Seeing 2020 with LEADTOOLS Computer Vision: Forms Recognition SDK

Happy New Year, and what better way to start off the 2020 year than with 20/20 computer vision. Companies receive paper forms for gathering client’s information every day. But how are these companies recognizing this data, or are they manually entering the data themselves? Let’s say you’re dealing with invoices, and you receive hundreds a day. There’s no need to waste time entering different names and numbers when a computer can do it all for you within seconds.

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Kick off the New Decade with LEAD at AIIM & HIMSS Conferences

LEAD is starting off 2020 on a busy note. Currently on the agenda, we will travel to AIIM and HIMMS back-to-back in the first weeks of March! We always look forward to getting some face-to-face communication with customers as well as others in the industry. These conferences are also a great chance to meet and demo with our technical support engineers as well as see what’s up ahead for LEADTOOLS (can you believe that version 21 will be released this year?!?)

Below is a brief overview on both these events and some ways to save if you are not yet registered. We’ll have more info in the coming weeks including information about our solutions showcase presentation at AIIM and, of course, how to get in on all the giveaways! In the meantime, be sure to let us know if you are able to attend and would like to schedule a meeting.

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Use LEADTOOLS OCR to Store Text from Screenshots to the Clipboard

Continuing off of my previous blog post about using LEADTOOLS OCR to save screenshots as searchable PDFs, this post demonstrates how to extract the text from those screenshots and store it back into your clipboard as plain text.

Like I said on the last blog post, developers can get images that have been copied to the clipboard using .NETs Clipboard Class. Instead of saving screenshots as searchable PDFs, this time we’ll be using the GetText Method to retrieve text so we can store it back in the clipboard.

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Save Screenshots as Searchable PDFs using LEADTOOLS OCR

Taking a screenshot is a quick and easy way to capture and share information. While Windows provides a snipping tool, it can only capture and save images. With this code, you can save the image as well as the text in the image. This text can be indexed so you can find the information later using Windows built-in search.

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Extract Embedded Images from PDF Documents Using LEADTOOLS

Digital images are everywhere you look. There’s no escaping them. They can be found in just about every email, they’re all over social media, and they can be embedded throughout PDFs. Some may embed images into PDFs to make the document look better or to provide visuals. Others may do this to show images for legal reasons, such as insurance adjusters.

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