LEAD Technologies Recognized with Four ComponentSource Awards

ComponentSource Awards

We are proud to announce that LEAD Technologies and its flagship SDK products, LEADTOOLS, are the recipients of several awards from ComponentSource. This global distributor has been one of our mainstays since 1995, serving thousands LEADTOOLS customers throughout Europe, Asia, Latin America, Africa, and Australia (if someone in Antarctica needs LEADTOOLS, I bet ComponentSource could do that too!).

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Convert Word Doc to PDF in C++

LEAD is continuously updating and adding new features to LEADTOOLS. One feature that was rolled into Version 19 after the initial release includes enhanced SVG support. This enhancement allows users to load document and vector formats as SVG, which can then be handed off to other parts of LEADTOOLS such as the Document Writers. In other words, you can convert from formats such as DOC, PDF, DWG, DXF, etc. to other document formats such as PDF/A, HTML, and SVG without rasterization or OCR.

In Convert a Word Document to PDF (C#), I pushed a project on GitHub to show how to do the conversion in .NET. Now I have pushed a C/C++ version of the project that will convert vector and document formats to PDF.

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How to use LEADTOOLS Imaging SDKs for each step of eDiscovery

EDRM Diagram

Last month we published a white paper on eDiscovery, which gave a brief overview on the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM). Today, we want to dive into more details about the EDRM and how it pertains to imaging and LEADTOOLS in particular.

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BadImageFormatException and LEADTOOLS

BadImageFormatException and LEADTOOLS

The cause of a System.BadImageFormatException is a common question received by our developer support department. At first glance, some LEADTOOLS users think the BadImageFormatException is a LEADTOOLS specific exception because LEADTOOLS is an imaging SDK and “Image” is in the name of the exception. However, the exception has nothing to do with LEADTOOLS being an imaging SDK.

This exception is thrown when a process tries to load an assembly that is built for an incompatible architecture. The MSDN description of the exception is:

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New Android Maven Repository for LEADTOOLS

LEADT00LS Android

We are excited to announce a new resource for our Android developers: Maven artifacts! In addition to our usual .zip package, we now have a Maven repository to make it even easier to develop Java apps for Android. For example, all you need to do is add the following line to our build file:

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Arabic OCR – C# Console App

I recently posted a project to GitHub that will

  • use the LEADTOOLS Arabic OCR engine to
  • OCR an entire folder of images and
  • output the results to text files.
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LEAD Technologies Releases New Features for Multimedia SDKs

Media Streaming

Today, we uploaded a new setup for our LEADTOOLS Multimedia products. This update adds new features and enhancements to several technologies including H.264 and Media Foundation. However, the big push for this release started with all of the positive feedback and requests we have received for the Media Streaming Server. Just a few months ago we added live streaming capabilities, and our developers have even further expanded that functionality, making it easier to create and configure, enabling a high level control over server resources and bandwidth consumption.

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