LEADTOOLS Recognition SDK – a Third-party Review

Recognition SDK

We were recently put in contact with an experienced technical blogger and web developer, Dick Strauss, about exploring the possibility of conducting a product review. He found our product line interesting and something his readers might benefit from. We were happy to partner up with him and gave him a development license for one of our most popular products, LEADTOOLS Recognition.

Not only did he navigate our documentation and rapidly implement both full-page and zonal OCR with little effort, but he found that LEADTOOLS was, in his opinion, a “stunning product” rather than just a “good functional product.” He experienced the entire process of using LEADTOOLS, including unlocking support with his development license, starting a project from scratch, and firing off some questions to our outstanding support department.

Click the link below to read the whole post:

LEADTOOLS Recognition Imaging SDK: Create Imaging Apps Easily
   — from www.dirkstrauss.com

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LEAD Wins 2015 SD Times 100 Award

For the fourth consecutive time, LEAD Technologies has won an SD Times 100 award in recognition of its outstanding family of imaging toolkits, LEADTOOLS. This year, LEADTOOLS won in the coveted APIs, Libraries & Frameworks category. We are proud to once again be a part of this prestigious group of companies through hard work and dedication to making LEADTOOLS the World Leader in Imaging SDKs.

Each year, the editors of Software Development Times seek to pinpoint companies and products who demonstrate innovation and leadership in several key categories driving the software development markets including APIs, Libraries & Frameworks, Big Data, Database, Cloud, User Experience, and more. To see a list of all winners from all categories, read the original article from SD Times.

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New White Paper: Integrating HL7 into Medical Applications with LEADTOOLS

This month, we have published a white paper on the new LEADTOOLS HL7 SDK technology that was added in Version 19. A versatile and popular messaging standard for medical applications, HL7 truly broadens the scope of LEADTOOLS SDKs. Since HL7 is a messaging standard for interoperability between any healthcare application, this new library within LEADTOOLS V19 can be used across the board in imaging (PACS) and non-imaging (EHR, RIS, HIS, billing, patient tracking, etc.) applications alike.

If you are developing any kind of application for the healthcare industry, this white paper is especially relevant as HL7 is already the worldwide messaging standard for the exchange of patient care and clinical information. We hope you enjoy this informative read about such an important standard, its general uses and how customers are using LEADTOOLS to implement it.

Integrating HL7 into Medical Applications with LEADTOOLS
Health Level Seven (HL7) Messaging has gained widespread popularity and acceptance as a flexible standard of exchanging structured electronic health information. HL7 can enable communication and interoperability between standardized information and imaging systems such as Electronic Health Records (EHR), Hospital Information System (HIS), Radiology Information System (RIS), Laboratory Information System (LIS) and Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS), as well as any individual practice management or front-office application used by healthcare providers for tasks such as billing and patient tracking. The LEADTOOLS HL7 SDK simplifies the integration of complex HL7 standards into any healthcare application and developers can create full-featured, HL7-compliant PACS in record time.

In addition to the PDF download format, we have also published this white paper on The CodeProject.

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New Medical Imaging Features in LEADTOOLS Version 19 Update

A few days ago, we announced the latest major update to LEADTOOLS Version 19 and listed the updates made to the Document Imaging Engine. Today we’re continuing in the excitement of this release and highlighting what’s new in the LEADTOOLS Medical Imaging Engine.

HTML5 Medical Viewer

  • MPR (Multiplanar Reconstruction) with cross hairs
  • Reference line enhancements
  • User-interface tools and actions
    • Equalization spyglass
    • Shutter
    • Probe
    • Revealer

Desktop Medical Viewer

  • Customization options for cell borders, orientation, window level range and more
  • Annotation types
    • Norberg
    • PolyRuler
  • Cobb Angle
  • Control order of click precedence for annotations and mouse actions
  • Cine playback option for stopping playback on last frame

DICOM Storage Server

  • New export feature with options to anonymize and/or create DICOMDIR
  • Search for "Other Patient IDs" tag
  • Logging improvements
  • Security updates

PACS Framework

  • Study Date option for Patient Updater
  • Options for sending Storage Commit responses on the same connection
  • Customization options for PACS service EXE


  • Support for sending message versions 2.5.1 and 2.3.1
  • Field validation
  • Ability to save messages in HL7 demo


  • Memory optimizations for large images and C-Store requests
  • New callbacks and helpers to help identify corrupt and problematic data set files


  • Redesigned server is simpler and more customizable
  • CCOW web interfaces
  • JavaScript library for communicating with CCOW components

To read more about this exciting update, see the official press release!

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New Document Imaging Features in LEADTOOLS Version 19 Update

Today, we are happy to announce a major update to LEADTOOLS Version 19. Special focus was given to the LEADTOOLS Document and Medical Imaging engines, each of which we will cover in a blog post.

First up, let’s take a look at what’s new in the Document Imaging Engine:


  • Faster deskew on high resolution (600DPI and greater) images
  • Memory optimizations for auto zoning algorithm (up to 60%)
  • Improved paragraph, font and zone detection
  • Support for vertical text zones
  • Detect vertical and horizontal table cell direction
  • Text Book option which enhances graphic zone detection through cleaning of noisy texts
  • Memory and speed enhancements for Advantage OCR engine’s Native spell checker
  • Native x64 support for Professional OCR engine
  • Rotation angle support for all engines


  • Improved invoice recognition accuracy

Documents SDK

  • Convert and Save documents with the zero-footprint HTML5 Document Viewer
  • Faster SVG and raster image rendering, thumbnail generation and bookmark extraction in Document Viewer
  • Faster OCR and SVG conversion using multi-threading in the Document Converter
  • Support for ZIP compression in the Document Converter
  • Enhanced output for PDF and Word
  • Support for vertical text zones
  • SVG viewing and conversion support for HTML, RTF and TEXT
  • DOCX and PPTX support for Windows Phone 8.1


  • Faster DirectX rendering engine for WPF and WinRT
  • Fill objects with linear gradient brush
  • Improved clip drawing for objects outside container bounds
  • Draw and edit annotations at the same time
  • Drag and drop for multiple containers
  • Pan and zoom objects while they are still selected
  • Select objects using extended key
  • Advanced text editor for HTML5 annotations
  • RenderedObjectBounds property for calculating real bounds


  • Perspective correction for PDF417 barcode
  • More accurate detection for corrupted barcodes
  • Improved detection of small 1D linear barcodes


  • XMP metadata
  • Read metadata from Office and vector formats

Web Scanning

  • Send and receive user data to scanning service and upload server
  • Customization options for scanning service

Stay tuned to see a list of new features and updates to our Medical Imaging SDKs. To read more about this exciting update, see the official press release!

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