Feature Description

LEADTOOLS provides developers libraries to stream large images and associated image data stored on remote servers while using the least bandwidth possible with JPIP (JPEG 2000 Interactive Protocol).

Especially well-suited to view large medical, geospatial, and very-high-resolution camera images stored on remote servers, LEADTOOLS JPIP SDK technology is an SDK implementation of the JPEG 2000, part 9 standard (ISO/IEC 15444-9) and includes meta-data and code-stream elements. The JPIP client/server architecture is designed to store large, compressed JPEG 2000 images on the server, while transmitting image resolution, quality, and region of interest (ROI) as specified by the client.  Clients may view stored images without needing to download the entire file and decode the entire image code-stream. LEADTOOLS JPIP server and client components empower developers with several options to efficiently and effectively stream and decode images.

LEADTOOLS JPIP SDK technology is comprised of high-level components that developers can easily plug into enterprise client/server applications to immediately start streaming high-resolution images — even over low-bandwidth connections.

Overview of LEADTOOLS JPIP Client and Server SDK Technology

JPIP Server Component

JPIP Client Component

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