ratio 20 C#
Determine if a PDF is Searchable 20 C#

May 2019

How To Use the HTML5 DocumentViewer Without a Service 20 HTML5/JavaScript
How To Compare Images in Multiple Ways 20 C#
Use RasterSupport.SetLicense to see what is Unlocked in your License 20 C#
How to convert from a System.Drawing.Image to a RasterImage? 20 C#

April 2019

How to Recognize and Process OMR Worksheets using the new OMR Toolkit 20 C#
How to Extract an encapsulated PDF document from a DICOM dataset file using C 20 C++
How to Use LEADTOOLS libraries in a Universal Windows Platform to OCR a document 20 C#
Use the VerificationEngine 20 C#

February 2019

How to highlight words and characters using the PDFDocument class 20 C#
Recognize and Extract Data From a Passport in Java 20 Java
HTML5 Image Gallery using ASP.NET Core MVC 20 C#
Extract and Redact Text from a File Based on a Regular Expression 20 C#

January 2019

Create Searchable PDF Files With Bookmarks 20 C#
Read and Write UTF-8 Characters in QR Code 20 C#
OCR Video Using the Video Callback Filter 20 C#
Pass Custom Headers When Using the JavaScript DocumentViewer 20 HTML5/JavaScript

December 2018

Use ForceTextPath to Convert PDF to SVG for 100% Viewing Accuracy 20 C#
Create a .NET Core Cross-Platform OCR Application 20 C#
Utility for Importing DICOM Files to Storage Server or HTML5 MedicalViewer Database 20 C#
Load Documents from a FileCache for WinForms 20 C#

November 2018

Load Documents from a FileCache for Wpf 20 C#
Split Scans on Blank Page or Patch Codes for Twain 20 C#
Three Layouts for WinForms ImageViewer 20 C#
Using the MedicalViewerLoader to Load DICOM Files into the MedicalViewer 20 C#

October 2018

Encrypt PDF Files 20 C#
Rearrange pages in the WPF Document Viewer 20 C#
Build a simple PACS Viewer Client (SCU) 20 C#
Use WPF Window Level Effects 20 C#

September 2018

Combine Documents Using a Virtual Document 20 Java
Scan into a Single Document for Twain 20 C#
Add a Dicom file to PACS server (SCP) 20 C#
Convert a Directory of Media Files 20 C#

August 2018

Optimize PDF Files 20 C#
Move DataSets between remote PACS Servers (SCU) 20 C#
Three Simple Scanning Methods for Twain 20 C#
Sync Displays Between 2 Image Viewers in WPF 20 C#

May 2018

Retrieve OCR Statistics 20 C#
Rearrange pages in the LEADTOOLS Virtual Document (WinForms) 20 C#
Extract PDF417 Data using the AAMVAID class 20 C#
Load and Initialize the Medical Dicom Viewer 20 C#

April 2018

Use the OcrAutoRecognizeManager in a Multi-Threaded Environment 20 C#
Combine Documents Without OCR 20 C#
Build a simple PACS Server (SCP) 20 C#

February 2018

Parallelize the OCR Engine 20 C#
Add NuGets and Set License with Xamarin 20 C#
Read/Write Barcodes using LEADTOOLS .NET Standard Libraries 20 C#
Convert 3D Object to MPR Slices in LEADTOOLS Medical Viewer 20 C#

December 2017

How to Enable HTTPS for LEADTOOLS Medical Viewer Service on IIS 19 HTML5/JavaScript
How to Encrypt and Decrypt an Image 19 C#
How to Load an Image, Add and Burn Annotations, and Save the Image Without Display 19 C#
How to Grab and Process Frames Using LTMM 19 C#, VB.NET

November 2017

How to Create an OCR-Driven Calculator 19 C#
How to Remove a Specific Color from an Image 19 C#
How to Create 3D Textures with LEADTOOLS 19 C#
How to Set UDP/RTSP URLs with Media Server 19 C#

October 2017

How to Restrict Search Results to Patients using HTML5 Medical Viewer 19 HTML5/JavaScript
How to Encode Binary Data in a Barcode 19 C#
How to Load, Save, and Split TIFF Annotations 19 C#
How to Control the LEAD Video Text Overlay Filter Properties Programmatically 19 C#

September 2017

Merge Various Files into one Searchable PDF 19 C#
How to Use the BankCheckReader 19 C#
How to Compress DICOM Files 19 C#
How to Add H.264 Suport to PACS Server Manager 19 C#

August 2017

How to Determine if a PDF is Searchable 19 C#
How to Create a Simple WPF MICR Program 19 C#
How to Recognize and Extract Data from a Passport in Java 19 Java
How to Sync Multiple ImageViewers using Image Viewer Sync 19 C#

June 2017

How to Automatically Detect and Recognize Checks using MICR Detection and OCR 19 C#
How to Add a Watermark to a Document Before Loading it into the Document Viewer using Bates Stamp 19 C#, HTML5/JavaScript
How do I set up the Medical Web Viewer? 19 HTML5/JavaScript
How to use the MediaInfo Class 19 C#

May 2017

How to Use LEADTOOLS libraries in a Universal Windows Platform to OCR a Document 19 C#
How to Get Each Line of Text from OCR Recognition 19 C#
How To Create a Custom Raster Command 19 C#
How to Create a Transparent image by Combining a Transparent and Non-Transparent Image 19 C#