Capture it all with LEADTOOLS Multi-Capture Video Support

Being able to capture audio and video from multiple sources is useful for a range of industries, from conducting online meetings, webinars, or conferences to creating content online or instructional videos to enhance the learning experience. The new LEADTOOLS Multi-Capture Video Support gives developers the power to build powerful video streaming applications with ease. This technology is new with V23 and not only does it do the work for you, but it allows you to use a wide variety of supported input sources to capture all the angles you need!

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LEADTOOLS New Multimedia Speech Recognition Demo

With LEADTOOLS V23, comes new demos! Our new Multimedia Speech Recognition Demo is able to take in any of our supported video file formats and transcribe a script based on the words that are being spoken. This blog will go over some of the features in this powerful demo application.

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New in V23: LEADTOOLS React Medical Web Viewer

With the recent release of V23, we showcased LEADTOOLS’ innovation by continuing to modernize our technology to align with current standards, enhance functionality, improve performance, and meet evolving user needs. Included in V23 is our new React Medical Web Viewer which gives developers the freedom to integrate individual features of the demo or the entire feature-set within their applications depending on your unique use-cases and needs.

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New in V23: LEADTOOLS Showing it’s EXCEL-lence

With the release of LEADTOOLS V23 comes the NEW LEADTOOLS Excel API and NEW Excel Web Editor! Built with our award-winning Document SDK Technology, both the LEADTOOLS Excel API and the LEADTOOLS Excel Web Editor put spreadsheet technology in the hands of developers to build robust, intelligent applications. Read on to see how you can implement either technology into your existing applications! Continue reading

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LEADTOOLS Version 23 is HERE – Overview of What’s New!

Year after year, LEADTOOLS continues to evolve and expand capabilities in order to help developers build better and more powerful apps. Today, we are thrilled to announce the release of LEADTOOLS Version 23! This release introduces a multitude of new features including a new Excel API and Excel Web Editor, a redesigned React Medical Web Viewer, and .NET MAUI support throughout the LEADTOOLS product line.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg! Nearly every facet of the toolkit has been enhanced. Let’s dive right in and talk about what’s new!

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