Feature Description

LEADTOOLS Digital Paint provides advanced image edit and design features to .NET (C# & VB), C/C++, WinRT, iOS, macOS, Java, and web developers. Digital Paint includes low-level functions to programmatically draw on images and high-level tools to quickly implement features. With the high-level tools (known as Automated Mode), developers can simply turn on automation and allow the user to select a painting tool. The user's mouse events are automatically processed without the need for the developer to write additional code.

Overview of LEADTOOLS Digital Paint SDK Technology

Brush options include:

Shape options include:

Digital Paint shape functions remove the complexity required to draw a shape and provide artistic effects such as opacity and paper texture.

Region options include:

Create regions to restrict image operations to a specific area of the image. Regions can range from simple to very complex; many of which are not supported by Windows without LEADTOOLS. Additionally, region scaling, which is not directly supported by Windows, is included with the LEADTOOLS Digital Paint SDK Technology.

Fill options include:

Digital Paint includes filling, also know as a FloodFill, with control over the method and features of filling.

Fill types include:

Text options include:

Digital Paint provides a comprehensive set of text drawing functions.

Technology Related to Digital Paint