Feature Description

LEADTOOLS provides fast and accurate Intelligent Character Recognition SDK technology for .NET (C# & VB), C/C++, WinRT, iOS, macOS, Java, and Web developers. Leverage LEADTOOLS' high-level ICR toolkit to rapidly develop robust, high-performance recognition applications which incorporate features and benefits such as extracting hand-written text from scanned documents, saving time and money over manual data entry, and converting images to text-searchable formats such as PDF, PDF/A, and Microsoft Word.

Overview of LEADTOOLS ICR SDK Technology

Automatic Zone Recognition
Automatically segments an image into various zones which can improve recognition accuracy and efficiency

Manual Zone Recognition
Allow the user to draw and recognize text from specific regions of interest

Zone Types

  • Paragraph
  • Text
  • Numeric
  • Table
  • MICR
  • Graphic

Technology Related to ICR